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Want to study IT online at a cheap price? Check out Habenerd

How about having online IT courses that fit the Zimbabwean context? This is particularly important when the courses go on to teach you on how to make money through the attained skills since this part is highly dependent on context.

HabeNerd school is an initiative by Abel Moyo, who is the CEO of HabeLite, an IT company that focuses on developing intelligent business solutions using computer software & robotics.

HabeNerd school has has a range of online courses along with a couple of offline events such as Coding day and hackathons. The site is only 13 days old and now has about 239 registrations distributed throughout the 5 courses available yet. I believe this overwhelming response is attributed to their offline work such as the coding days (which I once attended and found value in).

The courses offered so far include iOS development; Introduction to 3D animation; WordPress: Creating a blog Webmaster beginners’ course and Linux command line basics and all cost US$20.00 or less. The cheapest being the Linux command line basics which costs US$5.00. Compared to other IT online schools, the courses are extremely cheap. Well, it makes sense I mean Habenerd is still new and one sure way of getting people on board is through price. It’s probably until people are in and find value from the school that prices can be expected to go up. But then again that’s just me assuming that they have intentions to do so; for all we know, the prices might just remain low.

If interested, you can register on here, there you’d need to first load money into your habenerd wallet through paypal, ecocash or RTGS. Thereafter, you can then use it to pay for any of your desired courses. The registration is not only limited to students, but one can choose to register as a course instructor. Nonetheless, you’d need to adhere to the maximum charge of US$20.00 per course and the 30% commission amongst other T&Cs.

I found the provision for interested instructors quite interesting considering that the school is focused on trying to teach people skills that they can use to generate some revenue. Therefore, them providing a platform to practise this, cements their values and claims.

However, not only are they interested in helping people make money, the school is also interested in helping people fuse their passion with programming skills in order to become relevant in this digitisation age. Case in point is one of their platforms HabeStyle, which a demonstration of the love of fashion and coding skills (would have to write about this on a different article altogether, I won’t do justice to it shadowing it under this one).

Have you tried any of their courses yet? Let us know your experience.

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4 thoughts on “Want to study IT online at a cheap price? Check out Habenerd

  1. This is a great concept, how ever at least offer free courses (just a brief background of a course that allures one to enroll into the major course) or a course overview for free so that one gets an understanding what the course is about and for us to hear if the teacher is eloquent. i understand we are all hungry for cash but with less than 5 courses on the site you are already charging $40 for a course whilst with tonnes and tonnes of courses are charging $10. IDK

    1. all courses are $20 and below and its quite nice that they take local payments like ecocash whilst its becoming hard to pay for international platforms

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