Hyperloop To Join Other Technology Giants At The World Mobility Show

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Dubai has it’s own Vision 2030. and the World Mobility Show which will be hosted there seeks to compliment it by putting on display some futuristic concepts around mobility and the future of the automobile.

World Mobility Show, organised by global business events and consulting firm Trescon, will open its doors to the Middle East as the first edition of the show will take place from 6 – 7 March 2019, in Dubai. Over 300 internationally renowned speakers, developers, entrepreneurs, technology experts and solution providers in the fields of Smart Mobility Solutions and Transportation will be attending the event to explore business and collaborative opportunities.  

Middle Eastern countries have started moving away from quintessential modes of transportation that rely solely on fossil fuels with combustion engines and have started exploring upcoming innovations in Transportation and Mobility.  

Dubai, an innovation hub for the entire world, is en route to transforming the global transportation and mobility industry by researching, developing and deploying smart solutions in the fields of HEVs, Autonomous Driving Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), V2V/V2X and telematics.

Andres De León, COO of Hyperloop, will be attending the World Mobility Show to display the latest developments in the company’s Hyperloop technology. Hyperloop is working tirelessly to initiate the creation of a corridor within the city’s limits, which adheres to the UAE’s ‘Vision 2030’. The vision aims to completely automate the transportation industry whilst developing radical innovations in Mobility.

The summit will also be featuring numerous exhibitors and startups who are exploring collaborative opportunities and seeking the required support to grow and become sustainable.

Mohammed Saleem, CEO of Trescon, said:

The World Mobility Show was conceptualised because of the sheer exponential growth the Transportation and Mobility solutions industry has experienced over the last 2 years alone! Solution providers have cropped up all across the globe, as more efficient and impressive technologies hit the market every day. The summit’s aim can be paraphrased as an attempt to bring all off these players into single room to explore opportunities.

World Mobility Show has partnered with Hyperloop, Mobileye, Careem, Homoola and ITS Arab to help deliver industry level insights and knowledge to all the delegates at the event.

Panel discussions, fire-side chats, keynote presentations and tech-talks by global leaders will help the participants at the summit understand the roadblocks in technology adoption and the strategies to implement smart solutions.

Some of the other notable personalities speaking at the event include Dr Noah Radford, COO and Future-in-Chief for the Dubai Future Foundation, who will be delivering the opening keynote address; Dr Sid Ahmed Benraouane, Advisor for the Dubai Police & Professor at the Carlson School of Management, UMN; Khalid Almansoori, CISO for the Department of Energy, Abu Dhabi; and Hussein M Dajani, General Manager for Digital Transformation at Nissan and Datsun.

Some of the biggest names in the Transportation and Mobility solution industry have partnered with Trescon for the World Mobility Show. Ford Motor Corp. is the event’s supporting partner, along with Careem, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and EasyMile as the mobility partners. Some of the other partners at the events include CATEC, Homoola and Mobileye (an Intel company).


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