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Econet Issues Statement About Kwese Play Service Disruption

No worries for Kwese Play users, the streaming service us still around. Earlier on we reported that Kwese Play users woke up to find a chilling message on their TVs saying that “Econet no longer offers Kwese Play”.

Luckily, that’s not the case. Apparently, they are experiencing technical problems which they are working on resolving so don’t fret.

Pan-African broadcaster, Econet Media, has noted that today customers received a notification on their devices that they have been deactivated.

Kwesé Play service was launched in partnership with Roku, a US-based OTT streaming platform. We have been in discussions with Roku regarding the viability of the Kwesé Play service.

The closure of the service and the message relayed on the device this morning was unexpected and comes at a time when we are engaged in discussions with Roku about their future plans on Africa.

We apologise for the inconvenience and are working on resolving this. Detailed communication will be provided to all customers in due course.

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52 thoughts on “Econet Issues Statement About Kwese Play Service Disruption

  1. Pamwe ndiwo maendero acho. Kwese TV never gave a warning. It still boggles my mind how Strive and company thought they would offer meaningful competition to DStv without the EPL.

    1. I think you overrate soccer. Those who don’t watch soccer, outnumber those who do. My observation is that one of the primary reasons for TV based entertainment is kids. A lot of folks subscribe to Dstv (Compact, Compact Plus), just so that kids have something to watch.

      1. I don’t know about figures, but assuming that more folks subscribe to entertain them is a very lazy thought…..what about those who no longer have “kids” or whose “kids” are now adults? The soccer theory seems to hold sway, like it or not.

        1. It has been my experience that most of those to who watch soccer tend NOT to watch it at home, but rather from public venues that screen sports. Maybe they don’t have Dstv at home, but some do.

          Though people may watch soccer at home and it may be a factor in their decision to subscribe, numbers wise soccer isn’t the major reason for subscribing to Dstv. If in doubt, do a mini-survey in your immediate environment.

  2. So annoyed right now. I also have no connectivity here in SA. They say nothing. Do I toss this device and go buy something else or do I wait. And how long. Grrrrr

    1. I agree with you.

      I couldn’t even watch something off my external hard drive due to the Kwesi setup!!

      This morning, I retried but the same information appeared.

      Econet could, at least have advised us accordly.

  3. Please just be upfront with us and tell us what is going on. And regular progress updates on the situation would be the professional thing to do

  4. They are done and closing the services down, roku is deactivating the devices.

  5. Atleast they should give us a heads up on what’s happening I have resetted my device several times thinking maybe it’s hot a problem only to find out ithat I don’t have any problem but them

  6. Ahhh sha me I’m done with technology. Whatsapp and Facebook AND Instagram aren’t working and now it’s this Kwesé. I’m so fed up. Mxm.

  7. I think it is a Cyber Revolution – Very frustrating and unbelievable that they can just switch off without warning – I was watching one minute then nothing – I also rebooted umpteen times. Thousands of people or maybe more have paid for a device which will now be obsolete. Lets hope they rectify this soon

  8. I for one will NOT be tolerating this again. I bought the decoder for my mom and it only worked for 3 months before it was cut. Now this. I’ll be demanding a full refund in United States Dollars which I paid for both in.

    This is ridiculous!

  9. Very disturbing, was about watching a series and found out it’s not working anymore .

  10. Econet products are like that gore riya vakauya ne ecolife …vakavhara vadYa mari dzedu hanzi its a foreign investors nhasi uno yakwese …..apa vachine ecosure is still running…..ko ecomoovah yavo vachatiita sei
    Econet has got all sorts of business they only concetrate nekunecash those days.econet is in …safari and ..banking … …technicaly econet own half of zimbos ….
    Ecocash its their only serious product ..their data give yu a hell to connect ….we are in their messy….

  11. Unprofessional for such a huge business to not be able to give feedback on their product.What are we as customers to do?Can we get our moneys worth back?Altogether remove your products from our selves in SA

  12. Utterly disgusting
    No warning no nothing econet and kweze play …please sort yourselves out or please give us all our money back! Highly unprofessional and definitely not customer friendly! If this is going to persist please take back all your kweze play boxes and refund my money and take it off all our shelves from the dealers and it’s if no use to anyone now

  13. this is not write i had a price lock for a 2 year contract .i am going to put in a law suit and want my full 24 month payment

  14. this is not good!!!!!!!!!! i had a price lock for a 2 year contract .i am going to put in a law suit and want my full 24 month payment

  15. this is not good!!!!!!!!!! i had a price lock for a 2 year contract .i am going to put in a law suit and want my full 24 month payment

  16. I feel like i have been scammed, i bought my Kweseplay 2 months ago and canceled dstv because of it and now i can’t even watch tv. Return my money and i will go buy a different product. This is truly unprofessional.

  17. We all paid for these units and can now do nothing with it this matter have to be addressed by whoever is responsible for this service, we as users feel that if the service cant be supplied we need our moneys back to look for a alternative product, this is pathetic!

  18. When will they be up and running- do we need to get new devices? Theses are questions that need answers asap

  19. Waiting to hear when or if it will come on again! They say the company has gone bust. They must have known this and retracted all the boxes from the market or at least offered to refund their customers.

  20. Unprofessional for a corporate company. I want a refund to by an alternative device.

  21. This is unacceptable. It would be nice if they had an office nearby that I could throw the now useless device through their window. It’s so frustrating to have bought something and suddenly the services just end with no reason or even warning.

  22. Why don’t you tell the truth, this service is under administration, they owe $130 000. I want my money back,pathetic service.

  23. This is getting ridiculous. I want my money back. Doesn’t look like “they are working ons the problem”….
    No warning nothing. Absolutely pathetic.

  24. Use your playstion or exboxes to watch Netflix. Econet is under liquidation so there will be no refunds. It was good. Cpunt your losses. Move on.

  25. Why is the device unable to just operate like a normal TV box? Surely Netflix and other apps including the usb port should still be able to operate? What am i missing?

    1. This is my question. There must be a way to turn it into a simple streaming device. Once we have internet we have access to almost everything.

  26. Its been more than 2 weeks and kwese isnt fixed as yet. Every time i try to call the customer service they say they going to call me back but i dont ever get any calls. This is ridiculous. We need answers now as to when this issue is gonna be solved.

  27. Econet is under administration. There was never a technical problem. Now have a useless device and nothing to watch!

    1. My argument is surely they can broadcast software that will remove the Kwese platform and turn it into a simple streaming device

    2. No announcement to say ..and trying to get hold of any of these companies is or oiling for s needle in a haystack
      Very sad and disgusting indeed as we don’t have this problems in South Africa
      I’m now sitting with a kweze play box that can do jack
      Disgusting service from them all!!!!!

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