[Update] NetOne Cuts Working Hours & Closes Certain Shops In Response To Corona

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NetOne has become the latest company to shift the way they are working in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, with the MNO closing certain shops and reducing working hours in others.

NetOne subscribers have been receiving the following message;

NetOne shops will, with immediate effect, be open Mon-Fri from 9AM-1PM; except selected shops which will be closed. The full list is on our social media pages.

We checked NetOne’s social media pages (both Facebook and Instagram) to see which shops would remain open but the network operator is yet to upload the full list. We will update this article if they do so.

Update: This morning NetOne has followed up their message to subscribers and sent a list of the shops that will be closing;

  • Hre Showgrounds;
  • Eastgate;
  • Longcheng;
  • Borrowdale;
  • Vic-Falls Airport & Town;
  • Gwanda;
  • Byo Airport;
  • Hwange;
  • ZITF.

The closure notices are no longer as vital since the President announced last night that from Monday 31 March, the country will be going into full lockdown.

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