UPDATED: President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s List Of Looters And Externalizers Is Out

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

UPDATE: When we first published this list, it had the third and final table that has category III cases missing. These are cases that have been described as illicit financial flows that is funds externalised to foreign banks in cash or under spurious transactions (please don’t ask what spurious means). This is the list that has names of individuals as well as companies.

The President has finally announced the names of those who externalised funds, as promised. A two-week extension had been given to those who had not come forward under the amnesty. We will be looking at it to confirm if there are any interesting things for us to report on concerning the list itself.


CATEGORY I :      Illicit Financial Flows – Funds Externalised through Non Repatriation Of Export Proceeds

Name of ExporterSectorAmount (USD)
1. African Associated MinesMining62049622
2. Marange ResourcesMining54238249
3. Canadile MinersMining31350554
4. Mbada DiamondsMining14764060
5. Jinan MiningMining11072668
6. Gold Driven TobaccoTobacco10622789
7. Insing InvestmentsAgriculture10187158
8. Allied Timbers ZimbabweAgriculture4336765
9. Pacific Cigarette CompanyTobacco4122966
10. P T Royal Ostrindo ZimbabweManufacturing2784459
11. Pan African MiningMining2659335
12. TurnallManufacturing2379579
13. Erdogal EnterprisesManufacturing1719696
14. Central African BatteriesManufacturing1429674
15. Muilholland Marketing t/a FarmgateAgriculture1266576
16. Tigrina t/a FarmgateAgriculture959027
17. CottradeAgriculture777070
18. WindmillManufacturing776870
19. Tarisiro Mining InvestmentsMining662860
20. Steahurst InvestmentsAgriculture594443
21. DMO Technological ServicesManufacturing582240
22. Zimbabwe Diamond Education CollegeMining475463
23. Flair InternationalManufacturing421442
24. Chestergate InvestmentsAgriculture421351
25. Cut Rag ProcessorsTobacco418200
26. United Refineries LtdManufacturing387180
27. Zimchem RefinersManufacturing342487
28. Unilever South East AfricaManufacturing315194
29. Hereby Investments313500
30. Ace Hood FarmAgriculture312207
31. Hammer and Tongues311308
32. Slovay TradingManufacturing302625
33. Weighbridge Tech AfricaManufacturing301575
34. Southern Cotton CompanyAgriculture296957
35. Raysen CommoditiesCross Border Freight293461
36. Crest Poultry GroupAgriculture286595
37. FermexManufacturing280763
38. Welmed SuppliersCross Border Freight280500
39. Zimbabwe Gold Miners & Millers Association (ZIGMMA)Manufacturing276153
40. Sino-Zim Cotton HoldingsMining269181
41. Eaglemoss EnterprisesAgriculture249106
42. Makeh EnterprisesCross Border Freight228034
43. South Wales Electric227040
44. Jinmac Zim CottonManufacturing210225
45. Tiltlark Trading t/a RM TanneriesAgriculture205065
46. Black Box InvestmentsAgriculture195000
47. First Access MiningManufacturing183503
48. Fossil Wood ExportersManufacturing180000
49. Allen Wack and ShepherdManufacturing161275
50. Coppleridge Enterprises152841
51. Schweppes Zimbabwe LimitedCross Border Freight148128
52. Rubber Products ManufacturersManufacturing145032
53. Highdon InvestmentsManufacturing144000
54. Glanmot Manufacturing t/a Steel WorldManufacturing137839
55. Good Memories EnterprisesManufacturing135418
56. Trafton EnterprisesCross Border Freight127960
57. Zimboy Shipping Pvt LtdManufacturing121034
58. River Ranch Limited t/a Limpopo Mineral Resources LimitedCross Border Freight118517
59. Dinwell Investments t/a Green BasketMining114864
60. Fahad Investments Private LimitedAgriculture113409
61. Corporate Appointments t/A Niloticus Trading CompanyMining112555
62. Westwing InvestmentsManufacturing112238
63. Bernstein ClothingCross Border Freight111163
64. Bell PTAManufacturing110230
65. Beta CoalManufacturing108122
66. Gatbro ZimbabweMining107460
67. Titantech105108
68. Elengrow Investments100188
69. Roselt Mitchel Enterprises t/a Metal Components ManufacturersManufacturing100060
70. Revio InvestmentManufacturing100000
71. PG Industries ZimbabweManufacturing99855
72. MaguteniManufacturing95000
73. FSI Cotton94926
74. Glentime InvestmentsAgriculture93890
75. Restapedic BeddingManufacturing91260
76. Forbmat InvestmentsManufacturing89757
77. Smartwork InvestmentsManufacturing89108
78. Madzimure ResourcesManufacturing88200
79. Seybest EnterprisesMining84000
80. Phat MonkeysManufacturing83694
81. Innscor Distribution ZimbabweCross Border Freight83537
82. Streamlined EnterprisesManufacturing82320
83. Nyika Engineering and Technical ServicesManufacturing81500
84. Sandawana MinesManufacturing81384
85. Eagle BulkMining80400
86. Craster International Pvt LtdCross Border Freight79350
87. Spillset EnterprisesManufacturing75000
88. Longden EnterprisesMining73819
89. Spenbridge InvestmentsMining73762
90. Trackpoint InvestmentsCross Border Freight73130
91. Star Class TransportManufacturing73113
92. Robson Tapfuma t/a Robtap FoodsCross Border Freight72280
93. Safari TrackersCross Border Freight70260
94. Eastway Agritec InternationalTourism70200
95. Specialised MotorsAgriculture69729
96. Tornridge Trading t/a Tornridge TruckingCross Border Freight67974
97. Lancashire SteelCross Border Freight67327
98. Cochrane Engineering Pvt LtdManufacturing66861
99. Straitia InvestmentsManufacturing64750
100. Apex Corporation t/a ZimcastManufacturing64512
101. Garden Answer InvestmentsManufacturing63931
102. Houston InvestmentsCross Border Freight61514
103. Afro Elephant TradingMining60000
104. Waterglass ProductsAgriculture59550
105. Car PointManufacturing59400
106. Auto MateManufacturing57624
107. Notraught TradingAgriculture57456
108. PG Safety GlassMining57295
109. Singmont Investments t/a The Capsicum CompanyManufacturing56349
110. Cussons MineralsAgriculture55910
111. Shangking Investments t/a Unlimited PackagingMining54926
112. Flair InternationalManufacturing54381
113. Gestant International TransportCross Border Freight52333
114. New Century Hauliers t/a Brothers Distribution NetworkCross Border Freight52104
115. Broadbridge InvestmentsMining50199
116. Ethadex EnterprisesAgriculture50083
117. TN Harlequin Luxaire LimitedManufacturing49511
118. Tectrans (Pvt) LimitedManufacturing49500
119. Preston TransportCross Border Freight49459
120. Aluminium Metal IndustriesCross Border Freight49204
121. ReapersManufacturing47625
122. Golden Horse Trading CompanyManufacturing46860
123. Nakada CarriersCross Border Freight46742
124. Exigency Transport ServicesCross Border Freight45164
125. Gerribran Services t/a TranservCross Border Freight45016
126. Frank Collins LogisticsCross Border Freight45000
127. Open-House TradingTrading44100
128. See Order InvestmentsCross Border Freight43927
129. Learnmore Masendu t/a Rid-Bravo InvestmentsManufacturing43845
130. Dawson EnterprisesCross Border Freight42624
131. Bandon EnterprisesManufacturing42532
132. Hawton t/a IMF Business Services & IMF TechnicalManufacturing42400
133. Wekai Copper MiningCross Border Freight42000
134. Sedan Chair t/a National FencingMining41456
135. TranservManufacturing41424
136. Speciality InvestmentsCross Border Freight41000
137. Garwe Logistics (Pvt) LimitedCross Border Freight40732
138. Shepchiv Trucking LogisticsCross Border Freight40110
139. Honeywood EnterprisesCross Border Freight39759
140. W. Maungwe TimbersManufacturing39600
141. Conveyor DynamicsAgriculture38789
142. Power Line Africa ZimbabweManufacturing38000
143. Ritbrey EnterprisesAgriculture37600
144. Helioc TradingMining37274
145. CroplinkManufacturing36641
146. Kicady Trading t/a Dalara LoungeManufacturing36485
147. LotransManufacturing36000
148. Adam BedeAgriculture35240
149. Shamid Trading t/a Boffs CarpetsManufacturing34967
150. Nagoya Minerals MiningManufacturing34484
151. Classic LeafMining34467
152. Qudtrax LogisticsTobacco34103
153. Moorland ServicesMining33633
154. Fuest Trading t/a Fuest Industrial SuppliesCross Border Freight33414
155. Patfra Investments t/a Salochin FreightCross Border Freight33009
156. Nacrerock EnterprisesCross Border Freight33000
157. Pritsborough MarketingManufacturing33000
158. ZimbindersManufacturing32880
159. Capital TimbersAgriculture32752
160. Adhart EnterprisesAgriculture32641
161. Excell Dental ServicesManufacturing32609
162. Direct Conduit TradingTrading31983
163. G.T. Tavaruva t/a MhungaManufacturing31728
164. Swicha Investments t/a Lock TileCross Border Freight31273
165. Croslan Investments t/a Croslan EngineeringManufacturing30814
166. Gianfranco TradingManufacturing30795
167. Mopta Industrial Chemicals30654
168. Associated Tyre and TubeManufacturing30056
169. Safetime TradingManufacturing29939
170. Tube & Pipe IndustriesCross Border Freight29288
171. Coppleridge EnterprisesManufacturing29200
172. Wickfair VenturesManufacturing28748
173. D. Bunjira and SonsCommodity Broker28727
174. Afri Safety GlassManufacturing28036
175. Nene TradingManufacturing27600
176. Cavort Ent t/a Sandoa TimbersAgriculture27555
177. IonelaManufacturing27316
178. African Baskets ZimbabweManufacturing26110
179. Pups TransportCross Border Freight26000
180. Mealgold Trading Private LimitedCross Border Freight25960
181. Mr BristleMining25893
182. Goodhope Leather ProductsManufacturing25536
183. National Printing & PackingManufacturing25408
184. Bruno EnterprisesManufacturing25360
185. R A Tavares t/a Agri-SolveCross Border Freight25200
186. IGC InvestmentsAgriculture25000
187. Expect FreightManufacturing25000
188. EsquireManufacturing24730
189. Krakatoa Investments24648
190. Sprint EngineeringCross Border Freight24600
191. Lion MatchManufacturing24400
192. Willow Creek FarmManufacturing24395
193. Smoothend CarriersCross Border Freight24263
194. Dermatech EnterprisesCross Border Freight24160
195. SolarquestManufacturing23895
196. Hedgehold Trading t/a Manna BrandsManufacturing23750
197. Oxpool TradingManufacturing23547
198. Munhuruka Transport t/a Unimodus InvestmentsCross Border Freight23178
199. Mirach TradingCross Border Freight22950
200. Lusardi InvestmentsManufacturing22689
201. Radarbridge TradingAgriculture22497
202. Shelton Tozviitaseyi MparutsaAgriculture22275
203. Prentech t/a Gardensite FarmManufacturing22212
204. Two Keys TransportAgriculture21986
205. Sleb TradingCross Border Freight21552
206. Almig EnterprisesCross Border Freight21550
207. Afroran SpinnersCross Border Freight21382
208. Rosvin EnterprisesManufacturing21051
209. Circumstantial EnterprisesAgriculture21039
210. Fasi EnterprisesTrading20773
211. Tripwin InvestmentTrading20110
212. L Kashaya Plant & HaulageCross Border Freight20000
213. Fafa InvestmentsCross Border Freight19966
214. Rock ChemicalManufacturing19890
215. Eryhomely ChoicesMining19695
216. Dellbrook MarketingManufacturing19660
217. Remington GoldCross Border Freight19650
218. Accuride Technologies t/a Accuride TransportCross Border Freight19518
219. Relvok TradingCross Border Freight19500
220. Teamshire InvestmentsAgriculture19269
221. Love For AfricaAgriculture19170
222. Porsche InvestmentsManufacturing18999
223. Kimberworth Investments t/a Sabi Gold MineManufacturing18733
224. Gramfreight Trucking (Pvt) LimitedMining18060
225. Appletune InvestmentsAgriculture18038
226. Arthur Garden EngineeringManufacturing18000
227. Manwork TransportAgriculture17200
228. Sloanville DistributorsCross Border Freight17023
229. Masimba Macdonald KanyangararaCross Border Freight17000
230. Eagletron InternationalCommodity Broker16912
231. Hubert Davies & Company LimitedManufacturing16836
232. Mutare Bottling CompanyManufacturing16802
233. Briven EnterprisesManufacturing16650
234. Craitin ChemicalsAgriculture16600
235. Run TransportManufacturing16400
236. Lotus Transport PlCross Border Freight16377
237. G & W Industrial MineralsTransport16290
238. Liberty MayaManufacturing16108
239. Bleak Investments t/a Topwheels Car MarketManufacturing16000
240. Tranne HauliersManufacturing15930
241. Bedra EnterprisesCross Border Freight15915
242. W. Tasiyana Enterprises t/a Bowden Fresh ProduceManufacturing15810
243. Kassim InvestmentsAgriculture15688
244. ScottcoCross Border Freight15433
245. Precision Grinders Engineers t/a Mutufu InvestmentsAgriculture15412
246. Discovery Incorporated t/a Manica TimbersManufacturing15092
247. Kynas TradingAgriculture15050
248. Dandin MarketingCross Border Freight14902
249. Midlands Ferro AlloyCross Border Freight14800
250. Computer Certified WarehouseMining14707
251. Plumridge Trading14178
252. Ordovician InvestmentsCross Border Freight14154
253. Loben Transport ServicesCross Border Freight13904
254. Print Media DistributionCross Border Freight13600
255. Kurken TradingManufacturing13549
256. Techmate Engineering t/a Stall Holder InvestmentsManufacturing13484
257. Lockhart-Scott ScreenlithoCross Border Freight13430
258. Load Engineering Private LimitedManufacturing13359
259. Windlesham TradingManufacturing13350
260. CostimbersMining13146
261. Enstom TransportManufacturing13136
262. Carnivore Enterprises t/a Lion EncounterCross Border Freight13060
263. Canon Paterson Crafts Centre CooperativeTourism12729
264. FleximailAgriculture12566
265. Goodsay Investments t/a House-Hold BrandsManufacturing12540
266. Loweria TradingAgriculture12467
267. Billview Investments t/a Mark Africa FreightManufacturing12414
268. Agromart t/a ZandfloraCross Border Freight12296
269. Trishburn EnterprisesAgriculture12152
270. Bar Boutique t/a Multi-Dimensional LogisticsAgriculture12100
271. Brynstone MotorsManufacturing12000
272. Vansque Investments t/a Makiman CargoCross Border Freight12000
273. Jewal-K & Co InvestmentsCross Border Freight11896
274. W & K Earth Movers And Plant HireCross Border Freight11734
275. Rocket ElectricalCross Border Freight11516
276. ProchemManufacturing11483
277. Nigel FoundriesManufacturing11225
278. G & M DistributorsManufacturing11200
279. Rubber and Allied ProductsCross Border Freight11159
280. Shaka Hills FarmManufacturing11060
281. Dongo SawmillAgriculture10816
282. Celramah InvestmentsAgriculture10800
283. Malbok TradingManufacturing10724
284. Stop Start EngineeringManufacturing10406

