Vodacom SA takes on Icasa, HTC One best smartphone: Regional & Global round up

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Vodacom files court papers against Icasa (Techcentral)

Vodacomweb1Following after MTN, South Africa’s biggest mobile network Vodacom, has filed papers against their regulator Icasa over proposed cuts in mobile termination rates. Icasa has already postponed the implementation of the new regulations after MTN filled papers against them. MTN and Vodacom stands to lose the most from the new regulations but smaller player Cell C will gain the most. Cell C is also expected to sue MTN (and maybe now Vodacom) for delaying implementation of the new regulations. This is obviously turning into a fiasco that may take a very long time to resolve.

HTC One named best smartphone at Global Mobile awards #MWC14

HTC-One-3V-White-webMuch to everyone’s surprise, HTC One was named the best smartphone at the 2014 Global Mobile Awards announced at the Mobile World Congress currently taking place in Barcelona Spain. The iPad Air was name tablet of the year, whilst Nokia received two awards for the best low cost smartphone (Nokia Lumia 520) and the best entry level or feature phone (Nokia 105).


Sony introduces the Sony Xperia Z2, 6 months after the Sony Xperia Z1 (Bandwithblog)

sony_xperia_z2-webSony has unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z2 just under 6 months after the release of the predecessor, the Sony Xperia Z1. The new flagship has a 5.2″ screen, just about the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S5 released at the same time. The Camera is a 20.1MP which has significantly better specs than the S5’s which has 16MP. The question is obviously whether Sony can increase market share with this news device. Already the launch of the Xperia Z2 has been dimmed by that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it may just remain that way if Sony does not find a way to match Samsung on the marketing of the devices.

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  1. HTC One

    If you were really into smart phones you would know that its not a surprise that the HTC One is the best phone ever to be made – Yes.. even the new S5 can not match this slick device… I guess your haven’t touched it.. you have only seen it on blogs… that’s y you say “It’s surprising” – It’s THE ONE PHONE TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

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