How to register and buy shares on ZSE Direct

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So Zimbabwe Stock Exchange recently launched ZSE and the goal of the platform is to increase the number and activity of retail investors (ordinary guys like you and I) participating in the local capital markets.

As part of their rollout of the platform ZSE also shared detailed YouTube videos for those interested in getting to grips with the ZSE Direct platform. After going through them all I’m pretty confident they can help first timers looking to get started investing.

How to register

The registration process for ZSE Direct is pretty simple and straight forward as outline in the video below;

Buying and selling shares

Whilst watching these videos I picked up on one important detail I had no idea was necessary; your buy/sell orders have to be within (+-) 20% of the stock’s closing price the day before.

Lastly, ZSE also shared an explainer on two concept that investors will be interacting with when buying shares – market depth and time in force:

For potential investors who actually want to learn how to invest, ZSE Training institute has an Investment 101 course containing 7 Chapters meant to teach you how to invest in local capital markets. I haven’t taken the course myself but when they launched it they did mention that it focuses on the local context which is probably a big deal if you’re going to be investing on the ZSE or VFEX.


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  1. Wonder Bhaku

    This is very informative, Thank you!

  2. Langton makonza

    When you place but order…do you debit my bank account automatically

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