CATEGORY II: Illicit Financial Flows – funds externalised through payment of goods not received in Zimbabwe

1Ekusileni Medical Centre3098793
2Mosdek Investments Pvt Ltd2942364
3Fuel Cafe Trading (Pvt) Ltd2477672
4Planas Trading P/L2282995
5Bestridge Enterprises Pvt Ltd1847024
6Wisepux Enterprises (Pvt) Limited1707270
7Dawson Enterprises1638522
8Box Quip Investments Pvt Ltd1496000
9Housing Corporation Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd1463800
10Bethel Communications1210560
11Hill Bed Pvt Ltd1161151
12Roadquip View Pvt Ltd1100000
13Hillbrave Investments1094255
14Skindat Investments P/L1042000
15Speedlink Cargo1015228
16Humble Enterprises P/L T/A Maps Dist.1010000
17Adherechem (Private) Limited1002476
18Duab International897394
19Go Figure Trading P/L856000
20Strands Collection Pvt Ltd817000
21Paramount Cables Pvt Ltd815898
22Bt Critical Power (Pvt) Limited738620
23Froriscent Enterprises Pvt Ltd720000
24Vasachi Kindy Fashions And Shoes688748
25Qingshan Investments Private Limited678623
26Eager Eagle Investments677235
27Smut Investments P/L669161
28Mendridge Enterprises Pvt Ltd660275
29Prolord Investments Pvt Ltd640100
30Fir Fern Investments Pl634105
31Aloxisu Investments605925
33Africa Arise Initiative Pvt Ltd575000
34Sublitex P/L567612
35Quatsino Trading563500
36Neyflux Investments P/L556000
37Line Petroleum Private Limited555000
38Mong Enterprises P/L539780
39Palehouse Investments517188
40Elite Car Hire513668
41Tractive Power Holdings502466
42House Of Kerzner490225
43Brown International Zimbabwe489140
44Association Of Chinese Nationals481000
45Motus Holdings473500
46Architectural Aluminium447533
47Bexcelia Enterprises432320
48Flancost Investments Pvt Ltd427000
49Yikang Song T/A Nakanaka Foods423769
50Transfrontier Investments Pvt Ltd414680
51Talpan Trading Pl413735
52Rewstand Enterprises P/L413043
53Golly Trading Pvt Ltd407938
54Shoumei Lin T/A Newzist Trading399000
55Kuchiwa Shop396950
56Zhang Ming Guang T/A Happy Trading387500
57Zim China International Minerals381050
58Agro Troops (Pvt) Ltd369214
59Wakewill Enterprises P/L367406
60Karimba Estates Joint Venture Pvt Ltd360432
61Detect Investments359997
62Golden Trading International Holding Ltd350000
63Mahabir Industries & Allied Works327653
64Wild Beauty Investments P/L327000
65Likvee Investments321025
66Classgrove Enterprises320000
67Lake Lodges P/L T/A Bumi Hills Safari Lodge313334
68Domax Private Limited311451
69Solution Gates Pvt Ltd311066
70Kexten Trading Pvt Ltd304730
71Jeegore Holdings302282
72Petkov Investments300000
73Printflow (Pvt) Limited300000
74Romensdale Investments P/L299600
76Westgarden Enterprises P/L282855
77Fraser Alexander Zimbabwe281882
78Graton Investments278397
79Puzey & Payne276895
80Manjom Investments275968
81Geribran Services T/A Transerv275000
82Fruitstone Investments272177
83Aitocs Motors269023
84Heritage House268601
85Larbone Trading267000
86Movedeal Trading P/L266046
87Telstone Trading (Pvt) Ltd260161
88Triplepay Communications259847
89Hilmax Engineering Pvt Ltd259442
90Angel Trading257000
91Bizzsite Investments256800
92Paul & Greg Investments254000
93Medcliff Pharma Distributors Pl252827
94Neon Shades Pvt Ltd251323
95Pathfinder (Pvt)Ltd250000
96Zipcode Investments248940
97Lintrust Investments P/L248031
98Drip Tech (Pvt) Limited235373
99Canequip (Pvt) Ltd234348
100Ocean Hair And Beauty234056
101Unifreight Africa Limited233000
102Intratek Zimbabwe Pvt Limited230921
103Curverid Tobacco229296
104Yan Zhili T/A Yzl Wholesalers228032
105Adiantar Medical Imaging Pvt Ltd227693
106Oralhorps Investments P/L227315
107Harare City Centre Adventist Church223208
108Eftrade Ventures Pvt Ltd219623
109Pioneer Hi-Bred Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd217732
110Icenta Investments217500
111Downtown Petroleum216807
112Beautyview Investments215390
113Imexpotrad P/L211012
114Paragon Business Forms210200
116Mahindrazim (Pvt) Ltd207684
117Falcon Foods Pvt Limited205812
118Bliss Horizons Manufacturing Pvt Ltd204750
119Rivereigh Investments (Pvt) Ltd204044
120Fashion Picks Enterprises202500
121Veineks Energy Pvt Ltd202180
122Sumplus Enterprises202114
123Environment Fund200566
124Refreed Commodity Brokers P/L200060
125Anjin Investments (Pvt) Ltd200000
126Ultimate Auto Solutions P/L199739
127Craftson Trading199693
128Mbada Diamonds P/L198251
129Bainlink Investments196845
130Umbrella Advisory Private Limited195521
131Weldmax Engineering P/L194079
132Lighthouse Print P/L188575
133Cag Tours187400
134Central African Forge Co (Pvt)186409
135Doves Funeral Assurance185227
136Epilite Holdings180856
137Intrax Enterprisesp/L180195
138Mayville Investments180000
139Suo Le Investments180000
140Easyman Enterprises P/L179455
141Traffic Solutions P/L179022
142Danglo Petroleum178800
143Nottingham Estates (Pvt.) Ltd.178780
144Newview International P L176703
145Juni Li T/A Jack Hardware171471
146Makanaka Investments171000
147Bt Office Technologies Pl170896
148Astro Manufacturing (Private) Ltd170000
149Earthworld Enterprises170000
150China First Metallurgical Cons169567
151Jinan Mining (Pvt) Ltd169080
152Pinchot Investments P/L168913
153Denver Beverages Pvt Limited167493
154Hwange Colliery Company Limited166130
155Sovox Investments Pvt Ltd165865
156Step In Style Garments162568
157Boka Tobacco Floors161772
158Bronfield Mine T/A Brompton Mine160916
159Dashville Enterprises (Pvt) Limited160097
160Sinapis Investments Holdings159276
161Rhine Sports Investments Pvt Ltd155000
162Finmark Holdings154414
163Vexcle Investments154000
164E Munenzwa Bus Co P/L153634
165Inline Corporation Limited151074
166Century Technology150718
167Woo Woo Form Investments P/L150030
168High Altitude Trading150000
169Redan Coupon (Pvt) Ltd150000
170Transworld Aviation Fze150000
171Valak Inc150000
172Betrk Investments149950
173Kezqiang Investments Private Limited149152
174Kentucky Estates Pl148840
175Summer Trac Enterprises Pvt Ltd148212
176V And W Engineering And Installations Pvt Ltd147295
177Rio Douro Construction (Pvt) Ltd144892
178Modygate Investments144750
179Phils And Pats Enterprises144000
180Comet Computer Systems143995
181Dalstar Enterprises143700
182Agriseeds Pvt Ltd143604
183Solutions For Africa143450
184Mutual Finance P/L142155
185Primero Energy Private Limited141980
186Bigway Investments141559
187Diagnostic Image Centre140927
188Birria Investments140118
189Adorable Hair Products140000
190Traverze Travel P/L140000
191Octahedron Investments Pvt Ltd139334
192Fleark Trading T/A Fleark Hardware138779
193Solahart Zimbabwe136850
194Seadone Investments136580
195Bindura Nickel Mine T/A Trojan Nickel Mine136336
196Phinlink Investments Pvt Ltd136276
197Longcheng International Trade And Commerce Pvt Ltd135326
198Eft Corporation135000
199Refreshing Sanitary Pads P/L T/A Happysky135000
200Maigbrow Trading P/L134190
201Medicure Healthcare P/L133674
202Dohne Construction P/L133008
204Tweenrange Trading131271
205Gare Transport Private Limited131267
206Easy Count Battery Centre130000
207Plensiton Enter. P/L T/A Mega128833
208Tianxiang Investment P/L128440
209Golden Brick Enterprises Pvt Ltd126558
210Barbeiro Trading P/L126000
211Ace Agritrade Solutions T/A Agritrade Leaf Tobacco125922
212Dynamaster P/L125149
213Woodthorpe (Pvt) Ltd125136
214Linglow Trading Pvt Ltd124160
215Ryan Paul And Myles Trading123868
216Huatsing Investments123460
217B T Critical Power Pvt Ltd123200
218Whirlwyn Holdings Pvt Ltd123194
219Max Haivo Electrical123175
220Africom (Pvt) Ltd123033
221Lauberge Investments Pvt Ltd122850
222Mike Harris Toyota122777
223R Mcdiarmid & Company P/L122712
224Matay Kingdom Pvt Ltd122535
225National Blood Service Zimbabwe121817
226Sakio Investments Pvt Ltd120157
227Denbury Trading P/L119820
228Peppy Motors P/L119380
229Redberg Investments117679
230Melbotech Industrial Hardware117675
231Makebreak Trading Ltd117600
232Bt Engineering And Project Company Pvt Ltd117400
233Chimayo Investments116777
234Life Is Choice116000
235Blakefit Enterprises Pvt Ltd115854
236A. M. Machado Pvt Ltd115782
237Cladmont Investments P/L115006
238Siyabuselela Trading Enterprise115000
239Ocean General Dealers Pvt Ltd114900
240Bottlesford P/L T/A Mobile City114757
241Cropate Farming (Private) Limited113465
242Krismac Paint Pvt Ltd113000
243Eagle Italian Shoes Pvt Ltd112899
244Holdwise Investments112110
245Breastplate Services112000
246Expert Choice Agro112000
247Helcraw Elecrical Suppliers & Distributors111574
248Paper Co Holdings Ltd111410
249Mubvakacha Farm Pvt Ltd108764
250Starlite Investments108687
251Gesa Medical108274
252National Tested Seeds (Pvt) Lt108145
253Impact Agencies (Pvt) Ltd107007
254Nova Agro Zimbabwe P/L105225
255Nu-Aero Pvt Ltd T/A104360
256Anadolu Construction104107
257Altermarket Trading P/L104000
258Mm Burden T/A Ivanhoe Mine103989
259High Voltage Construction (Pvt) Ltd102896
260Aujan Trading As Stanley & Liv102730
261Simbisa Brands Limited101905
262Malbatech Mining100998
263Ying Tian Gaming100020
264Apple Brands Investments Pvt Ltd100000
265Beaurotech Investments100000
266Manander Foam Rubber100000
267Mobi Think (Pvt) Ltd100000
269Nu-World Industries P/L100000
270Platinum Seeds Pvt Ltd100000
271Undertreasure Mining Consultancy100000
272Waxtax Private Limited100000
273Windmill (Pvt) Ltd100000
274Maize Line Investment99800
275Broadnet Africa Pvt Ltd99617
276Allied Timbers Zimbabwe99376
277Medfast Investments99282
278Chloride Zimbabwe98998
279Wickway Pvt Ltd T/A Chuchers Furniture98657
280Heroes Carriers P/L98500
281Pressupy Investments Private Limited98000
282Blue Crash Investments Pl97800
283Boost Africa Traders P/L97776
