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Gabon imposes 6pm to 6am internet curfew, social media still blocked

image credit: The Government of Gabon has imposed a curfew on internet access following widespread conflicts over it’s disputed presidential election results. The curfew runs from 6pm to 6am, blocking the public’s access to the internet during the night, although the public is still able to access the internet during the day, access to social […]

NetOne’s illegal product and the penalties it could face

Recently NetOne released a mobile data bundle product called “The One“. The removal of the product raised a lot of suspicion as to why the MNO would remove a product that was arguably the best mobile data product available on the market at that time. We sought clarification from NetOne to no avail. So, we […]

You can now control WhatsApp with Apple’s Siri, opens up to 3rd party developers

Apple released its Operating System update the iOS 10 today and with it many improvements and shortcomings. The update was only made available for iPhone 5 users and above, Apple has essentially stopped supporting the iPhone 4 range and anything below, signalling time for an overdue upgrade. The update is about 1,1GB and requires your […]

POTRAZ’s subscriber database might not track you, but it can identify you

Recently, POTRAZ published an interesting call to tender in the press. The tender called for: Eligible bidders for the supply, installation and commissioning of a National Central Subscriber Information Database System (NACSID) and associated hardware and networking infrastructure A National Central Subscriber Information Database System? In simple terms, it is a National Directory of registered […]

POTRAZ terminated NetOne’s illegal data bundles

Yesterday, 12th September 2016, NetOne’s “The One” product disappeared from subscribers menus. Within the menu, NetOne indicated that the product had been “revised” with the amended data costs taking many subscribers by surprise. Data costs shot up to $50 for 2GB overnight leaving the public to wonder what exactly happened with “The One” just two weeks […]

NetOne pulls plug on its “The One” mobile data bundles, back to basics

NetOne has put an end to its “The One” product/promotion. In its short-lived lifespan, “The One” managed to capture the hearts and minds of subscribers across all networks. So enticing of a product it was, just last week we handed NetOne the mobile data champions cup! But in a surprise turn of events, NetOne pulled the plug […]

The different mobile internet speeds you should be getting

Last week we conducted mobile internet speed tests in four different locations across Harare. To say the least, the results were shocking. Like any test, we expected to have a standout performer. To our surprise, each Mobile Network (Econet, NetOne, and Telecel) produced inconsistent results, further raising our suspicion on the true state of mobile internet in […]

Zimbabwe mobile internet speed tests produce shocking results!

There has been a lot of debate on mobile data bundles lately. The debate has generally been centred around NetOne and its One Fusion and The One data products/promotions. NetOne’s introduction of these products has without a doubt disrupted the mobile data market. Seemingly, NetOne figured out the balance between the right product and pricing […]

Airline bans passengers from charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, recall and replacement process could prove tricky

Australian international airline Qantas has ordered owners of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 against charging their phones aboard the plane. This follows an incident in Perth, Australia, where a burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused $1,800 worth of damage in a hotel room after it scorched the bed and carpet. image credit: reddit:crushradar According to […]

iPhone 7 & 7 plus officially launched, best iPhone ever…

The iPhone 7 range officially launched today finally ending months of speculation. The press event saw Apple CEO Tim Cook unveil the much anticipated iPhone 7 to the world, here are the general specs of both models and below it some of the cool new features: Stereo speakers, one at the bottom one at top New camera […]

PyCon Zim crowdfunding to bring Python programming conference to Zimbabwe

PyCon Zimbabwe aims to bring together Python programmers from all over the country and Africa to help introduce Python programming to communities under PyCon. The project expects to host a Python conference where they plan to introduce people to Python programming. According to Wiki, Python is a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language, comparable to Perl, Ruby, Scheme, […]

Comparison of mobile internet data bundles: NetOne takes the Cup

Recently NetOne released its  “The One” mobile internet data bundle product. It is arguably the best mobile internet data plan available right now. We realized the impact of NetOne’s product after some of our WhatsApp group‘ members expressed interest in migrating to the “One” family. We were also shocked to witness one our TechZim team members […]

China’s new most valuable company: Tencent, owners of QQ & WeChat

Internet company Tencent Holdings Ltd. (Tencent) has just edged past telecoms giant China Mobile Ltd. to become the most valuable company in China. According to Bloomberg, Tencent is also the 10th most valuable company in the world. Tencent’s market cap is valued at $236,6 Billion as of this morning. Tencent now stands with tech giants […]

Women in IT jobs, why gender imbalance is still an issue in developing countries

image credit: soapboxscience I recently stumbled on a report on Women in IT jobs by Deloitte. The report predicts that by the end of 2016, less than 25% of IT jobs in developing countries will be held by women. The report explained the following factors are contributing to gender inequality in IT jobs: Poor Education […]

MMM reacts to public scrutiny, re-opens accounts, existing members lose 80% of their money

MMM Nigeria this is how MMM Zimbabwe crashed, very similar to what is happening to you now Earlier today, MMM East Africa, MMM Global Zimbabwe‘s parent organization, released a public statement on its website. The statement gave notice to all members of the immediate suspension of its account freezing process, 9 days earlier than initially […]

Mobile internet is still the most realistic way to get Zimbabweans on the internet

