Do You Want To Be Part Of Techzim? We Are Recruiting Writers

Techzim Office

We are looking for driven and curious young people who are crazy about the stuff we are crazy about: tech and business.

As promised at the end of last year we intend to grow much more this year and we will. This growth will be driven by good quality writers who are passionate about technology, technology products, the business of tech and the influence of tech in business and the broader economy.

If you think you are such a person get in touch with us on


All you need to do is tell us in one paragraph why you are a good fit for Techzim. Then write three paragraphs on the impact of the government decision to scrap off the 5c tax on electronic transactions below ten dollars.

Please don’t send us your CV, we hate CV’s. All the best…


PS: This is a full time position

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20 thoughts on “Do You Want To Be Part Of Techzim? We Are Recruiting Writers

  1. Age discrimination. Can old people not write? If anything you should want people of all ages on your staff so that you get diverse views/opinions from across the age spectrum(s).

    1. Oh they have surprised me for sure. Some brilliant mature writers we have in Zim. For this specific one we want someone who can write from a millennial’s perspective

      1. @Tinashe, with such discriminatory mentality you’ll never progress with your Techzim. There is nothing spectacular about youths other than displaying a lack of mature analysis & well researched contributions for the benefit of tech minded individuals as well as educating our fellow brothers & sisters…..get rid of myopia…..

  2. This age restriction is very silly and UnZimtech. I am 50 years old and I fully understand the impact of IT and also business implications when it comes to tax issues.
    Business challenges faced by young people today are as of Tech and Tax issues of now but are as a result of issues of yesterday. The old are able to write solid artiles that are able to use the past events to model the future possibilities.
    Now Zimtech are you looking for writers or interns.

    After all these young writers that you want are our students at various institutions.

    Our advise is that you must go back to your drawing scrap papers and come up with a better criteria for your selection as the one of younger writers leaves us with after taste.

    From your 50 years old

    1. totally scraping off old generation is not correct but I have noticed that most of this elderly are stuck in old ways they used to do it and they dont accept change of times when it comes to technology, sl;ow to assimilate.Most of them dont want to give way to new ways of doings things so please stop crying foul old generation.That is why so many zimbabwean companies are in their 1980 technologies and cant supply according to 2018 demands ,poor Techzim is majorly right,but acccomodate a few elderly to intermingle the knowledge

      1. Did you carry out a survey to prove what you are saying or you are telling us your opinion? You can have your own opinion but not your own facts. This is an example of immaturity – jumping to conclusions, without facts. Any one can learn anything in this day and age as long as they are “agile” enough to…..and in case some millennial jumps at the word agile, I’m not referring to physical agility, no. Technical agility. Some of us have worked for First World companies around the globe, treat us with disdain if you wish, that takes away nothing from my skills set and experience. If that makes you feel better, good luck – you just might need it in future!

    2. A nhai. If a shop decides it wants to sell ladies underwear should you blow a gasket over the exclusion of male underwear? Its just what they do. They are not a national project ka. If TechZim wants Millenials to blog to other Millenials let them be. they are a private company.

      Then from my proud ignorance, i want to say that you Oldies have taken the country and owned it, taken the big companies, taken the land overshadowed the politics of the day. basically closed out the whole space for young people to participate grow and taker over. Now you want to take young people’s playgrounds. Please if you are this good, go write for Herald or Zimtech

      1. Get a more creative name kwete to boast ne ignorance. Remember you might be young today but you will be older tomorrow. There are many technical blogs out there, myopia is for those who wish to restrict themselves to Zimbabwe and perpetuate its low standards.

  3. Techzim know the best person for the job.They know better the companies Vision and Mission. All outsiders who are complaining are so much offside. hehehehehe. Kungojaira kuComplainer pese pese

  4. Hire by the skills, not by the age. This is disgusting doscrimination. If you seek a writer who csan show millennial perspective, advertise for that, not for someone young.

  5. Hire by the skills, not by the age. This is disgusting doscrimination. If you seek a writer who csan show millennial perspective, advertise for that, not for someone young.

  6. Age discrimination is, indeed, illegal in the U.S. Not sure how it applies to this company, since they’re based out of the U.S., though? If you hire all U.S. workers, though, you might get yourself into some legal hot water for saying this outright. You’d be better off saying you’re looking for someone who can write for a millennial readership and looking at the person’s LinkedIn to do your age discrimination.

    1. Specific to Zimbabwe:

      In accordance with the Constitution, there cannot be any discrimination on the ground of nationality, race, colour, tribe, place of birth, ethnic or social origin, language, class, religious belief, political affiliation, opinion, custom, culture, sex, gender, marital status, age, pregnancy, disability or economic/social status.

      Labour Act 1985 requires that employers or other persons can’t discriminate (in the employment related matters) on the following grounds: “Race, tribe, place of origin, political opinion, colour, creed, gender, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS status or on the basis of disability”.

      Source: §56(3) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe; §5 of the Labour Act 1985″

  7. I would like to be a writer for your column and i happen to be an exceptional writer. How do I contact you

  8. As a matter of interest, are those who write story books for kids the same age as their target audience? Let’s broaden our minds!!

  9. Well that’s just the thing isn’t it a R G Mugabe who wants to be president forever is no different from elderly people who want to fill-in the positions of their grandchildren and children in the corporate environment. Anyway for arguments sake the same way an older individual can pen a piece that can intrigue the younger generation is pretty much how a young generation Xer or Y for that matter deliver a piece full of maturity and excite a wider audience.

    PS: A Keyboard is generational gap to be considered too. My Grams thinks a mouse is a mouse and a keyboard make music. I have never bothered explaining NFC and AR or VR to her, although I make sure she experiences all the new tech that emerges.

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