Here Are Answers To Your Questions About Steward Bank’s Incubation Pod

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Remember Steward Bank’s Incubation Pod? It’s a place where SME’s get to network and access resources like the internet and get working space. ‘The pod’ which was introduced a couple of years ago has not yet made telling contribution in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Zimbabwe such that a number of entrepreneurs don’t know of its existence. It’s partly because ‘the pod’ doesn’t offer much compared to what other incubations hubs offer, although the little it offers can come in handy to some upcoming entrepreneurs. Now, I’m just going to share with you some basic information that gets you acquainted with Steward Bank’s Incubation Pod.


When can you use the Incubation Pod?

The Incubation Pod only opens on Fridays, from 9am-4pm every.


Do I need to register to use the incubation Pod?

Yes. There is a Registration desk at the Incubation Pod that captures your: Name, Address, Email, and National ID.

What are the benefits of using the Incubation Pod

  •  Access to monthly seminars with guest speakers
  •  Networking
  •  5 best ideas for the week will be hung up and exhibited on the wall in the pod
  •  Access to free Wi-Fi for up to 30min & Self-service coffee machine

  Do I pay to use the Incubation Pod?

No, you use the Incubation Pod for free

Do I need to be a Steward Bank Account holder?

No, all SMEs are welcome

If I need assistance who do I talk to?

You can get more info about the Incubation if you contact Steward Bank’s Business Development Team on:


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  1. At what times can I access the Incubation Pod

    The Incubation Pod only opens on Friday from 9am-4pm every.

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