284Z Zhang T/A Zhang Electricals97000
285Gatbro Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd96920
286Jacob Bethel Corporation (Zimbabwe) Ltd – Harare96054
287Metallon Gold Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd95878
288Gridlink Engineering Pvt Ltd95694
289Korka International Trading95296
290High Peak Marketing95261
291African Synergy Trading Pvt Ltd T/A Prestige Books94867
292United Grain Company94200
293Commingle Enterprises P/L93740
294Luciano Pvt Ltd93573
295Largedata Enterprises P/L93372
296Applied Weighing Scale Company92508
297Salivae Enterprises92354
298Gpm Engineering91648
299Diamond Drill P/L91391
300Cumisec Investments (Pvt) Limited90850
301Shatirwa Investments Pvt Ltd90280
302Sneydon Investments89806
303Bless It Up Motors89800
304Giran Bulk89750
305Cure-Chem Overseas P/L88970
306Uk Electrical (Pvt) Ltd88534
307Short Waters Trading T/A Garfunkels88052
308River Gauge Investments Pvt Ltd87650
309New Millennium Power & Heavy Equipment87500
310Vivon Investment P/L87120
311Lenash Signs Zimbabwe87018
312Splash Plastic87000
313Westmoreland Property P/L86736
314Badore Trading Pvt Ltd86653
315Bom Indusrial Suppliers86632
316Lean Import And Export P/L86500
317Rolyshade Enterprises86496
318Birch Furniture86260
319Cidcc Investments P/L85900
320Gec Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd85426
321Avm Africa (Pvt) Ltd84822
322Goldmore Mining Investments P/L84232
323Sino-Zimbabwe Cement Company84035
324Irrigation Design & Advisory S84000
325Marshnet Investments T/A Speedex83700
326Weiqiang Manufacturing P/L83640
327Galham Trading83555
328Kynergy Logistics Pvt Ltd83500
329Abb (Pvt) Limited83325
330Dr Henn Investments (Pvt) Limited83240
331Mukundi Plastics83200
332Kerreth (Pvt) Limited82876
333Fairhill Farm Pvt Ld81890
334Ngepi Trading Pvt Ltd81779
335Rukova Resources81420
336Tripple Gate Investments81400
337Organic Africa Holdings Pvt Ltd81208
338Beaunoz (Pvt) Ltd81200
339Elise Gledhill High School81000
340Lonhro Fresh Exports80439
341Sanlg Motorcycles Pvt Ltd80045
342Dynamic Logistics Pty Ltd79450
343Wratree Electronics79000
344Sable Foods (Pvt) Ltd78741
345Purepart Investments78600
346Boltgas International78293
347Ralton Electricals77706
348Sandawana Mines (Pvt) Limited77447
349Sunue Ent77399
350Estow Investments77219
351Dicran Investments Pvt Ltd76040
352Kangcheng Investments Ltd75943
354Bavdent Investments75338
355Lylastar Trading Pvt Ltd75025
356Hawk Mining Supplies Pvt Ltd74991
357The House Of Books P/L74516
358Fsi Trading74206
359Cluepick Investments74000
360Dolcin Trading Pvt Ltd73850
361Ncp Distillers Pvt Limited73652
363Famous Brands Pvt Ltd73434
364Markfranks Haulage Pvt Limited72890
365Docwizy Marketing72825
366Turning Point Investments72482
367Manenberg Trading72087
368Clearswift Technologies Pvt Ltd71950
369Nanogen P/L71355
370China And Agricultural Technology Demonstration71190
371Tristrence Suppliers70700
372Pinegade Trading P/L T/A Medit70561
373New Avakash International70180
374Kudu Creek Farm (Pvt) Ltd70000
375Nashco Enterprise Pvt Ltd70000
376Piko Trading70000
377Lawberge Investments69876
378Midland Engineering Sales International (Africa)69866
379Bottlesford Trading Plc69500
381Compmart Trading68928
382Mbuwayesango Starliner Transport68730
383Bilstream Farm Pvt Ltd68502
384Wadyiwa Wamira Transport Pvt Ltd67779
385Elephant Camp67061
386Tavaona Tertius Chamboko T/A Ligi Bakery Products66600
387Kintex Investments P/L66500
388Comhold Services65747
389Hefa Electric65600
390Oncerun Motors Pvt Ltd65430
391Quatermask Investments65275
392Cottontree Engineering T/A Williams Engineering65237
393Bricks R Us65000
394Zhang Qiu Li Trading65000
395Gm Diagnostic X-Ray Centre64911
396Enermax Pl64800
397Pari Agencies64736
398Wintrend Pvt Ltd T/A Windbricks64500
399Gold Driven Investments P/L64400
400Zim Forwarders64166
401Creative Credit P/L T/A Creative/Cellular64020
402Vicemode Investments Pl63472
403Gransharp Enterprises63418
404Weltrans Hauliers P/L63400
405Label Planet63150
406Lobels Bread (Pvt) Ltd62989
407Ringsilver Enterprises T/A News Cafe62922
408Bitumen Construction Services (Pvt) Ltd62894
410Multipest Services62700
411Tsungai Trading (Pvt) Ltd62656
412Big Horn Furnitures62244
413Ferndale Farm P/L61788
414Formtouch Investments Pvt Ltd61620
415Hriday Investments Pvt Ltd T/A M Construction61500
416Tripod Stand Trading61011
417Atlas Reality Pvt Ltd60871
418Henred Fruehauf Zimbabwe60542
419Overshadow Trading P/L60480
421Exodus And Company Pvt Ltd60005
422Brightech Enterprise P/L60000
423Freda Rebecca Gold Mine Zimbabwe60000
424Megprom Trading Pvt Ltd60000
425Pandari Lodge60000
426Sibna Investments60000
427Tensor Systems60000
428Zebtech Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd59472
429Nyiombo Investments Zimbabwe59149
430Zimind Publishers58804
431Ovalquad Enterprises58450
432Datanet Technology P/L58328
433Conquip Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd58298
434Unique Fashion Investments (Pvt) Ltd58000
435Nokal Computer Systems57721
436Attrange Investments Pvt Ltd57400
437Tradex Marketing (Pvt) Limited57342
438Waxy Enterprises57075
439Benjamin Mubaiwa Graphic Supplies57053
440Peynwood Enterprises56787
441Biscuit Manufacturers Mutare Pvt Ltd56761
442Elbtree Farm56628
443Mazymart Marketing Pvt Ltd56600
444Medical Tourism For Better Health In Africa56570
445Herberts Construction56187
446Neatrite Trading56069
447Boundary Ethicks Pvt Ltd56000
448Masen Engineering Pvt/Ltd55992
449The New Millenium55664
450Gas Power55622
451Ruschrome Mining P/L55517
452Windlesham Trading55400
453Cargo Carriers (Pvt) Ltd55226
454Boc Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd T/A Boc Gases Zimbabwe55210
455Dots Investments55196
456P&R Hydraulics P/L55057
457Mbirikudenga Investments P/L55005
458Wiltshire Explosives P/L55000
459Zimcode Enterprises (Pvt) Limited54996
460Zimchem Refiners Pvt Ltd54719
461Yafei Enterprises Pvt Ltd54653
462Deshnel Investments T/A Workman54555
463James North Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd54538
464Westlite Investments54500
465Deokim Caterers (Pvt) Ltd54200
466Soltam Steel53720
467Manifest Contracting Services53510
468Gliding Star Enterprises53387
469Space Telnet Pvt Ltd53320
470Mine Elect Private Limited53248
471Plus Five Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd53221
472Logivate Incorporated52800
473Kutanga Investment Pvt Limited52304
474Primetech Resources52280
475Earthset Investments P/L52161
476Seed Co Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd52048
477Vusumuzi Ngwenya Pvt Ltd52000
478Document Support Centre (Pvt) Ltd51597
479Associated Newspapers (Pvt) Ltd51219
480Sidella Trading Pvt Ltd51200
481Zimboy Shipping (Pvt) Ltd51121
482Brotheridge Investments51019
483Ascon Africa (Pvt) Ltd50854
484Newpeak Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd50413
485Cosia Enterprises50372
486Bath And Tile World50310
487Indemnified Investments50031
488Zhabai Investments Pl50010
489Hastt Zimbabwe50000
490Ke Nako Investments Pvt Ltd50000
491Metalstone Incorporated50000
492Naseko Enterprise Pl T/A Ns Electrical & Hardware50000
493Seven Seas Trading50000
494Tilroy Enterprises50000
495Angel Bark Investments Pvt Ltd49625
496Medtech Medical And Scientific49605
497East Town Commodities T/A East Town Gases49407
498Sai Enterprises Private Ltd49300
499Medicine Chain Avenues49003
500Divingate Enterprises48953
501Midstar Investments48950
502Africa Aluminium And Glass48900
503Suraj Mining P/L48895
504Remekedzo Investments48844
505Exlone Distributors48728
506Oxenhall Trading48691
507Forthstrom Investments48650
509Hongji Mineral Development Pvt Limited48508
510Mufandaedza Transport P/L48368
511Makannie Investments Pvt Ltd48320
512Motor City Toyota48180
513Kunguruka Pl T/A Sleamish Mine48000
514Staper (Pvt) Ltd48000
515Panellink Manufacturing P/L47980
516Eastways Investments47650
517Polyoak Packaging (Pvt) Ltd47190
518Neat-Rite Trading (Pvt) Ltd47160
519Obride Investments P/L47075
520Shreya Investments T/A Bowline Furnishers (Pvt) Ltd46986
521Kaifeng Investments46980
522Kitelight Investments46828
523Treasure Consultants Pvt Ltd46700
524Damofalls Investments46688
525Flytserv Enterprises Pvt Ltd46640
526Seasons Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd46553
527Eleco Elevator Company Pvt Ltd46308
528Global Solar Pvt Ltd46271
529Lebena Biscuit Manufacturers P/L46172
530Coloursell Distributors P/L45823
531Chen Guoging T/A Engineering Sales45745
532Valor Business P/L45686
533L Kashaya Plant & Haulage P/L45500
534Elliot & Nephew Pvt Ltd45450
535Stratia Investments45347
536Airlift Engineering P/L45334
537P Haritatos T/A Central Bakery45204
538Mushangwe Estate (Pvt) Ltd45183
539Aam Timber Suppliers & Access45000
540Agrandir Enterprises (Pvt) Limited45000
541I And E Technical P/L45000
542Mayne Services (Pvt) Ltd45000
543National Indigenisation And Economic Empowerment Board (Nieeb)45000
544Coal Brick Mine44842
545Cavronia Investments44815
546Sondowa Trading Pvt Ltd44602
547Primtrim Enterprises44548
548Goal Logistics44398
549Quest Motors /Nissan Zimbabwe44080
550Tensor Construction44053
551Owl Feather Investment (Pvt) Ltd43640
552Ite Industrial Technical Equipment43600
553Cehub Investments Pvt Ltd43560
554Avitech International43500
555Tapvice Enterprises43390
556Gateway Solutions Private Limited43352
557Killomat Enterprises42831
558Pista Investments42621
559Chiwore Confluence Pvt Ltd42570
560S & M Bricks & Tiles P/L42525
561Carywave Enterprise42497
562Sungevity Pvt Ltd42405
563Bulilimamangwe Rural District Council T/A W Kellog Foundation42000
