Zim’s Very Own Space Agency Launched -Now We Wait & Watch

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Zingsa (Zimbabwe National Geo-Spatial and Space Agency) was launched yesterday. It promises the discovery of new minerals and renewable energy sources, wildlife monitoring and investor attraction.

The president said:

This programme is expected to enhance Zimbabwe’s capabilities in global policy discourses on generation, access, use and regulation of the application of space technologies and innovations for sustainable development. To this end, I challenge all stakeholders in this field to take advantage of our engagement and re-engagement policy and establish mutually beneficial partnerships from across the globe.

Satellites in space will enhance agriculture, mineral exploration, wildlife conservation, disease surveillance and infrastructure management and mapping.

How much it costs

Apparently it won’t be too costly because technological developments have brought the cost of sending a satellite into space from hundreds of millions to tens of thousands of dollars.  Also speaking at the launch, the University of Zimbabwe’s Caleb Maguranyanga said

Gone are the days of space being accessible only by agencies backed by budgets of billion dollars

So now hoping for the best we wait and watch.


  1. Tofara

    Whilst you wait and watch, some of us are actually ready to participate in our own ways. We will be approaching ZINGSA with our own private sector initiatives.

  2. Anonymous

    This is the kind of attitude we want in Zim.Unfortunately majority of people want to wait for elections or politicians.We all have a part to play.I was laughing when i read some comments on facebook of people saying what do we need a space agency for.
    I can gurantee you with that kind of attitude Zim will be successful.
    Though out of topic i will share this.I recently bumped into a young man who is into chrome mining and manufactures jewellery from gold.Here is a young man without any political connections but decided to look beyond politics and focus on his business.He is making millions and is already exporting out of Zim.This made me realise there are 3 types of people in Zim
    1.The Social Media brigade – they never leave social media and are always complaining.They complain about anything and everything.
    2.The wait and see – these are those who hope for a political messiah thinking he will deliver jobs to them.
    3.The risk takers – These are the optimist,they are not defined by the environment they are in.
    Yes we have problems as a country.Some of these can be easily overcome by just putting our heads together.
    One day i will do an article of real life Zim examples of young people in farming,IT and architecture who are really doing well.Some have multi-million contracts outside Zim and travel from Zim every now and then.

  3. edmund

    “Zim launches very own space agency” and this is the picture they put. Put something inspiring, this looks like a satellite receiver in someone’s backyard in a high density suburb.

  4. Nice

    That chrome miner I can guarantee is connected…. There’s no way you can get mining rights without greasing palms… In case you don’t realise it… Where exactly is he getting his gold from… You should do your homework… Unfortunately this place is made for politicians to squeeze you out… Have you not been following the chippies story… They did not need local involvement and used mpoko as front even though on paper he had 51%…. Who made these laws and how come he easily over ride them…. Unfortunately in Zimbabwe you cannot get away from politics once you start making money or if there is even a hint of money they coming for you

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