Let us know how you use the internet

Hey guys,

We often receive a lot of questions on a variety of topics (some of them may surprise you) from both individuals and businesses. We love it when we get asked questions. If there is one word to describe what Techzim is, that word is ‘resource.’

One of things people always wonder about (including ourselves) is how Zimbabweans use their internet. So we’re running a quick 5 question survey (well 6 questions) on how us Zimbabweans use the internet everyday. Please help us figure out internet usage by responding to the survey.


We’ll share the results here starting Thursday 27 April.

Zimbabwe Internet Usage Survey

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15 thoughts on “Let us know how you use the internet

  1. You forgot to include porn and torrent sites in your options. I spend a lot of my time on these and I’m sure a lot of techies do

    1. Hahaha Dadza, porn did not pass the political correctness filter but we all know how much time is spent there don’t we? Torrent sites were a complete oversight on our part hey, a terrible one at that

      1. So Dadza, I have added torrents. We will treat the data in a statistically prudent way to account for the respondents who filled in the survey before I added Torrents. Thanks much for calling this one

        1. You could have added service providers, and connections options, usb modem, 3G wifi modems,wimax, fibre, adsl etc

          1. O yes. Apparently we are going to have to do multiple surveys on different aspect of ‘things internet’ in Zim. Gonna be fun!

    1. Npm, Maven, Gradle, SBT e.t.c are best categorised under Build/Dev Tools. But it’s a minority of us who use the internet for this. I’m not sure if it would be beneficial to include this in the survey

      1. It’s a minority based on what? Isn’t that the what the survey is trying to establish, the survey is already biased once presumptions are made. Development tools use large amounts of data when being downloaded/updated or when downloading libraries/SDKs. It’s easy to download 10GB per month, especially if you always keeps your tools and libraries up-to-date.

        1. Good observation there. Maybe we should design another survey (or perhaps find another way) to determine data usage as opposed to time spent on platforms. Maybe a survey per month if it does not fatigue the community…

        2. They are a minority based on my on observations, I could be wrong, so you are right it’s a good idea to include it in the survey. I think you also included IDEs and other things like virtual machines, docker images to get to your 10GB estimate. I just can’t see one downloading 10GB of Maven/Npm dependencies per month. What tools or dependencies are you talking about

    1. ….Prince is right though you left out Binu on your survey and its currently zero-rated on some networks provided you have a positive credit balance on your phone… and there’s always at least 80+% Zimbabweans online judging from the stats page on the app.
      And the survey options are rather limiting for example I use my twitter page to play #hashtag word prompt games and not only as a draft folder for my micro-stories, but as a sounding board for ideas….what option should I have picked or was it a trick survey and then I use Facebook mainly to keep track of groups and reading buddies (neither friends nor family) from goodreads…… and as for internet access types; lets see I use a CDMA based mobile network provider with a mobile data line inside a mobile wifi router….and sometimes I put the CDMA line in a Gtel phone and tether my other devices so would I say I have wifi or mobile data or mobile tethering….. maybe for future reference you might also want to add the internet service provider, then the connection option to get the proper dynamics of The internet of things….. The survey seems to work mainly on the presumption that only smart phones are being used to access the internet and narrowing down to specific apps; sometimes I use an ethernet connection on my laptop and its not there on the options and then there is also skype, viber and imo apps; oh and the actual browser apps used to access the net; maybe you should have just included an other option then specify
      …..and I think you should also have added E-learning sites….. and finally when I am on the net I use WordPress and e-learning tutorial sites more frequently and many more hours per day than I use my internet for anything else so the survey does not give you a fair indication for my internet usage, as my results seem to show I hardly ever use the internet except to stream videos ( read as tutorials and I dont mean those UZ common room late night ones either **just saying**) and do twitter.

      1. Oh the more I read the comments the more I see how much we really need to do plenty more surveys. Some were saying it’s too long though so maybe for future ones we may have to chop them up and do plenty. How many can we do say in a month without becoming a nuisance?

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