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This Microsoft app helps you recover deleted files


Ever been asked for pictures by someone only to realise that you actually deleted them? Yeah, that sucks. Microsoft is trying to minimise such experiences and has launched an application on the Microsoft Store called File Recovery.

The application doesn’t only recover photos but also videos and other file types so it has many use cases. In fact, Microsoft claims the application can also recover deleted files from MicroSD cards and USB drives.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get to test it because you need to have the latest Windows 10 update to actually install the application – I don’t have it and it seems it’s available to insiders right now, so you’ll have to be patient.

How does it work?

Microsoft hints at some of magic in play on their Recovery Files support page;

If you want to increase your chances of recovering a file, minimize or avoid using your computer.

In the Windows file system, the space used by a deleted file is marked as free space, which means the file data can still exist and be recovered. But any use of your computer can create files, which may over-write this free space at any time. 

From the above description it sounds like the application might work shortly after you’ve deleted files. This doesn’t seem like the solution for people looking to recover pictures of their ex that were deleted in a drunken rage exactly 2 years ago (too specific??).

Download Microsoft’s File Recovery App for Windows 10

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