As authorised ZSE data vendor, Big Law introduces financial data widgets

Rob Strangroom, the CEO of Big Law
Rob Strangroom, the CEO of Big Law

Investor Relations web solutions company, Big Law, announced today that as a Zimbabwe Stock Exchange authorised data vendor, they will soon start selling ZSE listed companies’ investor relations data through web widgets. The data will include daily share prices, valuations, indices quotes, share price gainers and losers, share price tickers and corporate announcements amoung other things. As you remember, Big Law built the new ZSE website and is still involved in the administration of the website and its data.


Being a financial data vendor means that Big Law has commercial access to the ZSE raw data and packages it to suit to the needs of its data; listed companies, SEC, stock brokers, international investors, asset managers and retail investors. On a global stage they are similar to the likes of Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

Speaking at the launch of the new widgets today Big Law CEO, Rob Stangroom, said that there’s never been a better time to communicate the value of Zimbabwe than now especially as the ZSE is now ready to communicate with the global market. He went on to say that as a country “we have to do it in a competitive way from a market perspective”, hence the introduction of the widgets.


“This is convenient and saves time and money for those parties such as stockbrokers, as they do not need to manually prepare and update this information anymore,” he said.

On the prices of the widgets, Stangroom said most widgets will cost between US $20 and $50 a month. He said though that for widgets providing detailed investor relations information the price could be as much as $150 a month. A local bank, NMB already uses one such detailed widget. Other Big Law clients also already use the widgets.

Big Law is currently the only ZSE authorised data vendor but Stangroom said he expects more data vendors to be authorised. There was indication though that they are still involved in the wholesale data deals conducted by ZSE. As the same company that built the ZSE website and introduced a structured way for the ZSE to present its data on its own website, it’s easy to be confused about the roles of them and the ZSE in the development, storage of, dissemination of and now selling of the the data.

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4 thoughts on “As authorised ZSE data vendor, Big Law introduces financial data widgets

  1. ????? same data we were recieving as pdfs will be for sale now? Do all Stock Exchanges globally sell this data?

  2. Authorised data vendor? Nonsense!

    I have shares in a few counters in the ZSE, I get nicely condensed stock market data from the two seperate stock brokers. There are lots of people who aggregate ZSE info, including analysts, financial advisors…the world-wide-Zim!They just planted the idea in ZSE minds and decided they would commercialise their access to ZSE data and to bar out any competition.

    Wont work buddy!

    Shame on you Big Law, trying to monopolise. Charging for access to your widgets is fine. But this Authorized Data Vendor is pure, hot, grass-sprinkled dog poop!

    1. Seeing that NMB and other clients are paying for it, then maybe they know something you and me don’t. They also indicate that other Authorized Data Vendors will be licensed. There could be something in there.

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