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Google Maps saved locations is getting a much needed update

I am one of those people who rely heavily on Google Maps. It is the one app that regularly compels me to buy a data bundle. This is only because I never remember to save offline maps. The application’s saved locations feature is one that I have used a number of times but the user interface for it isn’t that great. The layout current shows favourites, want to go, starred places, and labelled.

In an effort to make this feature a little easier to use and navigate, Google has announced that the saved location tab is getting a makeover.

Recently saved places

It can be difficult sometimes to remember a place that was visited once and then saved. The recently saved tab at the top makes sure that users at least have the order in which they saved locations. This will hopefully make it easier to narrow down a place if it has escaped memory.

Know when you are close to a saved location

For those who save a lot of locations, the new update will come with a feature that shows you when you are close to a saved location. The feature also sorts the locations by distance going by your current location. Users will, however, have to enable location permission for this to work.

Remember where you have been

The last change is a timeline feature that allows users who have chosen to turn off their location history to remember routes that have taken. Google says that this could be useful to track the distance one has biked or ran. This feature also makes it possible for users to revisit places they have been when on holiday abroad.

The rollout schedule for this update wasn’t stated in Google’s blog post. But it is something that I think will come in handy. In scenarios where one is looking for somewhere to spend time, having information displayed like this, I think, will make it a little easier.

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