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Techzim’s Downtime Yesterday and General Site’s Stability

Techzim Error

Over the past few weeks, we have had a few stability issues with this site. Yesterday for example the local mirror of the site went down with the “500 Internal Server” error below for some hours.  And a little over a week ago, we couldn’t make any posts for some days because the site wouldn’t let us log in.

Techzim Error

To be fair, the overall hosting experience we’re getting is great and our good friends at Webdev (where this site is hosted) promised the problems have been cleared out. We (and you) should expect a more stable experience onwards.

So hey, our sincere apologies for those of you that visited and found us having our forty winks.

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8 thoughts on “Techzim’s Downtime Yesterday and General Site’s Stability

  1. Unonyanya mhani kunyora zvakaipa zvevamwe, honawo manje nhasi zvako hazvisi kushanda and apa you are trying to justify yourself. Dai iriEconet kana Net*One irikutaura kuti magetsi aenda saka network irikunetsa dai wanyora marara ako uchiti ndezvawo..And you update your site with articles published somewhere, kudhara waigona pawakatanga asi mazuva ano haa

  2. I like this site and I don’t think it matter much if the news reported here is sourced elsewhere.

    My only issue is that the content is limited…perhaps the site owners should consider getting more guys to blog here

  3. “And you update your site with articles published somewhere”, you need to back this up with urls. of the article we ‘copied’ and the original source of the article.

    We don’t always break the news. Sometimes we just offer a techzim perspective on it.

  4. i certainly agree that it’s not about competing to break the latest news, but rather a mission a to give a specific technological platform to discuss and inform about technology issues for technology enthusiasts. From the little that i know, the people at techzim are quite open and free to anyone with valid technological issues to discuss and write about, i’m sure it’s a just a matter of contacting them and putting forward your request***

  5. I am sadened by the views of John Jajiso, a typical Zimbo band on taking down those striving and working hard to build better things. I am a zimbo in diaspora and a friend of mine referred me to this site and I like it because it gives a zim persperctives. Even though I have more sources to read from , I wouldn’t mind seeing Techzim adopting the story and bring it down to a zim perspective,Ndosaka tisingabudirire vakomana . Lets change our vies and stop hitting the tech zim guys but help them in anyway we can to ensure they are better even to reach to a world class level such as

  6. Keep up the work guys and cover a lot of other ICT issues besides connectivity. How about best deals in netbooks, laptops, accessories, etc. You can even start a shop for these things and do a JIT delivery per order from home. I like it when my gmail shows me there has been an update on techzim. Was referred to this site by my brother at Ecoweb when you did their 4G review. This is one site which has totally nothing to do with my workline that i frequent the most.

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