Golf Blitz Is A Fantastic Mobile Game To Pass Time


If you’re constantly on this blog, you might vaguely remember that a few months ago I wrote another review for a golf game; Golf Battle. It’s not because I’m obsessed with Golf, but it seems these types of games translate pretty fantastically on mobile.


I installed Golf Blitz a week ago and I think it’s a great game worth checking out. Like Golf Battle, Blitz is an online-only game which means if you’re in an area with atrocious reception you may want to steer clear of this one.

The gameplay is pretty simple, with 4 player-matches that combine golfing and racing pretty interestingly. The for each player is to get to the hole first, with more points being awarded in order of which position you come in. Unlike regular golf, where the least amount of shorts results in the highest score, Golf Blitz emphasises getting to the hole first over everything else.


The graphics are nothing to write home about but that makes them quite endearing if we are being honest. The music gets pretty repetitive as there is one song constantly being repeated but in the amount of time I’ve spent with it, I’m not irritated by the music yet. In fact, turning it off actually leaves the game feeling pretty morbid.

As with any multiplayer game, matchmaking is crucial to the experience. If you can’t get anyone to play with, then what’s the point? Thankfully the matchmaking in this game is pretty great 8/10 times. There will be occasions when you’re matched up with just one or two players but these matchups end quicker than the 4 players matches which makes them a breeze to go through.

In terms of network connectivity, a decent 3G/4G connection will do the job and a Wi-Fi connection will breeze through matching you up with players to play with.

If you’re very competitive, you’ll know that playing with humans is usually more challening than the AI and that’s what makes Golf Blitz shine so brightly. One match you could be breezing through and have everything going your way, and then in the next you’ll be last place in every hole.

Another great thing that I had almost forgotten to mention, are the courses. There’s a variety of them and there’s a lot of creativity applied to them which means those who understand the game’s mechanics are in a position to fully exploit the layouts and have a better chance of winning.

Like Golf Battle, Blitz has a lot of charm to it and where this is mostly reflected is in the lobby where you wait for matches/holes to start. You can interact with players through a variety of emotes.

If you’re interested in checking out Golf Blitz you can do so by following the link(s) below:

Download Golf Blitz on Android

Download Golf Blitz on iOS

PS: If you do download it, you can search for me using the ID mashupyaheadtop and maybe we can play together sometime.

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