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The Technovation Challenge draws to a close

Some of the participants at Technovation Challenge. Image Credit- Mobile Learning Zone
Some of the participants at Technovation Challenge. Image Credit- Mobile Learning Zone

Yesterday the Technovation Challenge drew to a close with the first prize for the Senior High School category going to Eaglesvale High School’s Technogeeks team for their EagleApp. A two member team called Geek Charming took first place in the Junior School category for their Uripi application.

According to an article on Mobile Learning Zone the winning application, EagleApp, allows students to receive homework updates on their phone, gives parents report cards and updates on their phones and gives teachers a platform to view their timetables and communicate with their students. Geek Charming’s Uripi app works as a child and household tracking application.

Last week the regional competition for the University students’ category was also held at Hypercube with an app called NotifyU taking first place. The app was designed by a five member team comprised of University of Zimbabwe Chemistry students.

The Technovation Challenge kicked off in February and has been building up to the final that was held yesterday. The 12 week challenge aims at encouraging science and tech innovation among girls through computer programming. This is accomplished by grouping participating girls into 4 or 5 member teams.

Each team then identifies a problem, designs and creates an app to solve it and forms a company to launch the app in the market. The final stage involves pitching the solution to experts for funding. The entire experience is supposed to help girls appreciate how computer programming can be a positive agent of change for any gender and age.

Interestingly some of the girls and teams that were part of The Technovation Challenge also took part at the Startup Weekend held at Hypercube Hub last month. Teams like Shecodes from The National University of Science and Technology were finalists in both tech challenges.

The Technovation Challenge was coordinated by Techwomen Zimbabwe. The organisation is targeting a 50% representation of women in all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) professions through active engagement of girls and young women in tech activities.

Videos pitches for the teams that participated in the Technovation Challenge can be viewed on Mobile Learning Zone.

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