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You Want To Visit Zimbabwe? Here’s How To Apply For A Travel Visa Online

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Last year, Zimbabwe introduced an online platform for foreign visitors to apply and pay for Visa applications. However, we forgot to break down for you about how one can apply and pay for the e-Visas (electronic Visa). Without further ado let me list the steps that you go through to make a successful e-Visa application:

  • First, you have to open an account on the portal. So, click on “Apply” (shown below) and you will be given an option to “Login” (thus if you are already registered on the platform) and “Register”.

By clicking “Register” and filling in your details, that’s how you open an account on the platform. As part of the registration process, a verification email will be sent to your email address, which you have to open and click to activate the account.

  • After opening an account, log in to start applying for the e-Visa by clicking “Start application”
  • Fill in your “Visitor details”

  • After filling in “Visitor details”, a new window will pop up that will show how much you have to pay for the e-Visa processing fee. In this case, a UK citizen pays $30 US Dollars for their processing fee.

  • Fill in your “Personal details”.
  • Fill in your “Contact details”
  • Fill in your “Travel details”
  • Fill in your “Other details”
  • You will see something like this (below), just click “OKAY”

  • You will be presented with a dashboard that shows you the details you have provided previously
  • On that dashboard, there will be an icon labeled “Make payment”, for making your e-Visa payment. Click it

  • The Visa and MasterCard payment portal will open. Fill in your details to pay for the e-Visa

After paying, an email will be sent to you automatically confirming the successful application of the e-Visa.

  • You’d have to return to your dashboard by clicking “My Applications” on the upper task bar and click “View” to download the “Letter” and “lF1” Form which you have to present to the immigration authorities upon arriving in Zimbabwe.


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