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Here’s What the $7 DStv Lite Package Contains…

Yesterday Techzim announced the reduction in prices of DStv packages by Multichoice, while we also did a comparison to what we’re being charged locally and what those in South Africa are paying as well.

When one scrutinises the list of packages, a $7 bouquet stands out as the new entry-level point for someone to start enjoying entertainment in Zimbabwe. The amount sounds “reasonable” but it becomes all relative based on the channels that one will be able to enjoy.

As a bit of background, DStv actually launched DStv lite in South Africa in 2010 to their audience there and later rebranded it to DStv Access in April 2013. It seems that either the name was a success down South (but then why would you rebrand?) or that the department that deals with the naming of bouquets didn’t really wanna spend time finding something that will resonate with us here. DStv lite is currently only offered in Zimbabwe as of date.

DStv Lite comes with a mix of 28 channels, that cover various categories one will be hoping to enjoy. The list of channels is below (yes it currently shows 25, we’re working to find out the other 3):


  • Jim Jam
  • Mindset Learn

Movies and Entertainment

  • eTV Africa
  • Eva +
  • Mzansi Wethu HD
  • Sony Entertainment TV
  • ZTV


  • Mzansi Music
  • One Gospel


  • CGTN News
  • NDTV 24 x7
  • People’s Weather
  • SABC News


  • Emmanuel TV
  • Faith TV
  • ITV Networks
  • TBN


  • Supersport Blitz HD
  • Supersport 9


  • BVN
  • CCTV
  • Deutshe Welle
  • RAI
  • RTPi
  • TV5 Monde

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33 thoughts on “Here’s What the $7 DStv Lite Package Contains…

    1. Time to move over to Kwese TV – sure they wont show Steven Segal, Jean Claud van Damme or Dolf Lundgren movies non-stop, week after week after week after week ……..

  1. This is utter rubbish $7 is too much for this nonsensical channels multichoice do something better if you can’t order is something better in our currency better scratch it off. Rubbish.

  2. plz guyz mukaramba makakwidza maprice in zim pple are going to run on kwese tv cz it accept any currency plus its cheaper

  3. Kkkkkkk Dstv please, let’s get real, you shouldn’t even be charging for this “LITE” bouquet, there are no channels of substance, but like seriously who would sit sit at home all weekend watching People’s Weather and say that they’re watching news, or better still spend the evening at home watching Supersport Blitz and say they’re watching sport, like seriously, WHO DOES THAT!!!!

  4. haiwawo hapana nezviripo apa kurasa mari chaiko thot zee world and some other better channels are available nxah

  5. Haina dhiri DSTV. Re $7 racho unongobhadhara $11 re $11 wobhadhara $17 kuno ku Chipinge. Kwese ndizvo. Even usina cash unobhadhara kuona kwe 1 day.

  6. pamacomments ose 32 andaverenga ndashaya kana 1 wandaona ari kufarira zvamuri kuita. guys be serious. shape up or ship out. kkkkk

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