China asks local EV Companies to increase spend on Chinese chipmakers

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BYD E6 review

The Chinese government has asked domestic Electronic Vehicle (EV) companies to increase spending with local chipmakers. This is an effort to reduce dependence on American chipmakers.

The directive, according to a Bloomberg report, was issued by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

This strategy of buying from Chinese companies, both by consumers and also by Chinese manufacturers, is hurting US companies competing against Chinese companies in China. Chinese EV company BYD dethroned Tesla to become the world’s top seller of electric vehicles last year. To do that, BYD has relied on its home market of China for more than 80% of its sales.

But BYD is also strong outside China. Since 2021, is started rapidly expanding its global presence with a focus on passenger vehicles. In Africa it has presence in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya and other countries. In most of these countries, it’s the only EV and Hybrid automaker that has local manufacture and assembly presence.

Another company smarting from this strategy is Apple. Its iPhone sales were down 24% in China as Huawei flagships are increasingly popular there. This growth in Huawei phones popularity has resulted in the resurgence of the telecoms company as a big contender even globally.

EVs, like phones and computers, rely heavily on computer chips. In 2023, the US implemented licensing requirements restricting chip exports to China, citing national security and foreign policy objectives. These restrictions apply to dual-use items and some non-sensitive military technology.

However, these measures have become a double-edged sword, causing difficulties for both US and Chinese companies. In response, China is actively working to reduce its reliance on US technology.

On the US side, chipmaker Nvidia acknowledged earlier this year in its filings that its “competitive position has been harmed” as a result of the restrictions.

But the US itself is not stopping the trade war. This past week, the US House voted in favour of a bill threatening TikTok with a ban β€” unless it is divested from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, within 6 months.

U.S. officials have suggested that TikTok’s security and privacy policies leave room for its data to be with the Chinese government. The Chinese government hasn’t reacted strongly to the TikTok bill yet. Instead of taking drastic action, they’ve criticized the bill as unfair treatment by the US.


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  1. MG

    Zimbabweans are in love with cheap second hand Japanese cares.They are easy to maintain .

    1. Good Times

      Well, currently, to really enjoy an FEV in Zim, you need to live in a zesa blessed hood (or build a micro power pant on you roof), have serious cash for the buy-in, afford to have a second ICE ride for intercity stuff, have time to charge when away from the high output charger you installed at home… Basically, you need to be a one percenter to enjoy the experience.

    2. Limbikani

      Easier than EV of the same age?

    3. Anonymous

      Yes true

  2. Jibba262

    Techzim wats going on asi makavhara here ?

    1. Muzukuru wa ED

      Vari pa strike

  3. Jibba263

    Techzim wats going on asi makavhara here ?

  4. Concerned Reader

    Ko simba Rema Articles rakaendepi, chiiinyi anhuwoye chiiinyi hayi

    1. Reader

      My understanding, Leonard akarwara, kufirwa, or gets caught up somewhere reading material inodzikira.

      1. WALU

        Lenso hanzi akamitisa ka under age Saka Ari parun izvezvi akunyorera Ma article musango mazwano kkkk

        1. Cde. Samora

          Ah! Kkkkk. Articles take time, or else they will be under baked like the announcement coming soon, how many policy changes at the FED in 5 years. Man, we are one giant experiment on our breaking point. Smith aivhaira akazorohwa NEMA Camarada, Mozambique yave FRELIMO

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          Tenho uma Carro

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          #GetAway to one of the tourism sites.


          #Uno Homem

  5. WALU

    Lenso hanzi akamitisa ka under age Saka Ari parun izvezvi akunyorera Ma article musango mazwano kkkk

  6. Cde che

    Techzim your are now a disappointment to us. One article per week shuwa shuwa ere? Why don’t you add more writers or even look for more guest writers so that we can have at least 2 articles per day. Nxaaaaa

    1. Jibbs 263

      Havasina zvekunyora or maybe havana data kkl

      1. Jamie Lanister


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    L Sengere

    19 March 2024

    Interesting times indeed ; starlink is finally here kkkkkkk

    1. Disappointed recent recruit

      This should be Luckson Sengere πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Takawanda sure ..what I miss the most is the robustness of the comments section following a new article.

  8. jesus christ on a motorbike

    What is Nvidia complaining about? Greedy much?

  9. πŸ†—

    I understand Sengere saying he would write his last article last week.
    He must have resigned or something.

    He will sorely be missed .The new
    guys have to match Sengere or ,they will have to go.πŸƒπŸšΆπŸ‹οΈ

    1. Telecel family

      Regai tivanyorere hedu ma articles isu kkkk

      L Sengere

      20 march

      Telecel to install 5G

      In a groundbreaking achievement telecel is set to install the 5G evolution. Speaking to techzim the telecel ceo said 5G is going to shake the market ….. To be continued kkkkk

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    2. Good Times

      Ran into him a few times at a coworking space, putting in that work! The first time, I was literally watching one of his videos, another time he was educating someone on Starlink pa phone πŸ˜‚

  10. Good Times

    I guess that’s one way to prop up chip development and demand as fabs and R&D move out of China. The hope would be that what they end up exporting will have some performance parity with the leading chips.

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  13. Ju9

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  14. Juliet

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  15. Anonymous

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    1. Anonymous

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  17. Third Choice βˆ†

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