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Not Everything that Glitters is Gold: A Dissenting Opinion on Bitcoin

Whenever a new miracle technology is breathlessly praised, I pay attention and keep my cynicism handy. There have been a number of pro-Bitcoin articles on TechZim lately,  please allow me to share my dissenting opinion. Some of the financial advice (implicit or explicit) seemed downright dangerous. A couple of disclaimers I need to get out of […]

Why Pyramid Schemes are doomed to fail: a mathematical proof

Pyramid schemes come in many guises, but they have one thing in common – they always fail. That is why I was dismayed by the comments on a recent article on that seemed sympathetic to a doomed cause. I will debunk pyramid schemes with high school maths – anyone who took or is taking school mathematics […]

Brainworks acquires Zimbabwean mobile money service Nettcash

Brainworks Capital Management has purchased 49% of mobile payments company Nettcash from local shareholders as part of a 2-phased takeover. Texas-based Mozido, Inc is currently the majority shareholder in Nettcash with the remaining 51% of shares.

Meet the Bulawayo-born global criminal kingpin who is behind TrueCrypt

Bulawayo-born programmer and drug lord Paul Le Roux is allegedly the brains behind TrueCrypt, an encryption application made famous by Edward Snowden. In what reads like a script for a Hollywood action-thriller movie, the long form piece of investigative journalism chronicles Le Roux’s life from his birth in Bulawayo in 1972 , through his primary […]

$9M UNICEF fund for emerging market startups

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) has a $9M Innovation Fund aimed at helping 60 startups in emerging markets – Zimbabwe is one of the countries that is eligible. If your team has a product (or idea) that is a good match, quickly submit your Expression of Interest (closing date is 26 February 2016). For […]

STEM as a buzzword

I will start off with a disclaimer – I am an avid technologist who was fortunate to get a good STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education before it was called that. Heck, even the ‘Tech’ in TechZim in in the acronym. That said, “STEM education” has become surprisingly popular of late, it is at risk […]

How to run Linux in your browser

If one of your resolutions for 2016 is “learn/brush-up on Linux”, but you’re (already) feeling too lazy to set up Virtualbox or a HD partition, rejoice, for you can boot up and run Linux (CLI) in a browser tab.   Don’t believe me? Checkout It’s not a remote connection to a Linux session running […]

Unofficial TechZim Android app beta test

Do you like reading TechZim? Are you running Android 4.1 or newer? Do you know what a Beta test is? If your answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, then you might be happy to know that I’m running an open beta programme for an unofficial* TechZim Andriod app, and I’d like you to join […]

Zimbabwe’s first supercomputer

It’s not quite time yet to be doing “the year in review” articles, but here’s one thing that flew below my radar: Zimbabwe officially launched a 36-teraflop supercomputer in February 2015. The supercomputer, housed at the University of Zimbabwe’s Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing (Zim-CHPC), was installed by Inspur Group of China  funded by a $5,4 […]

Lax security leading to rampant website defacement

Zimbabwean websites ( TLD) are easy pickings for hacker groups making names for themselves – that is the impression I get looking at the sheer number of defaced websites. The state of local website security is appalling. After my research, the most worrying thing I found is how long some websites stay defaced, it’s almost as if […]

E-commerce needs a payment API

Lately, there has been a lot of noise over how classified sites could lead to a boom in e-commerce,yet online peer-to-peer marketplaces (classifieds) do not quite qualify as electronic commerce. The payment method is agreed upon between buyer and seller, and might as well be good old fashioned cash: the ‘place of commerce’ for those […]

World’s first heavyweight Tennis champion

Mike was the world heavyweight boxing champion, a title he practised and fought hard to acquire through discipline, hard work and skill. He won his championship fight against an opponent widely suspected of using banned performance enhancing substances. Mike deserved every last bit of his boxing success. Then one day he decided to take on […]