Emerging Ideas Pitch Night: Don’t miss it!

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Yes, I haven’t forgotten that I owe you such information. I am bound to tell you of any techie and/or business related event or activity that goes on in the City of Kings and Queens (by that, I mean the ones I actually get to hear of).

Emerging Ideas Pitch Night which is powered by Big Time Strategic Group, will be happening this Thursday (29th of June) at the Bulawayo Rainbow hotel from 1800hrs to 2000hrs. Well, in case you have never heard of it; no problem, I’ll tell you about it.

The Emerging Ideas Pitch night is basically a platform which young entrepreneurs can use to validate, improve and/or expand their ideas amongst other things through the help of a panel which happens to be the audience present.

Three ideas are presented per pitch night, each lasting no longer than 6 minutes. Thereafter, the floor is then opened for the audience to suggest or ask questions than can help the pitcher validate and improve their idea.

To be part of the audience, all you need to do is register online on this link and it’s very free by the way! I know how bad we tend to be with ‘RSVPing’ but to guarantee yourself a seat, you’d need to. Also, you don’t need to have any specific qualification whatsoever. In fact, none of that is required in the registration process which will not even take up more than a minute of your time.

To pitch, you’d need to sign up here or alternately get in touch with Terrence Mugova, the host for Pitch nights Bulawayo. And again, that’s for free! Sometimes you might have an idea and not know how to put it across, but that’s not a problem because there’s material on that registration link that can help you set up the pitch or alternatively communicate with Terrence who is also more than willing to point you into the right direction.

The reason why all the above has been simplified is because of the realisation a lot of people have great ideas that could potentially transform the city, country or ultimately the world but do not have the know-how nor the capacity to execute them. As such, these ideas then remain as just but that: ideas.

The Emerging ideas pitch night might not have immediate funding, mentorship or sponsorship as part of the program but because it’s open to the public, there’s a fair chance that you will get more than just validation from these potential beneficiaries of your idea  (the audience).  I personally once pitched on this platform and not only did it help me identify the loopholes that were in my idea, but I also received great suggestions as well as valuable partnerships.

Another thing I know is; once my product is on the market, I’m guaranteed that a significant number of people would want to use it.

So maybe I’ve been biased to the pitcher’s benefits, what about the audience? Well, it’s more or less the same. As an attendee, someone else’s idea can spark your own – that’s inspiration. Another benefit is that you can get partnerships with either the pitchers or with basically anyone else from the audience. Lastly, besides acquiring partnerships or building relationships, your contribution as part of the audience can go a long way in adding value to an idea that can potentially better society – that’s a good feeling right there, ain’t it??

Oh. I nearly forgot the other benefit of attending: free coffee!


  1. Kure Kwazvo

    This is the perfect platform to have your ideas stolen.

    1. Trycolyn Pikirayi

      Well, as much as we can’t dispute that but so far that hasn’t been the case. Besides, you don’t get to pitch the full idea, you basically just gives it’s highlights meaning even if someone steals the idea they probably won;t implement it the exact same way you would.

      It’s a risk I agree, but you know what they say about risk takers…

  2. P

    Do they record these events and post on YouTube?

    1. Trycolyn Pikirayi

      Not as far as I know. But i will surely notify the people of concern of that recommendation. Thanks!

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