GeneInsure Launches An Automated Licencing Machine.

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GeneInsure a new kid on the block has become the first in the country to launch an Automated Licensing Machine. The machine as some saw it will revolutionize how vehicle licensing will be done in Zimbabwe. The ALM which was unveiled today 17 December 2018 by the Minister of Transport Honorable Joel Biggie Matiza which will be linked to the national database of all registered vehicles across Zimbabwe will allow motorists to get their licensing done in an automated convenient way.


So What Does The Automated License Do?

The system which is integrated with ZINARA and ZBC will allow a registered user to renew their licenses all from convenient locations like malls that will be placed across the country. The system is integrated with all payment systems found in Zimbabwe. The system has a printer that will then print your vehicle license, radio license and insurance instantly and you can leave the mall or supermarket or wherever with your cut out set.


The greatest advantage of the automated license machine which my colleague referred to as an Insurance ATM is convenience. I’m sure most people will agree with me that the ques sometimes at the Harare Main Post office or some other locations across the country can be unbearable that the touts outside the post office sometimes look like a better option.

The Automated Licensing Machine can also send a user a quote or a policy document via email or SMS. Thus giving a user a trail of all their transactions should they require it at any point.

How does the Automated Licensing Machine Work

First, a user has to do a short biometric registration that requires their fingerprint for the next time they wanna log in. Once they are logged in they will enter their vehicle registration number which will be picked instantly since the system is linked to the national database. Once its picked the system will update a user on their payment activities. A user then chooses the options they want to pay for at that very moment and proceed to pay using the payment systems that are available. Visa, Mastercard, Zimswitch cards and or Ecocash, Telecash, and OneMoney.

We are sure GeneInsure a Zimnat brand new baby had convenience in mind ( the machines will be distributed countrywide) when they came up with this ALM. Not to mention the system can be accessed 24/7 with 24 hours support should you encounter a glitch.

The ALM in Pictures



Let us know what you think about this innovation that Geneinsure has been the first to launch within our borders. To know more about Geneinsure visit the website

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  1. The problem with some innovations is always the legal aspect. I’d assume, since the minister was present, those hurdles have been overcome, but there is no guarantee. You are required to present your vehicle registration book when renewing insurance and your road licence. How does this system verify that the individual insuring the vehicle is in possession of a valid registration book. A registration book may be seized/held for various reasons, and this system would allow a person whose book was seized to operate without any hindrance.

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