You can now buy ZESA tokens in the diaspora via Senditoo

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Senditoo cuts all fees, Takwana Tyaranini, Star FM

The remittance space has been an ever-evolving area during the coronavirus pandemic. Companies have been updating their product and service offering to meet a number of needs that have arisen. Chief among those needs is a way for family and friends in the diaspora to not only send money home but to pay directly for utilities and services. In line with this trajectory, Senditoo is now offering those abroad a way to buy ZESA tokens for their loved ones in Zimbabwe.

Paying for ZESA through a remittance service is, to the best of my knowledge, not that common. The only other company that I can recall that has this facility is the WhatsApp based wallet “Uhuru“.

Senditoo now stepping into ZESA Token purchase will mean that there may be a ripple effect with other remittance services. One other company that comes to mind (that could follow this path) is World Remit, the company already offers airtime purchases and could quite easily add ZESA or any other service to its product catalogue.

In the meantime, Senditoo has gotten a jump on the market. On top of ZESA tokens, the company also offers zero fees for money sent through its service to Zimbabwe.

The fee slashing plus ZESA tokens could make Senditoo the only remittance service Zimbabweans abroad need. And with the way the company has been going, we can’t discount it adding even more services.



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  1. Kuda Chengeta

    This has always been possible with MindroidZim. They have mobile app called Mindroid(Android and IOS) and You can even pay for ZOL, buy airtime and pay utility bills.

  2. Wonder Bhaku

    It’s a rip-off if they use the official rate!

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