564Chipaz Promotions42000
565Hearthside Foods Pvt Ltd42000
566Khanyisile Investments Pl42000
567Market Map Investments P/L41920
568Restapedic Bedding P/L41877
569Tipcall Investments P/L T/A Cutting Edge41717
570Bertgold Investments T.A Saltrama41550
571Plastic Ceiling Zimbabwe41540
572Coporeti Support Services T/A Get Cash41285
573Natform Services Pl41250
574Hotspeck Enterprises41150
575K F Nel T/A Westernton Pvt Ltd41134
576Shelnoe Security Pvt Ltd41032
577Steps And Paths41027
578Sable Park Estates40909
579American Motors Private Ltd40895
580Commercial Sugarcane Farmers Association40826
581Cosmotech Pvt Ltd40800
582Pyramid Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd40570
583Scotia Auto Parts40552
584Upc (Pvt) Limited40520
585God Given Enterprises40500
586Romwe Farming Pvt Ltd40421
587J B Campbell P/L40390
588Sonking Resources40224
589Fit Footshoe Manufacturers Pvt Ltd40200
590Simba Ivhu Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. T/A Sia-Afrique40140
591Taydine Investments T/A Southern Region Agencies40004
592Glooman Enterprieses Pvt Ltd40000
593High Attitude Trading40000
594Lachlade Investments40000
595Malbro Minerals Mining Company Private Limited40000
596Newlands Financial Services40000
597Port River P/L40000
598Radiation Authority Of Zimbabwe40000
599Realtime Technology40000
600Rick Count Investments40000
601The Chief Buyer (Private) Limited40000
602United Foods40000
603Civil Works Laboratory39949
604Ganalin Trading P/L T/A Food Lovers Market Marimba39854
605Cortman Investments39815
606B K Painters39619
607Matiza Investments Pvt Ltd39600
608Modern Chemicals39580
609Billabong Dairy (Pvt) Ltd39483
610The Malilangwe Conservation Trust39276
611Reaches Investments39255
612Masimba Industries Pvt Ltd T/A Masimba Holdings/Masimba Construction Zimbabwe39216
613Norams Trading38927
614Flamesteel Engineering Pvt Ltd38905
615National Golden Brands Pl38724
616Tunatemore Printers Pvt Ltd38686
617Cynclussy Investments P/L38550
618Fairbreeze Enterprises38500
619Carpet Kings (Pvt) Limited38428
620Southdown Holdings T/A Southdown Clearwater Estates38393
621Hammer & Tongues Pvt Ltd38366
622Security Mills38305
623Zengea P/L38244
624Iclik P/L38237
625Atupele Investments38200
626Clavelon Enterprises38183
627Dpm Agencies38166
628Chrysolyte Investments P/L38000
629New World Property Managers37953
630Trade Access/Distriphone37682
631Riverboat Trading37516
632Zambezi Hunters P/L37435
633Arustic Investments37359
634Gavton Investments37329
635Nice Time Bazaar37242
636Hitlink Investments37212
637Stelbok Enterprises Pvt Ltd37123
638Spinn Energy Private Limited37120
639Hydraulics Mechanical And Instrumentation Tech T/A Fluid And Power Technologies36902
640Botton Armature Winding36826
641Doczine Investments36778
642Pacific 24hr Clinic36703
643Delma Printers P/L36694
644Thalway Investments36600
645Bordmaster Private Limited36448
646Lesaffre Zimbabwe P/L36347
647Tonmont Trading Pvt Ltd36279
648Doughtec Enterprises Pl36008
649Link Optical Pvt Ltd35889
650Mathias And Mildred (Pvt) Ltd35846
651Usate Trading35750
652Craford Investments35700
653Kinbran Investments35697
654Jr Investments35582
655Shieldcote P/L35468
656Beta Bricks P/L35464
657Topsurge Pharmaceutical P/L35444
658Quodec Zimbabwe (Pvt) Limited35367
659Crest Poultry Group T/A Hubbard Zimbabwe35231
660Ernst And Young Pl35200
661Tractor Provider Co. P/L35100
662Premier Dental Clinics Pvt Ltd35090
663Delward Engineering P/L T/A Zeco35000
664Flying Club C/O Mashonaland35000
665Plastic And Pipe Industry Pl34880
666Beign Inv T/A Hydraulic Equip.34875
667Taymat Pvt Ltd34825
668Mayer And Mayer It34619
669Easwald Trading Pvt Ltd34570
670R & G Tractor Equipment34530
671National Manufacturing34433
672Renovate Africa (Private) Ltd34421
673Marcus Communications (Pvt) Ltd34295
674Serviettes Zim (Private) Limited34204
675Auto Trec Motor Spares34140
676Reclenix Investments Pvt Ltd34027
677Breathaway Food Caterers (Pvt) Ltd34020
678Interfresh (Pvt) Limited33712
679West End Food World33700
680Turnpower Investments33540
681Ibbotel Communications33323
682Same Plastics Pvt Ltd33275
683Power Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd33000
684Abj Engineering32808
685Mhangura Farming32672
686Deplaat Investments T/A Agritech32613
687Tyson Investments32571
688Gravitas Medical Supplies (Private) Limited32500
689Agroworld Colosal Pvt Ltd32445
690Elite Holdings Pvt Ltd32406
691Zimbabwe Red Cross Society32400
692Tilemate Investments32300
693Water Treatment Chemicals32276
694The Health Bridge32268
695Tradecode Investments32200
696Mfs Group Pl32141
697Keido Pvt Ltd32103
698Car Shop Pvt Ltd32000
699S And E Investments31909
700J L Robinson Agencies T/A Amc31892
701Saturn Africa Pvt Ltd31829
702Gas Boys Pvt Ltd31600
703Appellation Enterprises31500
704Arcridge Enterprises31426
705Nyika Investments31395
706Talwant Trading31391
707Master Media P/L31347
708Velvet Gas Pvt Ltd31283
709Ridao Investments Pl31264
710Jvs Automation Pvt Ltd31238
711The Montclair Hotel Pvt Ltd31080
712Adamah Enterprises Pvt Ltd31063
713Clivialan Investments P/L31000
714Traillage Investments31000
715Pathology Centre30942
716Roc Systems (Pvt) Limited30930
717Satewave Technologies Private Limited30885
718Quinfair Investments30866
719Ridgewed Engineering30780
721P G Merchandising Limited30696
722Emulbitum Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd30668
723Nicmart Business Solutions Pvt Ltd30600
724Magic Moments Enterprises Pvt Ltd30407
725Tech Systems30395
726Electro Industrial W/S30384
727Errand Management Pvt Ltd30350
728Fencraft Investments30258
729Northlands Resources30227
730Milazzo Investments P/L30150
731Pomello Trading30031
732Vanledge Investments30008
733Absolute Dental Services30000
734Akin Investments P/L30000
735Bica Bream Pl30000
736Intokozo Hardware P/L30000
737Naldine Trading30000
738Nando Enterprises30000
739Oasisonline P/L T/A Oasisonline Petroleum30000
740Tinphil Investments T/A Skyview30000
741Xiuyuan Mining Pvt Ltd30000
742The Zimbabwe Colour Run29946
743Jun Li T/A Jack Hardware29700
744Shugdaile Enterprises29500
745Powerdrive Engineering29400
746Yz Holdings Pvt Ltd29300
747Fermox Traders P/L29145
748Stelix Telecoms29078
749Cool Cyclone Investments Pl29000
750Rastal Farming28946
751Techost Solutions (Pvt) Ltd28926
752Mashonaland Gun Club28840
753Chicken Mambos Pvt Ltd28809
754Supreme Medical28800
755Bidvest Engineering P/L28749
756Greatdyke Earthmoving28579
757Pickmore Investments T/A Makwenda Express28500
758Ringfair International P/L28490
759Tefeltor Enterprises28400
760D Coetzee And Son Pvt Ltd28200
761Createria Private Limited28172
762Cag Farms28130
763Chemical Warehouse28032
764Jefron Trading (Pvt) Ltd28007
765Zim-Africa Mining Equipment28003
766Copman Investments28000
767Fine Times Trading Pvt (Ltd)28000
768Mailtop Investments28000
770Rundale Investments T/A P And R Hydraulics28000
771Draco Trading Pvt Limited27900
772G E Marillier (Pvt) Ltd27881
773Associated Foods Zimbabwe27861
774Laboratory Equipment And Consumables27827
775John Dennis Manufacturing Pvt Ltd27809
776Bensa Power Construction & Engineering27739
777The Three Monkeys27669
778Flexwood Enterprises P/L27669
779Postedge Private Limited27653
780Charlode Electronic27639
781Dube Forklifts Pvt Ltd27605
782Greenveld Investments27550
783Thrustview Investments27500
784Verocy Real Estate Private Ltd27500
785Isotropic Enterprises P L27491
786Winnerman Engineering P/L27378
787Restan Pvt Ltd27301
788Hopina Trading Pl27282
789Bright Pharmacies27218
790Paradigm Solutions Pvt Ltd27179
791Bevton Trading27164
792Oliken Engineering27133
793Wingtran Engineering P/L27036
794Power Mining Equipment Centre27029
795Pronet Cellular27000
796Strawberry Print26926
797J R Goddard Contracting P/L26901
798Mike Appel Holdings (Pvt) Ltd26900
799Harare Fabrics26747
800Plasmotech Enterprises26677
801Discount Tyres26591
802Footland Investments Pvt Ltd26448
803Extreme Action Cleaners26431
804Escort Trading T/A Mr Cruiser26356
805The Little Angels Trading26331
806Goldenglo P/L26324
807P L Steyn P/L26288
808St Luke Jemedza High School26266
809Megabit Pvt Ltd T/A Unique26219
810Hawkflight Enterprises26203
811Cluster Agricultural Development Services26195
812Sumburgh Marketing Private Limited26165
813Zimbabwe Spinners And Weavers Ltd26154
814Surface Wilmar Pvt Ltd Formerly Surface Investments P/L26087
815Justine Clothing26000
816Necon Investments (Pvt) Ltd26000
817Ubate Trading26000
818Mtpex Systems P\ L25985
819Cumii Zimbabwe25982
820Bold Impact T/A Success Motivation25920
821Deepswitch Distributors Pl25896
822Phoenix Consolidated Ltd T/A Phoenix Brushware Company25795
823Tv Sales And Home25762
824Nasraq Technologies P/L25713
825Premier Service Medical Investments (Pvt) Ltd25702
826Fuel Africa P/L25677
827Faith Medical25573
828Herentals College25536
829Gweru Provincial Hospital Td Ac25516
830Bolingo Enterprises Pl25500
831Truworths Limited25300
832Taffwitty Ventures Pvt Ltd25097
833Marist Brothers Nyanga High School25093
834Zuwito Valley Logistics Pvt Ltd25080
835Channel Corporate Pvt Ltd25000
836Dazebon Incorporated25000
837Fortunedrive Enterprises25000
838Hugeni Investments25000
839Showbyte Engineering (Pvt) Ltd25000
840Spread Valley Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd25000
841Lingfield Christian Academy24909
842Pan African Mining (Pvt) Ltd24777
844Kyanite Trading24634
845Rolvex Investments (Pvt) Ltd T/A Flair Lounge24576
846Words Of Advice Trading Pvt Ltd T/A Woodlands Farm Safaris24569
847Berry Tech Investments Pvt Ltd24523
848Kalosa Investments (Pvt) Ltd24500
