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The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, John Mangudya released the first Monetary Policy Statement for 2021 which detailed the affairs of the financial sector. The statement comes after some massive shifts in the sector like wallet-to-wallet interoperability that was enacted towards the end of Q3 2020 or the launch of the Forex Auction in Q2 of 2020.

Highlights of the Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) 2021 include:

  • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Strategic Policy Framework
  • Distribution of Foreign Currency in the Auction as at 9 February 2021
  • Reserve Money Developments
  • Monthly Overall and Blended Inflation (%)
  • Projected Inflation path (January to December 2021)
  • ZSE All Share and Top 10 Indices
  • Convergence of Foreign Currency Rates
  • Total Payment Systems values and volumes from 2016-2020

You can access the full document with the link below

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