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Cambridge June 2020 Exams Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

School children in classroom taking exam

Cambridge released a statement announcing that they will no longer be conducting international exams in May and June because of the Coronavirus.

Following the UK Government’s cancellation of GCSE & A’Level examinations due to the virus, there were still questions regarding whether or not Cambridge would proceed with their international examinations.

Given how COVID-19 has spread since then, it’s no surprise that Cambridge has also decided to cancel international May and June examinations;

The situation with the Covid-19 outbreak is changing rapidly. In recent days, many more countries have decided to extend school closures into May and June, making it impossible for many of our schools to hold examinations.

We have been consulting closely with our global community of schools, who need as much certainty as possible at an uncertain time. Our priority is to protect the safety and wellbeing of our students and teachers, ensure fairness for all our students and support them in continuing with their education.

Today, therefore, we have taken the difficult decision not to run our international examinations in the May/June 2020 series in any country. This includes Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge AICE Diploma and Cambridge Pre-U.

What happens next?

Similar to the cancellation of GCSEs and A-Levels in the UK, Cambridge has decided to “assess students’ achievements using the best available evidence.” This means schools with Cambridge curriculums will work with the international board to grade schools based on the students current and predicted grade and students will still get their certificates as Cambridge seeks to ensure “students do not face disadvantage as a result of these extraordinary circumstances.”

Cambridge also said it will follow up that news with an update for schools on the 26th of March as they understand schools need “very clear guidance”.

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15 thoughts on “Cambridge June 2020 Exams Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

  1. Your heading says November exams also cancelled. There is nothing about that in the article or statement you quoted.

      1. No. November exams not cancelled yet. That heading is wrong.

        What is nit clear yet is the fate of private candidates. Thosecwho learn from home without the kind of monitoring found at school.

          1. I had registered 7 students for June for IGCSE with the British Council. They are considering 2 options:
            1. Refunds.
            2. Pushing the payments made to Nov 2020.

            They await final decision from Cambridge University. For updates, write to

        1. Mr principal , i am concerned about the homeschooling students who payed the examination fee and are therefore rightfully eligible to sit for this examination. we need a clear and fair way foward for them.

    1. They haven’t said anything about November exams so the assumption is those are still on the table – unless this drags on for a much longer period

  2. I think you should cancel November exams since children are not fully prepared due to this Covid and if the exams are still on some children who couldn’t have access to internet or anyone to help them at home are likely to be disadvantaged i believe that students still need to have quality study time for November exams since we didnt go back to xul. Online lessons wee beneficial but at the same time its a disadvantage to those children who couldn’t afford to buy bundles or have internet access to join the online lessons.
    so its best to postponed the November Cambridge exams just like wat zIMSEC did
    i hope u get my point

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