849Majoni Trucking24500
850Transmedia Corporation24307
851White Seal Enterprises24266
852Folkstone Enterprises24241
853Rocket Shakers Investments (Pvt) Limited24205
854Blue Ribbon Foods Ltd24199
855Top Survey24129
856Nyatsanga Catering T/A Eland Restaurant24080
857Peppertree Trading24045
858Global Horizons24000
859Hiplin Trading Pvt Limited24000
860Sable Chemical Industries Limited24000
861Venok Distributors24000
862Farm Orphan Support Trust23991
863Megavex Enterprises Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd23981
864Baltine Private Limited23895
865Invar Fluid Control Systems P/23891
866Harlsden Meats R Pilossof23674
867Danron Agricultural Suppliers P/L23598
868Big Cool P/L23578
869D. Med Healthcare (Private) Limited23503
870Tranval Investments Pvt Ltd23398
871Cruscate Investments23312
872Growth Point Media P/L23307
873Coltpec Investments23179
874United Methodist Dental Clinic23117
875Dampack Enterprises23068
876Farrlly Trading Pvt Ltd23056
877Rodcroft Engineering (Pvt) Ltd23027
878Farooq Fabrics Pvt Ltd23025
879Typaned Investments (Private) Limited T/A Changu Logistics22800
880The Chronicle And Sunday News22780
881Wordcroft Investments P/L22771
882Medivision Wholesalers22661
883Interfruit P/L T/A Interfoods Manufacturing22600
884Wood Technology Pvt Ltd22500
885City Plastic Industries Ltd22486
886Keltfree Enterprises22472
887Optical Express22449
888Foundation College22437
889Hydraben Pvt Ltd22402
890Typetop Investments22320
891Ascent Link Communication Pvt Ltd22248
892Herstal Ind And Mining Supplie22210
893Polyfibron Technologies22158
894Prozac Enterprises22147
895Triplechem Investments P/L22109
896Sportline Graphics22100
897Farmcor (Pvt) Ltd22100
898Coolcat Enterprises (Private) Limited22086
899Automobile Development Company T/A Motor Parts Distributors22050
900Pezulu Ranches22034
901Colebridge Enterprises22000
902Mineapolis Investments Pvt Ltd22000
903Data Transfer Computers (Pvt) Ltd21998
904Mimj Enterprises P/L21991
905Oakbrook Investments (Pvt) Ltd21943
906The Biscuit Co P/L T/A Iris Biscuits21900
907The Biscuit Company21900
909Slanky Trading21869
910Treger Metal Product Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd21852
911Southern Africa Chemical Distributors (Pvt) Ltd21846
912Thomstech Marketing Services (Private) Limited21775
913Bedra Enterprises (Pvt) Limited21744
914Aqua Feeds21708
915Jeisa Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd21700
916Munchville Investments T/A Bernstein Clothing21700
917Wamer Investments Pvt Ltd21662
918United Milling Co P/L21620
919Forthport Enterprises21600
920Adlecraft Investments21579
921Golden Prince Pvt Ltd21500
922Motec Heavy Machinery21500
923Wedge Engineering P/L21497
924Global Hardware21420
925Springvest Enterprises Pvt Ltd21416
926Truck And Allied Services21233
927Manica Optical Centre Pl21220
928Raney Trading Pvt Ltd21200
929Valleyridge Investments21186
930Advertising Industries P/L21126
931Gb Central African Distribution21102
932Tuff Industries P/L21059
933Imdaad Trading21017
934Labridge Enterprises20973
935Kabheki And Sawaya Pvt Ltd20920
936Bora Manzi Drilling (Pvt) Limited20913
937Gillfun Steel Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd T/A Gillfun Steel20907
938Caroline Garments20906
939Innscor Africa Bread Company20829
940Cell Services20823
941The Heritage School20815
942Innscor Distribution Ltd20807
943Mayelane Tours Pvt Ltd20800
944Myriad Development P/L20704
945Value Chain Trading Pvt Ltd20685
946Knowstics Academy20640
947Cee-Kay Africa20560
948Wagonland Enterprises20547
949Serepta Investments20524
950Leafco Tobacco Pvt Ltd20480
951Vision Entertainment P/L20457
952X Sea Imports & Exports P/L T/A Tech Africa20419
953Liquid Control Corporation20390
954Tulipan Investments (Pvt)Limited20385
955Die & Pressure Castings20340
956Destiny Electronics20292
957Redfence Pvt Ltd20276
958Conduit Investments Pvt Ltd20250
959Business Images Solutions20238
960Mukonitronics P/L20095
962Newcozim (Pvt) Limited20062
963Benwick Distributors (Pvt) Limited20000
964Chordiant Enterprises20000
965Monitor Enterprises T/A Jm Construction20000
966Oberlin Marketing20000
967Outbay Enterprises P/L20000
968Polylife Trading Pvt Ltd20000
969Post Corp Investments P/L20000
970Triangle Fastenery20000
971Ant Plant Investments Pvt Ltd19990
972Gombola Pvt Ltd19987
973Aplegate Technologies19950
974George Osmand Griffiths19825
975Wehanyanya Services Pvt Ltd19800
976Zimplats Timber Holdings19744
977Classycon Investments (Pty) Limited19690
978Zimbabwe Construction And Development Company19683
979Zhong An Enterprises P/L19671
980Golden Knot Legal Aid Society19671
981Kanlink Haulage19643
982Broadlands Dental Pvt Ltd19613
983Gmt Industrial Agri-Carep/L19518
984Basepark Investments Pl19310
985Normal Lane Logistics19300
987Medsure Healthcare P/L19208
988Kenal International (Pvt) Limited19132
989Hutglen Pvt Ltd19000
990Zhang Mozhu T/A Welcome Trading19000
991Dosseton Agriculture18900
992Skies Logistics Pvt Ltd18830
993Revival Technologies Pvt Ltd18815
994Cross Country Containers18797
995Sador Trading P/L18751
996Quallanz Enterprises18696
997Googly Trading18658
998Medical Investments Limited T/A Avenues Clinic18620
999Crowne Plaza Monomotapa18569
1000Tornridge Trading18490
1001Beiqi Zimbabwe Pvt (Ltd)18440
1002One Link Golf18426
1003Redsun Services18304
1004Caerus P/L18294
1005Sterile Systems Hygienic Services18287
1006Plumtree Bakery18284
1007Wheeler Dealers Car Sales18209
1008Elmax Tyre And Parts Distributors Pvt Ltd18202
1009African Sun Zimbabwe P/L T/A Crown Plaza Monomotapa18167
1010Tsanga Flora18134
1011Sibastion Investments18125
1012Gelcole Logistics Pvt Ltd18100
1013Chillinden Enterprises18076
1014Fleischer Zimbabwe18006
1015Decisions Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd18002
1016Dmangoma Distributors18000
1017Green Apple Procurement Solutions18000
1018Kenmac Motors18000
1019Miserble Inv T/A Global Contractors And Global Hardware18000
1020The Base Amusement17965
1021Iboard Africa Pvt Ltd17915
1022Landos Farm Private Limited17909
1023Nyamavhuvhu Energy Pvt Ltd17903
1024Designer Profile Marketing17900
1025Principle Truck Sales Pvt Ltd17883
1026Agrifoods (Pvt) Ltd17880
1027Missing Link Pvt Ltd17860
1028Fintz Trading Corporation17860
1029Intercane Enterprises17838
1030Hoaxy Investments17784
1031Nyaudza Farm P/L17763
1032Francojet Incorporation T/A Chlosteel Hardware17682
1033Dariro Premium Services (Pvt) Ltd T/A Shelter Proaudio17507
1034Frantan Investments17502
1035Teeston Engeering T/A/ Product17500
1036Baxotype Pvt Ltd Trading As Syntek Global Zimbabwe17480
1037The Canivore (Pvt) Limited T/A The Rainforest Restuarant17473
1038Prosperity Moment Trading Private Limited17400
1039Elecare Pharmaceuticals17380
1040Centra (Pvt) Ltd17331
1041Best Comforts17300
1042Muller And Phipps (Pvt) Ltd17280
1043Bullionvest Corporation (Pvt) Ltd T/A Harvard Corporation17279
1044Torre Zimbabwe P/L17265
1045Carousel Private Limited17263
1046Milkzim P/L17214
1047Etran Enterprises17164
1048B And T Mining Supplies17033
1049Impact Solar Systems17024
1050Sunway City Zimbabbwe17016
1051Cropchem Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd17000
1052Jing Mining Pvt Ltd17000
1053The Midlands Private Hospital17000
1054Townwise Entr17000
1055Oncomed Pharmaceuticals (Private) Limited16999
1056Pactrauss Trading16994
1057Fastnet Systems (Pvt) Ltd16932
1058Setsail Equipment (Pvt) Ltd16854
1059Streford Investments16851
1060Digital Age16850
1061Mc Meats (Private)Ltd16845
1062Believers Kingdom Light Ministries16830
1063Skywell Zimbabwe P/L16824
1064Golden Bak Pvt Ltd16818
1065Brooklyn Bright Jobbing Services16800
1066Gain Cash And Carry Pvt Ltd16732
1067Pharmanova P/L16669
1068Zelmar Trading16640
1069Valheights Enterprises Pvtl Td16585
1070The Redeemed House Of God16567
1071Quest Motor Corporation16517
1072Everychem Pvt Ltd16410
1073Landmark Mining Pvt Ltd16322
1074Martman Investments T/A Akar Farm16220
1075Qupol Trading Pvt Ltd16167
1076Double Peak Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd16152
1077Jc Rays Private Limited16100
1078Cyclone Medicals Pvt Ltd16078
1079Royal Windscreens And Springs16004
1080Coretalk Zimbabwe16000
1081Kanda Mushonga (Pvt) Ltd16000
1082Mega Style Private Limited16000
1083Vyas Wholesalers (Pvt) Ltd16000
1084W & W Ventures P/L16000
1085Capolton Investments T/A Edgetech Solutions15992
1086Display Media15984
1087Yellow Corn Trading15970
1088Motira Private Limited15965
1089Tawford Enterprises15922
1090Twenty First Century Building Contractors Pvt Ltd15913
1091Flinlon Trading P/L T/A Ats15903
1092Yuanhang Corporation15900
1093Roshenfic Investments P/L15800
1094Range Groove Sales Pvt Ltd15790
1095Three Point Industries Pvt Ltd15726
1096Hamba Kahle Trucking15714
1097National Data Services15600
1098Uboline Trading T/A Vita Nova15567
1099Gateway Construction Pvt Ltd15557
1100Glynns Bolts15541
1101Fill Up Fuels Pvt Ltd15521
1102Allwear (Private) Limited15500
1103Poweron Solar15462
1104Avenues Investments & Properties Pvt Ltd15448
1105Medicliff Pharma Distributors P/L15414
1106Barworth Enterprises Private Limited15400
1107Edron Enterprises15390
1108Portriver Investments15385
1109Competitive Brand Shapers Pvt Ltd15368
1110Macro Auto Mart Pvt Ltd15319
1111Transpicio Enterprises Pvt Ltd15314
1112Ascoworth Trading15300
1113William Scott Pvt Ltd15266
1114Beat Mobile15240
1115Baloon Flight Trading Pvt Ltd15207
1116Genesis Energy Pvt Ltd15200
1117Brookridge Commodity Brokers (Pvt) Limited15152
1118Kencor Management Services15150
1119Ocean Cargo Express15101
