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You can get a backup camera on any car, even the 20 year old ex-Jap for $20

If you follow car news you are probably aware that the recent trend is for cars to come with rear view cameras. This way you get a live feed of the space directly behind your car as you reverse and this helps you avoid any backup collisions. The new cars are expensive though and so not every one can afford them but that should not hinder anyone from getting this useful feature.

To get this feature on your car you have to purchase a camera (obviously) and maybe a few other optional extras. The camera will run you from as little as $12 to more than $300 if you’re feeling fancy. The camera goes with a monitor and you would save yourself a lot of trouble if you just bought a camera that comes with it’s own monitor. The wires will also come bundled in.

You can get a wireless video cable to avoid dealing with long wires but reviews for these wireless units are not encouraging. The best bet is to go with the wires.

You can pick out cameras on AliExpress, Amazon or ebay but here is one that’s good enough although it leans on the expensive side at $40 (or $30 if you have Amazon Prime.) You can choose if you want a monitor that clips on to your in-car rear view mirror or one that looks like those other GPS monitors.

If you are a DIY guy or gal you can install the camera yourself as it’s not really that hard. You just need to fasten the camera to your licence plate then connect it to the brake light to provide it with power. This way when connected to the reverse light, the camera only turns on when you shift into reverse.

The tricky part might be to get power to the monitor but you can peruse tutorial videos to get it right. You could always just get someone to do all this for you and it shouldn’t be expensive as the job is a simple one which can be done in less than 10 minutes.

So if we factor in installation, shipping and ZIMRA costs you can still get yourself a backup camera for less than $50. Expensive? Yes, but beats having to buy a new high end car. $50 to make sure you never run over poor Bruno or more importantly a child trying to get a toy from under the car. Would you want a backup camera on your car considering the relatively cheap cost of getting it?

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6 thoughts on “You can get a backup camera on any car, even the 20 year old ex-Jap for $20

    1. Hahaha, I know who. That could get you beaten up though or at least get the camera confiscated.

    2. I first thought that was what the article was all about and I had already concluded even before I clicked the link that that would be awesome idea. However, the one presented works too. But if funds permit, why not enjoy the best of both worlds.

  1. You can get a backup camera…..

    avoid any backup collisions……

    I really need to get back my notes on data resilience and network broadcast collisions???

  2. It’s a nifty gadget, but people should learn to drive correctly to start with. A camera won’t see a child or object that is not in it’s field of view. A child getting a toy from under a vehicle will more likely than not be already outside the field of view.

    Camera or no camera, you are supposed to check under and around your vehicle before moving off in any direction, not only reversing.

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