Magaya, English football, & WhatsApp download – here’s what Zimbabweans are searching for the most on Google

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They say you can learn a lot about someone just by looking at their internet search history and you could say the same applies to an entire country.

Google, the world’s most popular search engine provides some insights on what we search (or rather, Google) using Google Trends.

This is Google’s open tool that shows how often particular search terms are entered in various regions of the world.

According to Google Trends, in the past 30 days, these were the top 25 most trending search terms from Zimbabwe.

Classified by Google as Rising Queries, these are terms with the greatest rise in search frequency in the past 30 days.

  1. Magaya arrested
  2. Zambia election results
  3. Rio 2016
  4. Kirsty Coventry
  5. Magaya latest
  6. Epl results
  7. Tsime
  8. Usain bolt
  9. Rio Olympics
  10. Judgement night 4
  11. Olympics
  12. Walter magaya
  13. Magaya
  14. Olympics 2016
  15. Epl fixtures
  16. Suicide squad
  17. Prophet magaya
  18. Barclays premier league
  19. Epl
  20. English premier league
  21. Jah prayzah
  22. Instagram login
  23. com
  24. Souljah love
  25. Soul jah love

Two of these results, “Magaya arrested” and “Zambia election results” were marked by Google as “Breakout” searches because of a major increase in interest during the period

The top 25 search queries in Zimbabwe over the past 30 days were

  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Download
  3. News
  4. Facebook
  5. Youtube
  6. Videos
  7. Gmail
  8. Whatsapp
  9. Google
  10. Music
  11. Facebook login
  12. Zimbabwe news
  13. Games
  14. Herald
  15. Newsday
  16. Movies
  17. Magaya
  18. Download WhatsApp
  19. Daily news
  20. Soccer
  21. Olympics
  22. Zim news
  23. Yahoo
  24. Football
  25. Newsday Zimbabwe

These results highlight some interesting trends that could help create an understanding of what Zimbabweans using the internet are looking for.

Searches related to football, news, and trending events like the Olympics and the Zambian elections are dominant pointing to some of the content that captures people’s attention online.

Then there are the trending topics or terms referencing Walter Magaya, the church leader who’s been embroiled in a scandal relating to a rape charge.

Facebook and WhatsApp’s places on that trends list isn’t surprising either. These two platforms have been singled out by the telecoms regulator as the leading drivers of broadband use among Zimbabweans.

It makes sense that some people are turning to Google to get a download link for the most relevant communication platform or just to log in to the most popular social network.


  1. Be serious

    Zimbabwean are not learning and moving forward… Just wasting time on Facebook and what’s app. Confirmed… Interesting that the recent social unrest is not trending….

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    Ei ur lv ur

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