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This App Allows You To Easily Check EcoCash Fees You Get Charged Before Sending Money

I’ve just ran into an app that I think EcoCash users will fall in love with just as I did.EcoCash Tarrifs is an app that helps you to calculate how much you will be charged to send money to another peer.

The app spares you the trouble of having to check that EcoCash table which shows fees you are charged for doing a certain transaction.  On just one window/page, you get to see how much you are charged for sending money to a registered and unregistered person. Additionally, you can see how much the receiver is charged for cashing out. 

With its uncluttered user interface, I think EcoCash Tarrifs makes it easy for anybody to use it. Here’s a screenshot of the app:

Another good thing about EcoCash Tarrifs includes is that it includes 2% tax in the EcoCash charges as well. And not only does it tell you the charges you incure for sending money to your relative but it also tells how much you incur for making a payment with a Merchant or a Biller.

If you know you are probably thinking “here’s another app that’s gonna use up my data”. But perish the thought because EcoCash Tariffs can even work without data.

Download the app here if you want it

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4 thoughts on “This App Allows You To Easily Check EcoCash Fees You Get Charged Before Sending Money

  1. Just another way to clutter your life, do useless Maths and remain poor. Instead, fucus on increasing your revenue streams and less in saving.

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