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The top 10 most visited websites in Zimbabwe

According to Similar Web, the top 10 most visited websites  in Zimbabwe are as follows: Google Zimbabwe (Search Engine) Youtube (Tv and Video) Google International (Search Engine) Facebook (Social Network) Yahoo (Search Engine) Alibaba (Online shopping) Newsday Zimbabwe (News and Media) Herald Zimbabwe (News and Media) Xvideos (Adult Content) Twitter (Social Network) Google (local domain) took the top […]

Opera introduces free unlimited VPN service for Android devices

image credit: Opera has finally released its free unlimited VPN service for Android. The Opera VPN service is a separate application from the company’s web browser. The VPN service allows you to browse the internet privately and anonymously, hiding what you do online from being tracked. The VPN also allows you to bypass firewalls and […]

6 ways to monetize your website without a sea of ads

After realising the unfavourable effects of ads on user experience and data consumption, I found it necessary to investigate alternative ways an online publication can monetize their website. Yes, it is possible to let go of Google AdSense (pay per click), banners and pop-ups and go ad-free. The ad-free diet doesn’t have to be full blown, […]

Google joins ad fight, looks to punish websites with invasive pop up ads

image credit: Google recently announced that it will be punishing mobile websites that have interstitial ads as of January, 2017. Interstitial ads are ads that show or “pop-up” while the actual web page is downloading or in the background. image credit: Google plans to punish the websites practicing this form of advertising by […]

How your data is spent when you visit a Zimbabwean website, including Techzim!

image credit: Online ads are annoying, intrusive and a major distraction. Not only do they frustrate website visitors but are reported to take up to 40% of your data and a significant amount of battery life. 40% is a considerable amount to lose to ads, especially with the high costs of data in Zimbabwe. Your […]

Twitter suspends 360,000 accounts for abusive content, plus how to report tweets and accounts

Twitter has suspended 360,000 accounts for violating its prohibitions on violent threats and promotion of terrorism over the past year. The move is in line with its  public policy that aims to combat any subversive content. According to their official blog statement, daily suspensions have surged by 80% , with a significant rise suspensions occurring after terrorist […]

Olympic Committee Regulated Social Media to protect broadcast revenue, future of live global events in question

image credit: The Rio 2016 Olympics came to an end in a spectacular closing ceremony in the historic Maracana Stadium. The games have been entertaining and full of controversy but aside from it all Brazil seems to have pulled it off. Besides the sporting events, there has been a raging debate on the sidelines toward the impact […]

Where is the “smart” in smart water meters?

Harare City Council began rolling out pre-paid water meters early this year. A public outcry against the move did not stop the City Council from going ahead with their project. The rollout “pilot project” installed water meters in Bluffhill, Sunningdale, Kambuzuma, Greendale, Avenues, and Avondale. Unfortunately, I live in one of the areas listed above, so […]

African Tech Hubs double in less than one year: a place to meet, network and grow

image credit – The number of tech hubs in Africa has risen from 120 to 314 according to a report by GSMA. A tech-hub is any physical space that provides start-ups with resources and services to support their growth and include: incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces, fab labs, maker spaces, hacker spaces and other innovation spaces.  The growth of tech hubs […]

Econet Support offers more ways to help you, plus my secret number for EcoCash

If you’ve ever been in a fix and required help from the Econet Support team, there are now more ways to do it! Econet has opened its support lines of communication to Social Media for the convenience of its clients. Their twitter support team is quite responsive and offers real-time support, usually escalating your issues […]

Calls over the internet in Zimbabwe surge by 42%

Recently, POTRAZ released its Sector Performance Report for the first quarter of 2016. While looking into to the use of WhatsApp calling in comparison to Voice Calls I stumbled on some interesting statistics. Internet Access Providers (IAPs)-  companies that provides individuals and other Internet Service Provider companies access to the Internet– have recorded an increase […]

Why 7 in 10 people use Voice Calls over WhatsApp Calling

My calling and texting habits is something I rarely put into perspective, more often I am more interested in the topic of discussion and quality of conversation than the medium I used to create the two-way communication channel. According to POTRAZ, 1 in 3 things we utilize our mobile internet on is the Whatsapp service, this is […]

African VOD service ShowMax adds new content, challenges Netflix’s domination

It wasn’t too long ago we reported on ShowMax, the NASPERS owned video-on-demand (VOD) service doubling its active users in the first part of 2016 from 5 million active users to 10 million active users. This has now been followed up by the expansion of its international catalog to include South African content. ShowMax which is available […]

My Experience with Econet’s 1 year old online shopping failure

EcoShopper was launched early last year, 2015, and should have celebrated its 1st year birthday some time in May this year but the cake and celebrations were put aside. From my conversations with people, little is known of Econet’s EcoShopper as a brand and as a hybrid mobile and e-commerce online shopping service, powered by EcoCash in […]