1120Rudel Systems15094
1121Midlands Metals15043
1122Flora Group Zimbabwe P/L15010
1123Brightfull Investments15000
1124Damvech Trading T/A Htk Driving School15000
1125Dayada Supplies15000
1126Easycount Investments15000
1127Entire Electronics15000
1128Glamorous Diva Collection15000
1129Hollister Investment15000
1130Kadion Hardware Pvt Ltd15000
1131Madziro Commuters15000
1132Pema Investments (Pvt) Ltd15000
1133Print Africa Pvt Ltd15000
1134Weipton Investments (Pvt) Ltd15000
1135Abmerak Investments Pvt (Ltd)14985
1136Grain Connect Pvt Ltd14980
1137Chavirira Pvt Ltd14980
1138Columbus Mckkinon14965
1139Lab Assist Zimbabwe14885
1140Rent A Container Pvt Ltd14850
1141Pown Engineering14811
1142Leabridge Technologies14734
1143Uppervale College14730
1144Landpro Pvt Ltd14628
1145Girjac Services (Pvt) Ltd14614
1146Willdave Laboratories Pvt Ltd14579
1147Machine Electrical Distributors14540
1148Life Sciences Laboratories14506
1149Clotreg Investments Pvt Ltd14500
1150Mushandi Holdings Pvt Ltd14460
1151Nations Choice Biscuits Zimbabwe14400
1152Solbat Ent14368
1153Alloys Trading14306
1154Tanith Trading P/L14304
1155Jwm Distributors14300
1156Valleybridge Trading Pvt Ltd14295
1157Renewable Bio Energy Private Limited14280
1158Attornment Agencies14250
1159Nimble Invest Ta Rocksafe Mining14220
1160African Institute Of Biomedical Science And Technology14210
1161Foodex P/L14209
1162Apollo Styles P/L14205
1163Gumford Automotive Pvt Ltd14200
1164Tiran Transport (Pvt) Ltd14196
1165Premier Knitting Company14164
1166Privan Enterprises14031
1167Grapnote Steel Pvt Ltd14000
1168Joma Trading Co14000
1169Pnet Logistics Pbc T/A Mr Smart Mr Timber14000
1170Scantime Investments (Private) Ltd T/A Tnt14000
1171Thigtect Enterprise P/L14000
1172Queling Enterprises13979
1173Mega Home Centre (Pvt) Limited13965
1174Festive Eggs Pvt Ltd13950
1175Gondra Supplies P/L13946
1176Nelpa Holdings13944
1177Phm Diagnostic T/A Diagnostic Laboratory Suppliers13943
1178Mac Solutions (Pvt) Ltd13933
1179Kadoma Magnesite P/L13876
1180Lexline Garden Ventures (Pvt) Ltd T/A Lexliner Logistics13838
1181High Class Services13800
1182Mimishac Investments13792
1183Q & A Engineering P/L13790
1184Mhuri Yedu Logistics13750
1185Pharmacist Council13744
1186Brushstrokes (Pvt) Ltd13728
1187Commodity Procurement Agencies13699
1188Promobile (Pvt) Ltd13649
1189Debloquer Investments13615
1190Concept Car Rental And Tours Pvt Ltd13600
1191Premier Tobacco13580
1192Blagefields Marketing Pvt Ltd13563
1193Hippo Creek Lodge13534
1194Vital Computers Private Limited13528
1195National Generics T/A Greenwood Wholesalers13505
1196Nati Agric Private Limited13500
1197Manyame Milling Company Pvt Ltd13494
1198Paroch Investments Pvt Ltd13493
1199Muller Brothers13475
1200Morevest Investments Pvt Ltd13473
1201East Zimbabwe Conference Sda13408
1202Formpac Pl13350
1203Sacred Ventures Pvt Ltd13286
1204Ch Naake P/L13285
1205Hurudza Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd13280
1206Lito Electrical13260
1207Litecristal Zimbabwe13224
1208Semimodetech Pvt Ltd13200
1209S.R. Harrison P/L13117
1210Flexible Electrical Supplies13102
1211Brakes Infinity13080
1212Adhesive Products Manufacturers13077
1213Ultimate Spares Pvt Ltd T/A Ul13053
1214Sable Press P/L13027
1215Fimbriate Trading Pvt Ltd13018
1216Kaite Initiative P/L13014
1217Bethzahav Pvt Ltd Ltd13000
1218Chatrpril Enterprises P/L13000
1219Holdfirm Trading13000
1220Office Kings Pvt Ltd13000
1221Westend Radiology P/L13000
1222J.W Aluminium Industries12975
1223Dalkeith Engineering12950
1224Sciepharm Healthcare P/L12946
1225Wedrill Investments (Private) Limited12870
1226Monrue Graphics Pvt Ltd12827
1227Obrim Petroleum12800
1228Skynsel Supplies Pvt Ltd12800
1229Udine Products Private Limited12800
1230Bayonet Agencies (Pvt) Ltd T/A Stationery And Gift Shop12760
1231Capital Eezi Foods P/L12690
1232Automobile Association Of Zimbabwe12638
1233Blinds Express (Private) Limited12616
1234Mtilikwe Financial Services12577
1235Oblique Business Solutions12570
1236Makandi Estates Pvt Ltd12521
1237Lobster Industrial Air12518
1238Save Centre12505
1239Builders Depot12500
1240Enhanced Point Of Sale Systems12494
1241Matuel Forklift And Auto Services12474
1242Fencing King12471
1243Estramma Investments T/A Express Cargo12460
1244R Vaswani Manufacturing P/L12448
1245Take And Tile Private Limited12426
1246Lazymory Investments12400
1247Original Technology P/L12363
1248Seke Enterprises12347
1249Mospuz Engineering12315
1251Cavielle Marketing (Pvt) Limited12248
1252Mistal Enterprises Private Limited12200
1253Zimbabwe Rugby Union12196
1254Peelory Investments12193
1255Yupa Private Ltd12182
1256Fairstone Investments Pvt Ltd12167
1257Braford Investments12165
1258Viller Pharmacy (Pvt) Ltd12150
1259Cannily Pvt Ltd12139
1260Smc Limited12085
1261Business Solutions12040
1262Cresta Hospitality12023
1263Adzam Transport Services Pvt Ltd12000
1264Brisbait Pvt Ltd12000
1265Chegutu Farms And Farm Products12000
1266Desflash Investments P/L12000
1267Giftone Enterprises12000
1268Kamatech Projects12000
1269Meltset Trading P/L12000
1270Right Pot Investments12000
1271Shadhro Enterprises12000
1272Unique Travel Company Pvt Ltd12000
1273Chavirira Pvt Ltdt/A Hydraulic Equipment11974
1274Catelia Trading T/A Catt Mining And Engineering11902
1275Least Supplies (Pvt) Ltd11900
1276Moviline Trading Private Limited11900
1277Varscert Investments11900
1278Antrapac Engineering Pvt Ltd11890
1279Cabitate Investments P/L11886
1280Conpad Investments11841
1281Patricole Investments11835
1282Brown Engineering (Pvt) Ltd11810
1283Gas Reticulation Networks (Pvt) Ltd11800
1284Forichi Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd11705
1285Alarm & Fire Solutions Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd11704
1287Plystro Medical11648
1288Sonder Seals And Bearings P L11638
1289Top Products Investments Pvt Ltd11636
1290Volsec Security Pvt Ltd11631
1291Dash Global Papers (Pvt) Ltd11624
1292Mirobs Investments P/L11624
1293Esani Pvt Ltd11623
1294Twin Trade Audio Visual Privat11618
1295Aviation Ground Services11614
1296Gold Saif T/A Penhalonga Energy11610
1297Bless Guide Enterprises Pvt Ltd11600
1298Reliant Computers P/L11592
1299Kudakwashe Primary School Ssf11589
1300G Fox Supplies Pvt Ltd11508
1301Embroidery Techniks11500
1302Power Line Africa Zimbabwe11500
1303Berkan Fellmann Enterprises11498
1304Petmaz Mining11487
1305Milmut Logistics Pvt Ltd11480
1306Bold Ideas11477
1307Magkwe Investments11458
1308Mopgive Distributors P/L11435
1309Family Of God Church11410
1310Anf Africa Bridge Fund P/L11400
1311Crantech Investments11400
1312Safety Auto Ltd11373
1313Matabeleland Clothing Mnfrs11350
1314Aluminium Design And Works P/L11320
1316Steward Health11297
1317Earthern Fire (Pvt) Ltd11294
1318Fridgebitz (Pvt) Ltd T/A The Appliance Warehouse11269
1319Makeh Enterprises P/L.11248
1320Charoserve Investments T/A The Cellar11241
1321Marondera Christian Schools11235
1322Peak Trading Pvt Ltd11234
1323Zaoga Multi Projects11229
1324Classic Super Foods11200
1325Security Communications11123
1326Mindover Trading Pvt Ltd11100
1328Medirite Distribution11080
1329Original Tech. P/L11060
1330Mantray Investments11056
1331Sinegrade Investments11050
1332Eastip Poultry Abattor11021
1333Tanraw Trading11010
1334Pineland Technology11000
1335Commercial Refrigeration10967
1336Featherbrush Pvt Ltd10954
1337Renamooba Investments (Pvt) Ltd10954
1338Samon Investments T/A Seven Seas10920
1339Grossmark Pvt Ltd10907
1340Bantex Global P/L10893
1341First Brands Zimbabwe P/L10840
1342Sams Truck Locators10800
1343Smacnot Investments10800
1344Cm Timveous10768
1345Ariston Management Services10754
1346Alternative Investments P/L10735
1347Mars Zimbabwe10726
1348Dumbarimwe Transport10725
1349Sunny Isles Private Limited10725
1350Just Hardware10705
1351Farmford Enterprises10700
1352Zimbabwe Pharmaceuticals10698
1353Archidiocese Of Harare10693
1354Machiareer Investments10669
1355The Victoria Falls Hotel10657
1356National Blankets10552
1357Swiss Motors Trucks (Private) Ltd10519
1358Axis Solutions10516
1359Calemond Investments10509
1360Denjey Enterprises10500
1361Mlambo Trucking And Tours10500
1362Progene Seeds10500
1363Weto Transport10500
1364Weph Commercial Agencies P/L10485
1365Advantage Air Pvt Limited10476
1366Thermacool P/L10404
1367Tryex Enterprises10348
1368Kadram Boer Goat Farm Pvt Ltd10325
1369Paarlweb Investments10305
1370Tee Dawsons Embroidery Pvt Ltd10300
1371Pro-Motor Spares Pvt Ltd10299
1372Lotsgrain (Pvt) Limited10297
1373Totheburn Trading10262
1374Rubtech Machinery And Spares Pvt Ltd10221
1375The Battery Centre (Pvt) Ltd10200
1376Gooseneck Enterprises T/A Tubestone10173
1377Aromate Pvt Ltd10160
1378Twenty Third Century Systems10154
1379Jerco Chemicals P/L10129
1380Effort Farming P/L10125
1381Davecon Motors10100
1382Machaya And Associates10093
1383Healthyard Enterprises10055
1384Pig Industry Board.10032
1385Automation Technologies10020
1386Mineral Link P/L10014
1387Gratric Trading Pvt Ltd10007
1388Bilihood Investments P/L10000
1389Capital Brake Pl (District 4151)10000
1390Cfi Holdings10000
1391Charthigh Investments10000
1392Clearwaters Estates (Pvt) Ltd T/A Premier Milling10000
1393Fabco P/L T/A Fabs Home Centre10000
1394Franc-Leon Enterprises Pvt (Ltd) T/A Everyday Plastics10000
1395Intsasales Pvt Ltd10000
1396J C Motors10000
1397Koeman Investments Pvt Ltd10000
1398Pinegowrie Investments Pvt Ltd10000
1399Samuel Sithole T/A Samboy Motors10000
1400Shepchiv Trucking Logistics T/A Silk Tree Investments10000
1401Tenersdale Investments P/L10000
1402Tonnege Forklift10000
1403Worldgrow Enteprises10000

