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Liquid Telecom ties up Raha acquisition, plans to enhance public WiFi & data centres in Tanzania

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Towards the end of 2016 Liquid Telecom, the Pan-African telecoms carrier announced its acquisition of Raha, a Tanzanian internet service provider.

The deal was recently concluded with Liquid Telecom releasing a statement to announce the latest development. the acquisition places Liquid Telecom as Raha’s largest shareholder which is expected to give Raha access to additional networks and services investment.

Liquid already has over 40,000 km of terrestrial fibre and has invested throughout Sub-Saharan Africa with a foothold in East Africa that’s highlighted by its  East Africa Fibre Ring. This connects Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania with direct connectivity to international subsea cables.

For Liquid Telecom, Raha  – which joins the rank of Liquid Telecom’s acquisitions that include Neotel – serves as a conduit for its retail internet services, opening the continental carrier to Raha’s 1,500+ businesses and retail consumers.

Liquid telecom has stated that it will develop and improve Raha’s data centre facilities and  increase the number of free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Tanzania to complement Raha’s public WiFi hotspots numbering over 150.

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