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Liquid Home gives WibroniX the USD treatment. Data for a dollar

Finally, the WibroniX customers are now getting the USD bundle treatment. Something that Liquid Home had reserved only for FibroniX customers. It’s all well and good up until you realize that the LIT USD promotion is ending on boxing day, 26 December 2022. So you better grab it whilst it’s still there. We heard the […]

Tecno Megabook S1, A flagship laptop with a heft of features. 120Hz, NFC, AI webcam

If you were not aware. Tecno makes laptops now. Beginning of this year they released the Megabook T1. It is essentially a mid-tier ultrabook powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU and boasting just over 17 hours of battery life (Perfect for Zimbabwe’s current power crisis). Yesterday they launched a more premium and […]

Tecno Phantom X2 has been launched complete with a retractable zoom lens

Tecno has released its flagship device, the Phantom X2 and it’s got a long list of updates. First on the list is the fact that Tecno last released 2 versions of a flagship on the Phantom 6 and is only bringing that trend back now with the Phantom X2 and Phantom X2 Pro. What is […]

Zimbabwe’s current load shedding explained

Some say ZESA is now working on the same off-peak hours as telecoms operators and their bonus data. It’s such a funny statement to lighten up an otherwise dark situation that Zimbabwe finds itself in. Pun intended. The lights are off and they are staying off for 18 hours or more. Why is it this […]

The Twitter account of Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has been hacked

Another one. Cyber security seems to be the arch-nemesis of Zimbabwe’s government institutions, and most recently, their personal accounts. Last week a group by the pseudo name Team Pachedu took the Justice Department to the cleaners exposing how easy it was to access their private servers and collect some private cases in their archives not […]

New ZETDC system introduces USD payment options and promises better month-end uptime

ZETDC has announced a new PowerPlus prepaid electricity token purchase system. And it’s bringing some really interesting changes to the customer experience. They say the look and feel of it will remain as it was with a lot of the work done in the background. This could spell an end to those system crashes every […]

Tecno’s latest flagship, Phantom X2, is coming on December 7th

I have to admit, the Tecno Phantom X caught me off guard when I reviewed it last year. For the money which was US$450 at launch, the selection of what to include and what not to include was brilliant. Enough for me to say they had all the right boxes ticked. The build quality was […]

Zimsat-1 getting launched into orbit and going live tomorrow. Watch it here live!

In case you missed it, Zimbabwe has a satellite that got launched into space beginning of this month. Zimsat-1 was part of a payload of satellites and supplies destined for the International Space Station (ISS). The satellites were received by the Japanese KIBO module which will be responsible for launching the satellites into orbit. JAXA, […]

Apple’s iMessage not bothering with RCS. Android brings iMessage support to Google Messages instead.

“I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy in on that at this point,” Cook said when asked how Apple founder Steve Jobs would feel about using the RCS standard in iMessage during Vox Media’s Code 2022 event on Wednesday night. Instead, Cook said, “I would love to convert you […]

NRZ suspends train commuters stating ZUPCO owes the operator huge debts. Minibus associations mushroom

ZUPCO made a comeback in 2019 and it came in with a bang. A new fleet of buses and some of the lowest fares on the market. Also with the help of the SI 83 of 2020 to have all commuter operators either get registered with ZUPCO or get off the streets, it almost immediately […]

Paynow, the B2B and B2C payments platform celebrating 8 years. Announces USSD code *828#

Paynow has been around for a while now and their business is all around facilitating payments. The service they offer came about to solve 2 big problems. Allowing small businesses to have access to one platform with as many payment options as possible. This then leads to solving the second payment problem on the customer […]

Liquid Home is facing challenges with its network with no resolution date yet

Liquid Home has been running maintenance after maintenance for the past month. On the 11th of November, they announced that maintenance would be going on for 5 days. That must have been one major maintenance. If you thought that was long, in the latest one the service disruption will go on indefinitely. 11 November 2022Dear […]

Intensive load shedding is imminent as Kariba lake levels are too low to generate electricity

The water levels at Kariba lake have dropped to really low levels to the extent that by mid-December of 2022 there will be no more water to generate electricity. In fact, if we are to look at the Zambezi River Authority’s graphs, they show that the level has gone lower than the lowest point in […]

60 minutes and 500MB FREE when you buy US$5 airtime on Telecel.