CATEGORY III: Illicit Financial Flows – Funds externalised to foreign banks in cash or under spurious transactions

US$Other Currencies
1Ryan Joseph331,700Botswana
2Farid Shahadat1,197,080Botswana
3Delny Ashley DaviesZAR500 000Botswana
4Delny Ashley Davies€465 275.00Botswana
5Delny Ashley Davies5,916,926Botswana
6The Big Secrete997,410Botswana
7Jason Neville Leanders977,000Botswana
8Edward Nyevera500,000Botswana
9Agrippa Bopela Masiyakurima40,000Botswana
10Jinan Mining332,980,000Botswana/China
11Jean Gordon138,321USA/UK
12Paul Da Silva138,321UAS/UK
13John Patrick Rooney950,000Isle of Man
14Derek Harry Kitchen565,000South Africa
15Combined Storage Services/ Mr Richard Brian Pearl10,500,000Mauritius
16City Parking65,000Ghana
17Peter and Tanja Morgensen300,000Denmark/Mozambique
18Agri Sweet Investments33,000,000Pakistan/South Africa
19Emmanuel Nzokira182,927Ghana
20Ellie Fintz200,000Switzerland
21Elias Musakwa9,000,000Portugal
22Rosevin Enterprises230,000Botswana
23Luka Fabris and Spartan Security1,028,048African Gold Refinery, Uganda
24Metallon Gold25,000,000BWP13 000 000Botswana
25Jinding Investments1,000,000China
26Xiangong Xu681,600China
27Gen June187,000China
28Shen Dequan390,000China
29Shuping Li962,000China
30Shengzhi Lei1,216,000China
31Xun Zhang816,000China
32Yifan Yang356,000China
33Lina Zha470,500China
34Kungong Zhu150,000China
35Su Yuan Qi50,000China
36Cabin Liu11,980China
37Qinggoing Zhaig12,000China
38He Nan Eng110,000China
39Cooltake Pvt Ltd137,000China
40Hia Hongyan12,000China
41Zhang Mozhu Trading150,000China
42Xiang Wen Xu694,246China
43Kungong Zhu150,000China
44Hu Yan447,500China
45Lina Zha231,000China
46Costham Trading300,000China
47Song Anping300,000China
48Pinchot Investments130,000China
49Planners Trading200,000China
51Yang Hardware200,000China
52Colclare Investments138,321China
53Triangle Tyres500,000China
54Zhili Yan175,500China
55Shifei Cheng250,000China
56Cheuchi Investments125,000China
57Chenglong Jiang184,905China
58Hong Huang235,000China
59Tarryal Investments90,000China
60Glamorous Diva Collection250,000China
61RHB Import and Export150,000China
62China Machinery Company100,000China
63Fu Lei Investments200,000China
64Silvertown Investments126,000China
65Supertrend Enterprises100,000U.K
66Vilosa Enterprises Pvt Ltd250,000China
67Luo Tonghe12,926China
68Bing Cai45,000China
69Neltech Investments150,000China
70Cheng PO-199,975China
71Jianyong Yang148,575China
72Golden Beams Development Private Limited73,000Hong Kong
73Wang Xue Cheng115,000China
74Jian Zhu300,000China
75Safetime Investments221,056China
76Talpan Investments220,700China
77Fir-Fern Investments (Pvt) Ltd210,580China
78Intokozo Hardware (Pvt)Ltd266,100China
79Mazoe Bricks100,000China
80Timsite Investments120,000China
81Green World Zimbabwe161,204China
82Jun Liu97,250China
83Supertrend Enterprises150,000China
84China Dalian International60,000China
85Xiaojun Liu32,000China
86Costpull Investments260,000China
87Zhang Shijing42,000China
88Hui Sheng20,000China
89Xin Fengli15,200China
90Znifeng Min9,800China
91Three Sixty Five-c58,380China
92Liang Yang20,000China
93Deplaat Investments37,125China
94Lou Hong Qiang59,800China
95Changjin Xu10,000China
96Zhaobao Ding10,000China
97Yan Yu10,000China
98Ronghua Yang9,850China
99Fei Li9,000China
100China Machinery and Equip150,000China
101Lipa Foam PVT83,928China
102AE Electrical212,341China
103China Jiangsu Int Economic290,995China
104Go Figure Trading269,500China
105China Africa Cotton280,000China
106Jin Nan Corporation300,000China
107Tan Gao50,000China
108Sethy Investments42,000China
110Yiquin Liu12,000China
111Shan Faming10,100China
112Jiafeng Li6,061China
113Jinwei Lu5,000China
114Zheng Zuoling20,000China
115Zhang Hua Bin8,000China
116Ma Jun9,000China
117Wang Hongfang8,700China
118Yuling Cong5,000China
119Yong Qiang Guo31,000China
120Li Zhang20,000China
121Ebrahim Bahadur28,000Unknown
122Ashlin Fey Rutherford27,975Unknown
123Samuel Nwokike136,210China
124Ahmed Riaz100,000India
125Ionfree Enterprises288,310China
126Presence Taruwinga25,500
127Transverv89,169South Africa
128Nalini Patel201,080USA
129Mohamed Muzahib Haniffa16,000
130Kenneth Latimer Scott210,000South Africa
131Lawrence Amachi37,000China
132Innocent Mufandaedza80,500
133Nikunja Trading (PVT) Ltd772,839China
134Naison Baulen3,729,542China
135Patrick Nyariri210,856South Africa
136Signmar Pvt Ltd162,000Jersey
137Nick Mincione51,000Mozambique
138Michael Vincent Attala264,000Monaco, France
139Kugel Pvt Ltd300,000UK
140Miles Vukman250,000UK
141Wilvacky Investments672,956Hong Kong
142Kauffman Properties102,468UK
143Combined Storage Services10,500,000Mauritius
144Leaders Electric87,700USA
145JJ Brooke608,217Switzerland
146Yeuhong Li100,000China
147Horizon Ivato Zimbabwe227,273South Africa
148Xin Ju Wangu114,500China
149Quili Zhang114,500China
150Tianyang Zhang20,000China
151Cai Minxing45,500China
152Xu Jian250,000China
153Floriscent Enterprises460,000China
154Gatecount Enterprises85,620China
155Guo Qing Chen10,000China
156Lei Zhang21,500China
157Guan Weiye20,000China
US$ Value462,257,646
Add US$ equivalent of Other Currencies 1,946,525
Total Funds under Category464,204,171


