Techzim now has its own WhatsApp Channel and it’s going to feel just like the website

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WhatsApp recently introduced Channels and as much as it was open to everyone to join a channel, creating one was restricted to very few accounts. Now that it’s available to the masses, Techzim can finally have its own channel. Click here to join the channel.

We are very excited by this feature because it allows us to share content on WhatsApp, a platform where the majority of Zimbos are consuming content, and be able to track their performance. This will essentially be the WhatsApp version of the website. These are some of the things we are planning to do with channels.

  • Post articles on the blog to the channel in full. Yes, the whole thing plus a link to the article if you need to see the tables, graphs, and pictures.
  • Post behind-the-scenes content for new gadgets that we will be reviewing before the actual review goes live
  • Share quick updates that may not make it into a full article like awareness of a scam or live updates of new product launches as they happen.

Yes, in some way the Techzim News Updates channel is going to combine updates from the Techzim website as well as Techzim social media channels. Dare I say it’s going to be the best place to experience Techzim. So what are you waiting for? Join the channel and share it with everyone!

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  1. Merciless

    Pity my 12mb daily data

  2. Ruvarashe

    I need to go back on whatsap

  3. Podlast

    Sounds good. One of the BTS items could be lessons learned from your podcasting days! The podcasts are still in my RSS feeds 😂

  4. Title

    I can’t seem to find the channel

  5. Farai

    Thank you. Does Pindula has a channel as well

  6. Thomas Dunlap

    Thank you. Does Pindula has a channel as well

  7. awerh


  8. aerg


  9. q3wrtg

    ad whatsapp gold

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