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Udemy Is Running A Month Long Promotion This February

I still remember the first time I tried to learn programming. I was a University accounting student with a passion for everything ICT and I had finally decided to learn Java. After consulting the classifieds I ended up in some rundown downtown college where they promised me I would be a Java ninja in 3 months.

Long story short I parted with the equivalent of $400 – it’s really difficult to say the exact amount for Zimbabwe has had so many currencies since then. In about 5 minutes I discovered that my lecturer knew diddly squat about Java. It took him 3 days to install the Java SDK and set up the Path environment and 4 more days to create a working Hello World Program. I never bothered to return for the second week.

If only Udemy had been around those days. The website is perfect for those who want to acquire specific skills on a dime. The site is replete with all manner of short courses from photography to Ruby programming. Want to learn the Go programming language, no problem, you want to brush up your Photoshop or After Effects skills the site has you covered.

Udemy is running a $14.99 promotion on all courses

Normally instructors get to charge whatever amount they want and courses can be expensive in Zimbabwean terms but still a bargain considering the $400 amount I paid for nothing. Besides most of these courses are created by people with experience and knowledge in their various fields which is more than I can say for my stupid would be Java tutor.

Currently Udemy is running a $14.99 month long promotion. To take advantage of this you have to subscribe via any one of our links within this article including clicking here. If you visit the site directly you will not be able to get the discount. If you visit Udemy via any of the links all course prices will change to $14.99

Is Udemy any good?

I have been finally learning JavaScript using the platform  and I think I am finally getting what it is all about. One thing I have learnt is you will do well to stick with bestseller courses for the popular topics like Python, Javascript, Ruby, Java, Go, PHP, Web Development etc. Look at the qualifications of the tutor, access the introduction videos to get a feel of what the tutor is like and you will never go wrong.

I tried to learn JavaScript using free places like CodeAcademy and struggled to get the hang of things. Udemy’s videos and paced learning including projects have allowed me to master a lot about the language. I have learnt more in 3 weeks than I did in years using free sources. Oftentimes free is not the best.

Courses you might like

You are always free to click this link and searching for your own courses but here are some of the courses you might find interesting:

How to pay

Udemy accepts Visa/MasterCard as well as PayPal. You can thus pay using the FBC prepaid MasterCard or Ecobank and BancABC’s prepaid Visa as well as the Steward Bank Visa. These require you to pre-load your card with real Forex but at $14.99 all the courses are pretty affordable even if you have to hunt for the USD and end up paying a premium.

As a reminder if you want to take advantage of the discount you have to follow one of our links or click here to visit Udemy otherwise you will end up paying the full price.

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13 thoughts on “Udemy Is Running A Month Long Promotion This February

  1. I noticed your business trick but it’s okay won’t spill the beans thanks for the heads up. There is so much i want to learn there and I don’t know where to start. I am a Catholic University of Zimbabwe IT student but i want to be ahead of my class and develop myself more in order to prepare for the real world

    1. Glad you like the article and find Udemy useful. There is no trick, read the first paragraph (fine print) we receive a small commission every time you visit Udemy and use our referral links. As a bonus you get a discount, a massive discount in this case, for example one of the courses sells for $199, if you follow our referral link you can get it for $14.99 due to our partnership with Udemy. It’s a win win 😉

      Besides I use and like the sites I recommend.

      1. You can tell that lie to people who have no idea what Java is, 4 days for a Hello world program loooool , marketing dzenyu idzi tsano. My 8 year old can do it in 5 minutes.

        public class Application1 {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println(“Hello World”);

        1. It’s to think that but this was the summer of 2006. With time the proliferation of information has become so prevalent we take for granted. Whenever I have an argument I can just whip out my phone and get the info. Touch phones were not even a thing back then. This guy didn’t know what he was doing he didn’t know a thing about JAVA. It’s hard to imagine this but mobile internet and broadband are not as old as you think dandy without them the world would be vastly different from what it is right now

  2. I think Udemy offers some great introductory courses, definitely better than some of these colleges run by hustlers. I think some of their content is shallow if you have some experience in programming. I was disappointed by the Golang course. It’s not deep enough to be called “Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide”. The O’reilly courses had more “meat” in my opinion. I know we learn differently, but I suggest Udemy as an introduction to a language/framework then you look for other material like books/official documentation when you want more “meat”.

    1. That’s my approach for the most part. Learn on Udemy then take a plunge into the pool. Learning from a book first only worked with HTML for me. Leaning CSS from a book was hell. JavaScript … Another thing I do is go through the reference for each language. The PHP manual is quite helpful for example.

      1. I was wondering if you could do a review/comparison of Pluralsight, O’reilly, Udacity, Udemy, InfiniteSkills e.t.c just for the benefit of the masses

  3. Thanks for the heads up @Garikai. I will definitely sign up for course before the end of this week.

  4. Thanks for the update , can you help with a way I can receive payment online using a local bank in Zimbabwe

  5. Udemy always and I mean always. Has a price discount/ sale. Watch those prices in March they never go up.

  6. I pay less fees anytime I use furcoins to either buy or sell bitcoins and their service is simply fast and reliable!

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