  1. Tinashe

    Good start E.D. I`m awaiting the list of individuals….we don`t even know if most of these companies actually do exist.

    1. Anonymous

      i truly doubt if he will handout the individual names involved coz his name could also be there..

  2. The Realist

    Now what?

  3. seb

    Ko ma chef aripi??

  4. Marvsta

    This money doesn’t make sense. For a country as big as Zimbabwe to have a paltry less than 300 million externalized is a joke. Why isn’t Grace Mugabe and Obert Mpofu on this least cz i’m sure they externalized big time.

    1. Leander Robson


    2. Cde. Rekai

      it would be really dumb to use your real name in shady business deals wouldn’t it….

  5. Zim1

    we need to know the company owners & individuals involved.

  6. Eddie

    So what next?

  7. Mithiyabo

    Kkkk…better list those not involved.
    It like the entire country is involved.
    Does this mean the cash is back with Zim Reserve Bank or they are still looking for an abnormal truck loader to bring the funds back to the country…
    Now have a long list of companies at the top. Are these companies own by any alife..?

    Now we are waiting for the deadline when the money will be loaded into the bank ATMs

    Kodwa iZIM izakutshiya uswabile shuwa sibili. Okunje khona ayicha….

  8. Munashe

    where is category 3 ?? that is the biggest and that’s where certain individuals will feature.

  9. Allaz

    The Herald is gonna make so much extra cash from printing DENIAL PRESS RELEASES
    I bet the editor in chief already told his personal assistant to collect car brochures for his new wheels. Where are the “individuals” coz this is what we’ve all REALLY been waiting for – feels like we’ve been sold another dummy.

    1. Adel zuli

      Exactly my question..this man is taking us for fools

  10. ConjurorEconomics

    Does anyone realise no matter what the law say, ownership of the money belongs to the so called criminals.

  11. Above Board

    What about the big wigs….. not listed…. our former president and his wife…. together with the other MP’s

    1. Anonymous

      yea well one needs to start somewhere right….

    2. Anonymous

      They are smart enough not to loot on personal accounts

  12. musa

    what has got to do with tech news? on the other hand, phew i dodged a bullet. the amount on the list is less than the amount externalised. lol

  13. jake

    The US$ is legal tender in Zimbabwe, the courts must now look forward to a lot of lawsuits I think.

  14. MuZimba

    Really? Where are the real looters.

  15. #100 days

    wat now the Chinese man has vacated nemari yese

  16. Anonymous

    I see that no Govtn Offials on the list…… I don’t believe this list. Fake news. As company or Individual you are allowed to bring in or send out within your limits. Yes the Mugabe’s have been made to look like saints. Please this is fake news.

  17. Obvious

    then whats next CDE President?

  18. Shoko

    Thanks for the list. Its of no use because these companies did not break any laws at the time. So this is just a list to fool us into thinking that ED is ding a good job

  19. Anonymous

    What next

  20. Anonymous

    Category 3 is full of Chinese nationals, look East policy was a success.

  21. LoL

    slut investments….. Oh my, Zimbabwe…. you do not disappoint

    1. Pakaipa

      There is nothing like that on this list

  22. Annon

    Nonsense where are the big fish……..

  23. Garwe remukono

    Well Done my President

  24. Mithiyabo

    Ayikho lento — jusst another waste of dada bundles ….

  25. Mithiyabo

    Kodwa bakithi – if one looks at the below listing one wonders how many people have more than these amount in their cars or bedrooms right in Zim and will never take the money to the bank or even buy with the money
    282. Celramah Investments Agriculture 10800
    283. Malbok Trading Manufacturing 10724
    284. Stop Start Engineering Manufacturing 10406

  26. Tim

    I failed to see where the former first lady’s assets and amounts are… Where any of the government’s ministers are on the list? Where Chiyangwa and his companies amounts are? There is NO transparency here

  27. GT

    I am surprised because some companies are in the process of clearing their goods and their names have been listed.

    What is the meaning of this list?

  28. Worried

    Smoke and mirrors….1500 companies involved… Like our while industry… Possibly they were paying suppliers

    1. Cde. Rekai

      When you pay a supplier are you not supposed to receive the goods, dont defend the indefensible.

  29. Disapointed

    when you buy materials from outside the country, there are acquittals to be filed, that then shows the entire path the money took, to arrive back as those materials.

    The people on this list, for whatever reason have not acquitted their payments.

    In the case of Stanbic customers, they can’t be held accountable because the bank itself prevented them from filing the acquittals. They are operating multiple years behind with their paperwork in this regard.

    I’m not sure what the case is with other banks, but what i fine more worrying is the number of companies, that i know for a fact to be dead, that are on the list.

  30. Always off Topic

    PG safety Glass is a Mining company?????
    Wow it seems all Companies are externalising money. My question is why this is called a list of looters, looters are thieves those that take what is not theirs. All those companies and individuals there earned those monies fair and square. Government just wants that money in the banking system so that they can have at it and just like the rest of us “stupid law abiding citizens” can have thier money stolen and replaced with either “digital bond currency” or bond notes. I really envy the people on the list , they are the clever ones. They moved their hard earned money before it could be looted by monetary authorities.

  31. NDINI


  32. Pakaipa

    Elias Musakwa 9million

  33. Wechidiki

    Let’s see the end of the action but i bet nothing is ever going to change in this #NEW ERROR. I’m starting to think that this is just a list for the small fish… #STILL LOOKING FOR THE BIG FISH. (Cabinet Ministers not even 1 and yet there is one who owns a BANK, many buildings in the city of Kings as well as vast interests in Vic Falls). Its a shame, better to “undo the disgrace”… China has become the greatest risk in Zimbabwe Economy Recovery


    Let’s see the end of the action but i bet nothing is ever going to change in this #NEW ERROR. I’m starting to think that this is just a list for the small fish… #STILL LOOKING FOR THE BIG FISH. (Cabinet Ministers not even 1 and yet there is one who owns a BANK, many buildings in the city of Kings as well as vast interests in Vic Falls). Its a shame, better to “undo the disgrace”… China has become the greatest risk in Zimbabwe Economy Recovery

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