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Online dating app Tinder now makes you pay to be noticed first, shows you how to make money from a dating service

Tinder, the online dating service/app, has found a great way to monetize its service, you now pay to get noticed first.

Firstly, for those who have never heard of Tinder, it’s an online dating app. Tinder uses your current GPS location to match you with potential suitors who you share common interests with. The application uses your Facebook information to create your profile (nothing about Tinder will ever be posted to your Facebook).

A Tinder profile is made up of your first name, age, photos (of your choice) and any pages you’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook. You can also share your education background and occupation in your biography, this then allows Tinder to create your digital profile and match you to people in your area. And yes, there are Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe on Tinder!

Now, Tinder has added a new feature called Tinder Boost , which allows you to “skip the line” and “put yourself first”. According to Tinder:

Tinder Boost gives you  a way to be one of the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes. Increase your chances for a match and get up to 10x more profile views while boosting.

However, they add that:

And remember, please use caution while boosting and don’t let all the attention go to your head.

The feature is now active in Australia and will be rolled out to all regions soon. Most Zimbabweans on Tinder are able to register by “duping” the system by setting their location to Australia on initial set up  since it works by locating people near you via GPS, the application works here too.

Tinder has also released cool new features like “Swiping Up the volume“, a feature that allows you to upload a profile song/anthem for your profile through Spotify, giving your profile a more personal and fun feel to it. Also, tinder has incorporated an iMessage feature, in which you can share information on your potential date with friends including what outfit to wear and your dates photo, your friends can then vote yes or no on it.

So if you have ever considered developing a dating app in Zimbabwe, now you know how to monetize it, using people’s need to be noticed first.

You can download Tinder on iOS and Android.



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