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Zimbabwe’s Three-Tier System Affects Business For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are complaining that the three-tier pricing system in Zimbabwe is affecting the property market as it results in properties being valued at low prices. This means that real estate agents now generate low income. The three-tier pricing system is whereby one is charged different prices for the same commodity, all based on the […]

Governmental Scholarship Applications For 2018-19 In Progress. You May Want To Study In India

To every student out there who was struggling to further their studies due to financial challenges, beginning to think that the dream of probably being the first to graduate in the family was dead, an opportunity could be available now. The government has invited applications for Graduate, Post Graduate and PhD courses under the Presidential Scholarships […]

Harare City Council Is Going Paperless And 30 000 Residents Have Joined The Cause

Harare city council introduced a method of notifying customers on bill payments through a digital format called Electronic bill (E billing) and they have been encouraging the public to register. The bill was introduced last year in November and so far they have managed to get 30 000 residents to register on e-billing. The city of […]

Mavima warns colleges operating illegally

Now that schools have opened, the government is monitoring how schools are operating, with a special interest in phasing out illegal colleges. Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima recently warned all colleges operating illegally saying that the government was against their operations and if they continue these operations, the government would be forced to take the legal route […]

Does Mnangagwa Or ZANU PF Think They Can Bully Their Way Into A Better Economy?

Frightening or bullying people never works out well, does it? And threatening retailers will not bring in foreign currency in Zimbabwe right? President Emmerson Mnangagwa has spoken again on price hikes by retailers and producers. This time the president went on to set up a ZANU PF politburo team which will be chaired by the […]

Microsoft Promises A Fix For Meltdown And Spectre As Intel’s Stock Price Drops.

Microsoft has been scrambling  to issue updates which protect PCs against two CPU security flaws  Spectre and Meltdown as these affect devices manufactured in the last two decades. The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities are said to affect a variety of CPUs, including Intel chips and ARM chip sets. We must first explain what these two […]

Kangai Nabbed by ZACC. The Accuser Has Been Arrested

The former CEO of NetOne, Reward Kangai has been arrested. Yes the man who was pointing the finger at Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of ICT and Cybersecurity for alleged corruption and abuse of office has himself been arrested. Kangai was fired from his job at the helm of NetOne for ignoring procurement standards. These allegations […]

Star FM Prefers The Old Way Of Doing Business To New Technology

Star FM recently made a clear announcement to music artists on their Facebook page and on a flier that circulated on social media saying they do not accept nor will they play any music sent to them via email or any social media platform as they wanted the artist to physically submit their CDs to […]

Makombi Introduce Swipe. Are You Ready To Swipe Into Hwindi’s Pocket?

The cash crisis in Zimbabwe has everyone turning to use plastic money almost all the time and Commuter omnibus owners seem to have jumped in to make life easier for their customers. A commuter omnibus owner of the Pamushana Africa Transport, AKA Old Trafford has recently adjusted from using hard cash to using plastic money, […]

Mnangagwa Warns Businesses On Continued Hiking Of Prices. Is He Justified?

President Emerson Mnangagwa recently warned industry players and outlet owners on their continued hiking of prices saying it was hindering the government’s efforts to improve the nation’s economy. While addressing delegates at the 6th annual Buy Zimbabwe awards held at Cresta Lodge in Harare recently, the president denounced the ongoing hiking of prices which he […]

Teen Exposes Apple For Deliberately Slowing Down Older iPhones

Tyler Barney, a 17 year old, has exposed Apple for deliberately slowing down older iPhones which could cost the tech-giant billions in lawsuits. Barney, who is currently a high school student in the United States has discovered reduced performance in almost every old Apple device which he said has to do with the phone’s lithium-ion […]

A Netflix Television Show, A Catalyst For Teenage Suicide?

Trigger warning: this article contains language about suicide that some readers may find disturbing. A 15-year old girl died following reports that the teenager committed suicide. The father believes she did this under the influence of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” and wants the show canceled as soon as possible. John Herndon, the father of the […]