Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Here’s why I’m in love with the GTeL SL 5.5 Xtra

Here’s a review of GTeL’s flagship device, the SL5.5 Xtra. We look at how it fares against familiar favourites like the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and try to figure out whether its worth the $495 price tag.

Want to shop on Facebook? That could be happening sooner than you think

Facebook is testing a “Buy” button that would allow users to shop on Facebook. This puts it in direct competition with e-commerce platforms.

Using a SIM card? Apple and Samsung want you to get rid of it

Apple and Samsung are planning to kill the SIM card by introducing an embedded e SIM. This would allow phone users to switch between operators at any moment

Muzinda Hub to host Startup Weekend starting tomorrow

Muzinda Hub will be hosting its own Startup Weekend in Harare from the 17th to the 19th of July. According to Muzinda, this is an opportunity for local developers to show off their coding and entrepreneurial skills, and it’s something that is likely targeted at its huge pool of developers and entrepreneurs in training. Other people are also allowed to take part.

Who are we kidding, Zimbabwe isn’t ready for smartphones in schools

Recently the Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora, stated that the Ministry has allowed smartphones in Zimbabwean schools on the reasoning that these devices can be used for research. While these capabilities might be undisputed, there are other serious consequences that the State is not considering. The reality is, we are not ready for a national rollout of smartphone use in Zimbabwe.

This is how the government should give you free WiFi

In South Africa, the plans for free WiFi have progressed with one province introducing the service on public buses. It doesn’t seem to complicated, and we even have startup trying to offer similar convenience. Can’t we rollout the same sort of project locally?

Hour Of Code Zim event scheduled for the 4th of July; why should we care?

There will be another Hour Of Code Event at Hypercube in Harare on the 4th of July from 9 am. This is an opportunity to learn and teach people how to code and improve your literacy. These sort of initiatives are very important in the digital economy and probably deserve more attention than the introduction of Swahili and Chinese in the learning curriculum.

Another Zimbabwean platform, Save Mari, enters the online classifieds market

There is a new e-commerce player in town; Save Mari. It is an online platform were Zimbabweans can market and advertise goods. This is another attempt at penetrating the online classifieds market. While this is admirable, Save Mari has things that it needs to figure out before it makes an impression in this field.

These two changes to your Gmail have mobile written all over them

Gmail, Google’s email service announced changes to its appearance. These tweaks include the launch of new themes that support the use of pictures, as well as the introduction of emojis for emailing. All this seems like an attempt at figuring out mobile communication.

Facebook set to open offices in Africa

The world’s largest social network, Facebook, is set to open offices in South Africa. The office will be focused on the network’s advertising business. This is another deliberate focus on Africa following its investment through initiatives like and the launch of the Facebook Lite App.

Gmail has just given you the option to unsend that incorrect message

Gmail recently launched an option for unsending an email, something that will provide relief for anyone who sends an incomplete message.

WhatsApp Calling now available on Windows devices

Some good news for Windows Phone users is that WhatsApp calling is now available on the Windows platform. This come after other platforms had introduced it a while ago. This late release of apps is one of the weaknesses that’s inherent with the Windows platform.

DEMO AFRICA Harare pre-pitch is on tomorrow, here’s how to sign up for it

The DEMO Africa pre-pitch event for Southern Africa that has been scheduled to take place at Hypercube Hub, Harare is happening tomorrow. Everyone who wants to attend is being asked to sign-up for free. There will be pitches from tech startups and one team will be selected to go and pitch at DEMO Africa in Lagos Nigeria later this year.

Got an idea that can change Africa? You might want to apply for Innovation Baraza

Innovation Baraza, an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge and fair will be taking place in Harare on the 10th of July. It’s open to entrepreneurs and innovators from all sectors that have solutions which have the potential to change Africa. All this is a run up to a later stage funding process. The deadline for applications for this is the 26th of June, 2015.

The Top 10 Facebook Personalities In Zimbabwe

Here’s a list of the top 10 Zimbabwean personalities on Facebook. The list considers the numbers of followers for each personality and also looks at how some of these personalities are developing a following on this platform and using this digital presence for brand management.

Google wants you to have a faster web experience with this browser

At its recent I/O Conference, Google announced the Google Web Light browser, a still-under-test version of the standard browser that offers faster web experiences for users in markets where there are slow internet connections. It’s being aimed at emerging markets which rely on 2G and 3G connections, and its set for India and Brazil first. Oh, it only works on Chrome and on Android devices.

Fed up with high roaming costs? This SIM card tech is going to solve that problem

A new form of SIM Card that removes the need for roaming and lets you use the same SIM even across borders, without added costs, has been adopted in Brussels. If this is made available even locally, it could add a certain level of competition that would change telecoms.

Google Only Sees 2% Of The Internet: An Intro To The Deep Web

When most us use the internet to search for something we naturally use Google’s search engine. What if Google doesn’t give us what we want ? The amount of information Google can provide is surely immense but it’s not everything out there.It is estimated that people only use about 2 % of the internet. This […]

As The ZSE Introduces Electronic Trading What Does This Mean For Ordinary Zimbabweans?

The ZSE will be migrating to an electronic trading platform next month. What does that mean for the ordinary Zimbabwean who might not have that much of an understanding on how the stock market works?

Competition for Tesla & ZESA as Mercedes Benz enters the battery market

Just like Tesla, Mercedes Benz has entered the home battery market. The German car brand has unveiled its own home battery. This gives people frustrated with ZESA an alternative.

Considering college? Here are 4 reasons why you should do Computer Science

A lot of care needs to be taken in choosing a path to follow. Computer Science is a very common course these days. Here is an opinion on why Computer Science is the best path to focus on.

The 3 awesome things that Apple announced at WWDC

This is an Apple fan boy’s perspective of the services that were launched at the 2015 Developer’s Conference. From changes to iOS, the new Apple Music and the OS El Capitan, here is a look at three exciting things that came out of WWDC 2015.

Zimbabwe’s Zombie Generation Raised On FaceBook, WhatsApp

The impact of social media seems to be extending to the next generation as children develop stronger relationships digitally and abandon traditional human interaction. Aren’t we creating a generation of Facebook and WhatsApp zombies?

Blame WiFi hotspots and bundles, the Zimbabwean internet cafe is dead

The internet cafe is as good as dead, what with all the changes in tech like mobile broadband penetration and the rise of WiFi hotspot provision from the different internet companies. There is a way to make the most of what’s happening for cafe owners though.

Isn’t it time Zimbabwe took a tougher stance on porn?

It would seem that the dark side of tech in the form of things like porn has had a clear effect on children. Isn’t it time for national law to be drafted to ban pornography or to at least start regulating it in a clearer way? It’s already illegal, but there is no legislation against accessing it. So perhaps, banning access to certain sites would work.

So you want to go on Facebook ? Give me your wallet!

Internet services in Zimbabwe are expensive, and our usual refuge of bundled services are now being adjusted. It feels as though we are being robbed, just to access sites and platforms like Facebook.