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“Credit is King” is something that I have been hearing repeatedly be it in private or online. And I can understand this because in Zim, in most cases, you need a loan of one nature or another in order to achieve anything. The pandemic made that a whole lot worse because incomes have been depressed but people still need to eat. This meant that avenues for credit of any nature are enticing regardless of who is offering. An example of this is how EcoCash relaunched the KaShagi Micro Loans to moderate fanfare. However, there needs to be a place where the businessperson or an individual can compare and apply for microfinance online and Zim Loans Online might just be that place.

So… Zim Loans Online is a platform that is owned by Erokum Credit Control. The fintech company started out in 2019 and was looking for a way to improve digital inclusion by allowing anyone who wanted a loan to get one online.

This led to the creation of Zim Loans Online, which is a two-way loan platform. By that I mean the company is as much a service for Microfinance companies and banks as it is for individuals. So essentially the platform is a marketplace for lenders and credit seekers be they civil servants, SMEs, informal traders or anyone.

How to get onboard

If you are an individual looking for a loan, all you need to do is visit Zim Loans Online and sign up. After you have completed the registration process you will then need to choose from the 17 microfinance institutions registered with the service.

Among them are names like Quest Financial Services, Microhub Financial services and Jack Ma Africa’s Business Heroes finalists MoneyMart Finance. Once you have chosen the institution you will then need to fill in forms unique to the lender as well as upload documents specified by the microfinance institution.

On the microfinance and banks side of things, you’ll need to go through a similar process with a stringent vetting process. When everything checks out, you’ll then get an SMS or email notification that will allow you to offer loans on the site.

Advantages of using Zim Loans Online

For microfinance or banks, it extends the reach of your services beyond your own channels. This is particularly important these days what with the new normal being “online”. Other benefits of Zim Loans Online according to Erokum are:

  • The reduction of loan turn around time.
  • Ability to use data analytics and establish new untapped regions.
  • Increasing your loan book.
  • Chance to cut cost through the use of a digital loans officer
  • Zim Loans Online’s system is open for system integration with different microfinance who might want such an arrangement.

On the credit seekers side, Zim Loans Online put all the credit options in one place. You won’t have to jump from site to site or travel from place to place looking for financing. You can make repayments through mobile money like EcoCash as well as have a place where you can check the status of an application without having to constantly call or visit a branch.

The biggest benefit of all is that if you are denied by one institution your application is there for the taking for any other bank or microfinance that wants it.

You can check out Zim Loans Online for yourself with the link here.



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