Polygon Students, An App Developed By A Zimbabwean-Born Getting Popular With UK Students


Finding accomodation doesn’t just give headache to varsity students in Zimbabwe- even in the UK as well. Better yet, finding accomodation and housemates you get along well with is doubly hard.


Imagine an app that can help you to find the perfect housemate for you. Luckily, for UK varsity students they are able to chose housemates they’d want to share a room/house with. Thanks to the Polygon Students app. Sadly, in Zimbabwe we currently don’t have a mobile app with this functionality.

Takudzwa Gondo is a Zimbabwean born and UK-based entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Polygon, the company behind the Polygon Students app which help UK students to find houses to share with compatible housemates. Essentially, the app helps students to find both a house and a housemate.


T.K Gondo, as he likes to call himself, felt the urge to come up with the Polygon app after being frustrated with incompatible housemates he lived with in his second year of university. Actually the incompatibility with these random housemates ultimately forced him to drop out of varsity.

Ironically, this all happened for his benefit- to unleash creative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit in him. Eureka! He then stumbled upon the idea of Polygon and launched the app with just US$ 2500.

How the app works

If you are familiar with Tinder then understanding how Polygon Students work is easy. Polygon Students allows you to swipe to left and right, however, instead of looking for your next girlfriend or boyfriend( what Tinder does), you will be looking for housemates on the Polygon Students app.

The app pairs housemates based on their habits personalities. When a user responds to the app’s housemate finder questionnaire, it will generate a percentage match with prospective housemates which you’d most likely be compatible to share a house with. Polygon Students is available for both Android and iOS users.

Spreading Wings

Polygon Students has over a thousand rooms listed on it in many UK cities. Already, Polygon students has been launched in 23 cities accross UK Make no mistake UK is not the last stop, Polygon is going launched in the US for West Virginia Wesleyan students. Who knows, Polygon Students could end up being in every country just like Tinder Itself or any other social media? As T.K Gondo put it:

In five years’ time, I see Polygon operating beyond the borders of the UK. By then we hope to have earned a reputation as the company that serves students all over the world in their quest to find phenomenal accommodation and friends to share it with whilst helping landlords

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