It’s that time again to hunt for that Telecel line. They have announced the Free for Five promotion, rewarding their customers with free on-net minutes and data when they spend US$5, US$3, and US$2 in airtime. RTGS purchases also qualify because we have to be all-inclusive. This is what the rewards will look like. The […]

RBZ wants to make it easier to get a loan even if you are not a civil servant with the Collateral Registry

The loan space in Zimbabwe has been pretty rough for the common man for a while now. Whilst bankers and formally employed individuals with healthy bank statements could have loans availed to them, it’s not the case with the majority of either self-employed or informally employed citizens. The RBZ wants to come in and change […]

TCL opens up shop in Zimbabwe ready to take on the biggest names in home appliances

TCL is one of the biggest home appliance brands well known for making decent products at reasonable prices. A value-for-money brand against the likes of Samsung, Sony, and LG in the home appliances market. In 2021 TCL made inroads into South Africa and the reception was good enough for them to think about expanding to […]

Black Friday Tech deals in Zimbabwe! Up to 58% off

The week has arrived and banks left right and center are reminding us that they have Visa and Mastercards that can buy stuff online. Black Friday stuff. Well before you go on Amazon maybe you want to check out some deals available in Zimbabwe starting 25 November 2022. Up to 58% off on some products. […]

Thinking of asking the Ministry of Finance some questions? They gave us their number

I’m not going to lie these are interesting times. Just last week the RBZ was crowdsourcing thoughts and ideas on a Central Bank Digital Currency that they are working on. Now the top office that is the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has shared its WhatsApp contact numbers that anyone can use to reach […]

WhatsApp adds polls and communities. I have some thoughts.

WhatsApp has been busy these past couple of months adding feature after feature to the chat app. They are all pretty interesting with the latest ones being Polls, Communities, and Avatars. So are they any good? Polls Polls are pretty much a way of data collection on whatever topic you desire. The data will come […]

USD rates proposed for 2023 by Harare City Council are near to minimum wage

In a budget announcement done by Harare City Council Finance chairperson Councillor Costa Mande announced proposed USD council rates for 2023. The rates can still be paid in the RTGS equivalent at the prevailing interbank however they will be steep. Really close to the USD150 that the government announced as minimum wage. The USD rates […]

Xiaomi 12s Ultra concept has a built-in Leica lens mount!

Xiaomi announced their concept, the 12s Ultra, with the highlight being their partnership with Leica. Outside of professional camera circles, Leica’s popularity was brought about by its collaboration with Huawei for the camera system. That partnership has since ended thanks to a lack of Google services destroying sales of Huawei devices globally. So Xiaomi came […]

RBZ needs your help with the development of a cryptocurrency. Just 33 questions

Remember a time when a number of cryptocurrency startups in Zimbabwe were banished from existence? And it was by the RBZ. Okay to be fair some of them were not as sound as anyone would have liked but the manner in which they were disbanded was pretty harsh. All the while in South Africa there […]

Utande LTE now available in Harare West

Utande has been pushing LTE expansion pretty aggressively, beating Liquid Home to the punch in Mutare. The LTE service will use Sim cards and an outdoor unit kit. Also, these sim cards will be geo-locked so if you thought this meant cheaper mobile data I am sorry to say this is not the case. A […]

An ‘Official’ badge for that US$8 Twitter subscription? [Updated]

Things are moving quickly on Twitter since Elon Musk bought the company. Employees got fired then got called back again and the US$8 payments have started rolling in. The result, for now, is a second verification check mark with the label ‘Official’. So essentially some Twitter-verified accounts are more verified than others. And at the […]

Liquid Home’s LIT USD bundles. Are they any good?

Liquid Home has been offering USD packages on their FibroniX and WibroniX services, a bit of convenience for those of you that prefer paying in USD. These packages are running in parallel to the already existing ZW$ packages so merely a case of what is more convenient for you. The LIT bundles are currently on […]

ZB Financial Holdings expands to Botswana

ZB Financial Holdings (ZBFH) has announced that it will be expanding its operations to Botswana. The move has been necessitated by the need for the group to diversify its revenue sources as stated by the Group CEO Shepherd Fungura. From a strategic point, ZBFH was motivated to establish in Botswana due to the need to […]

Liquid Home vs TelOne vs Zodsat vs Telco vs Utande. Which is the best VSAT provider?

We made a comparison of the best fixed internet provider. Then we did another for the best mobile internet provider. But maybe these 2 classes of internet providers don’t reach some of you in the most remote parts of Zimbabwe and you need to go satellite. Look no further. This is all of the VSAT […]

Zimbabwe’s 1st Satellite ZimSat-1 is now in space!

Finally, ZimSat-1, Zimbabwe’s first orbiting satellite has made it to space! Yesterday, Sunday 6 November, ZimSat-1 was set to launch into space amongst other payloads. However, a complication before the launch caused by a fire alarm resulted in the launch being postponed to Monday 7 November at 12.27 am. Today’s launch attempt of Northrop Grumman’s […]

It’s not Mukuru with high charges. All Domestic remittances are expensive and it’s by design

Some quick math on social media suggested that Mukuru and how charges were inconsistent for domestic remittances. In the post, the math went something like this.  1/ Stolen…. A) Sending US$450 via Mukuru from Harare to Chipinge you are charged US$23. And the maximum you can send is US$450. That means if I were to […]

Dolphin Telecom plus 2 other MVNOs. We wanted competition and it’s here. Almost

In an address by the POTRAZ Director General Dr. Gift Machengete, it was revealed that 3 companies have been granted Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) licenses to operate in Zimbabwe with Dolphin Telecoms being the one that is closest to going live. the other 2 are yet to be named. It is exciting stuff because […]