Local hosting service partners with SME Association of Zimbabwe’s business directory

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Pnrhost is a local web hosting service that was founded in 2015 and set out to help businesses and improve their online presence. The company offers Web, email hosting, website development, domain registration and SSL Certificates. Pnrhost has announced that it has partnered with the Small and Medium Enterprise Association of Zimbabwe (SMEAZ) to offer a Directory Listing service that is powered by SMEAZ.

“Pnrhost is now offering its clients a Directory Listing service that is powered by SMEAZ. If the client wishes to enjoy the full benefits SMEAZ has to offer, Pnrhost will help them get access to all the services they may need to grow their businesses.”

The SMEAZ Directory is a way for startups to become more visible online. The platform is in line with the Small and Medium Enterprise Association of Zimbabwe’s mission of assisting local businesses with exposure as well as:

  • Training and mentorship
  • Access to finance
  • Growth strategy formulation
  • Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Access to tenders

Companies already in SMEAZ’s directory are Jack Ma Business Heroes Finalists MoneyMart Finance, Masipe Africa (a corporate governance and business strategy training firm), Axis Solutions (a local software development company) and many others. PnrHost and SMEAZ say that this partnership will bring startups in closer proximity to companies that are already on the registry. This could open up avenues for partnerships and collaboration for Pnrhost’s clients as well as any other entity that wants to take advantage of the opportunity.

Interested parties can contact 0788 559 559 / 0778 329 242 or email: sales@pnrhost.com

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