Cyber Gaming LAN Tourney This Sunday

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Gamers at the Yo Africa stand at ICT Africa 2009
Gamers at the Yo Africa stand at ICT Africa 2009

We just got an email from the organizers of the Zim cyber gaming LAN events. There’s going to be a tournament this Sunday, 7th of November. The organizers, Yo Africa, try to hold a tournament almost every month. Last one was on 3 October.

If you’re a gamer and attended ICT Africa 2009, you have a clear idea how thrilling the tournament can be and will definitely not want to miss this. If you haven’t been to one, then hey, here’s your chance to meet other Zim gamers and claim you title as Zim’s best!

Techzim has an avid gamer who’s going to attend this one, so expect a story on it next week!

Here are the full details of the tournament:

  • Launch time: 11 am till late
  • Location: Christian Science Sunday School. Corner 2nd St & Selous Ave. Harare
  • Tournament entry fee: Free
  • Tournament Prize: 5 free hours added to your account
  • Cost of machines access: $2 for 1 hour. (free if you have a good enough sob story)
  • Bring your own food & drinks

The suggested tournament games are;

  • Heroes of Newerth LAN
  • FIFA 2010
  • Street Fighter 4
  • Call of Duty 4
  • GRID
  • Unreal Tournament 3
  • Warcraft 3

Machines & Games

If you want to come but don’t want to play in the tournament, you can enjoy the atmosphere and play other games.
There are 32 machines available to rent which have great gaming hardware including;

  • 19″ Wide Screen Silver LCD Monitor
  • Intel® Pentium Dual Core 2.5Ghz Tower PC with 2GB Ram
  • ATI Radeon 4850 512MB & Nvidia 240 1GB Graphics cards.
  • Xbox Controllers
  • Headset with Microphone
  • Tonnes of the latest and greatest PC Games loaded including;

Age of Empires III
Counter Strike Source
Street Fighter 4
Warcraft III
World of Warcraft
Trackmania Forever
Unreal Tournament 3
Heroes Of Newerth LAN
Rise of Nations Thrones
Dirt 2
Left 4 dead 2
Resident Evil 5
Team Fortress 2
Call of Duty 4
Rugby 08
WoW Lich King on Yo!Exile

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  1. Takunda

    Nice Hope the show turns out as exciting as the preview

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