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Orange Money Users In Botswana Now Able To Send Money Directly To EcoCash Wallets

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Back in March, EcoCash partnered with Botswana telecoms company Orange to enable money transfers from Orange Money to EcoCash. The old agreement was a great one but it wasn’t the most convenient solution as recipients had to go collect the money at Econet shops.

Now the partnership is evolving to ensure that EcoCash users can receive the money from Orange Money straight into their EcoCash wallets. No need to go retrieve the money if you don’t want to.

A part of the press release sent out read:

Gaborone: 13 June 2018 

Early this year, Orange Money Botswana and EcoCash launched a new partnership to enable better and more affordable access to digital money transfers between Zimbabwe and Botswana. Powered by TransferTo’s global mobile payments network, this service now allows Zimbabwean diaspora, living in Botswana, to use their Orange Money digital wallet to send money back home to family and friends, in real-time, directly into an EcoCash mobile wallet.

Remittances represent a very important source of income for Zimbabwe, powering significant social and economic developments across the country. For the over 600,000 Orange Money subscribers, this convenient new service offers a unique payments experience enabling quick, simple and more affordable money transfers between digital wallets, providing an alternative option to traditional means of sending money across borders. And by advocating the use of mobile money, this partnership is ultimately helping to alleviate poverty through better financial management and as well, powering economic growth for communities.

Users are still guaranteed to receive their money and in the press release sent out was the statement:

In addition, all recipients of funds remitted via EcoCash are guaranteed to access it in cash. We have guaranteed cash for our customers in Zimbabwe and it’s something for our customers and partners to be excited about.

What currency will users get?

We were wondering which currency users will be getting when they decide to withdraw their money. An EcoCash representative also confirmed that users receiving money via this route would be able to get their money in USD’s just like other remittance services Western Union and World Remit.

No need for a separate wallet

Unlike the Rand Wallet introduced back in 2016 to deal with Cash-ins and Cash-outs from South Africa, the partnership with Orange Money won’t require a special wallet. The money comes straight to the normal EcoCash wallet you use on a daily basis.

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