Recently Deloitte released its Mobile Consumer Survey 2015-16 for Africa under its Technology, Media, and Telecommunications research arm. The report covers consumer trends and topics across 5 African countries, namely Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe and provides insight into mobile consumer issues and trends in Africa. Some of the key highlights on mobile internet […]

Iphone7: Waterproof, 256GB & no headphone jack? top Apple analyst shares some details

The world’s biggest brand and technology company, Apple,  will launch the iPhone7 this Wednesday, the 7th of September. The iPhone 7  launch is expected to continue the late Steve Jobs’ tradition of exciting product launches. and will be The event will be streamed live on their website from 19:00 CAT. Bitter rivals Samsung released their Galaxy S7 […]

The Top 10 best free cloud storage services available right now

Good free cloud storage services are slowly becoming a scarce commodity online. A “good” free cloud storage service is determined by the following key factors: Free space offered Speed and performance Features And bonus space offerings Desktop Sync client Using a cloud storage service allows you to access saved data (photos, videos, documents, software, etc) […]

Is EcoCash turning a blind eye on money laundering and illegal activities?

Econet’s EcoCash released a public statement today distancing itself from MMM Global Zimbabwe and any other illegal activities such as Ponzi schemes. In their public statement, EcoCash reminded us that it is a licensed mobile payment platform that facilitates financial transactions (sending & receiving money, buying prepaid airtime and paying for goods and services) for […]

Reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and exploding while charging cause global shipment delays and recalls

Reports  of Samsung’s premium flagship device catching fire and exploding are starting to surface over the internet. The global electronics giant has since delayed shipment of the smartphone to mobile carriers all over the world citing quality control issues. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has since acknowledged the reports telling TechCrunch: “In response to questions on […]

Zuckerberg’s Africa tour ruined by the news of satellite explosion, releases statement expressing his dissapointment

image credit: Earlier today we reported on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s mini tour of Africa. The CEO is moving around Sub-Saharan Africa and is currently in Kenya having visited Nigeria already. Sadly, the tour has been ruined by the news of Facebook’s satellite exploding today. The $200 million SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying […]

Facebook CEO Mark “The Zuck” Zuckerberg on African tour, might come to…

No, Mr. Zuckerberg is not coming to Zimbabwe. If you do really want him to come here, you could probably start a facebook petition to get his attention! The elusive Facebook CEO is on a mini tour of Africa, having visited Nigeria and is now in Kenya. It is the first time the CEO has […]

All local online gambling sites are illegal, but like MMM, there is a legal loophole

image credit: In a public announcement today, the Lotteries and Gaming Board of Zimbabwe which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs warned the public against illegal internet betting, lotteries and gaming activities. The announcement cited the Lotteries and Gaming Act, chapter 10:26. The gaming board noted that: “There are no internet Bookmakers (sport betting), […]

Econet takes internet revenue increase with a pinch of salt!

Econet, the countries largest Mobile Network Operator, recorded an 8,7% revenue increase in data and internet services according to the mobile operators integrated annual financial report for the year ending February 2016. Revenue for data and internet services increased from $104,17 million in the 2014-15 financial year to $113,18 million in the 2015-16 financial year. Econet’s increase in […]

The internet can help you prepare for your ZIMSEC exams!

image credit: With the exam, season fast approaching it’s of utmost importance to get your house in order. There is a quote that says “success is where preparation and opportunity meet”, and technology presents an opportunity to prepare. Technology can play a great role in helping you prepare for any exams, but today the focus is on students […]

Its sir, not dear! social media etiquette for businesses

The concept of businesses interacting with customers via social media is relatively new in Zimbabwe. It’s great that more local businesses and entrepreneurs have decided to increase their social media presence, effectively breaking down previous communication barriers, but there is still much left to be desired. Businesses should understand that having a social media presence […]

Twitter adds features to help you ignore cyber bullies and trolls

Twitter recently introduced new features that allow everyone to filter content and effectively control what we see and who we interact with. The notifications feature allows you to switch off  notifications from people you do not follow. Meaning, if someone you do not follow was to comment, retweet or like a tweet you have posted, […]

RBZ is not prepared to deal with pyramid and ponzi schemes like MMM

Recently we published a story on RBZ warning the public against Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. The principal financial regulator fingered MMM Global Zimbabwe (MMM) as the biggest Ponzi/pyramid scheme offender. MMM dominated the discussion on this story, but I then realized that, by releasing the warning the RBZ has accepted and exposed itself. The RBZ is clueless […]

How illegal is Porn in Zimbabwe?

Recently, we released a list of top 10 websites visited in Zimbabwe. The list included search engines, social networks, and most notably local news websites NewsDay and The Herald. From your requests and comments, we decided to also release the top 10 visited local websites. Unintentionally, one website on the list attracted the most attention, […]

RBZ issues stern warning against participating in Ponzi/Pyramid schemes, points finger at MMM Global Zimbabwe for misleading the public!

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a public statement yesterday, 25 August, warning the public against participating and investing in Ponzi and Pyramid schemes. According to the RBZ, Ponzi and Pyramid schemes tempt people into investing their money in lucrative investments and contribution systems with the promise of high returns. The RBZ further explains that a […]