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Are airtime scratch cards being phased out?

There have been several reports over the last few weeks that there is a shortage of airtime scratch cards. This might not be a big deal for some because the “route one” way to buy airtime these days is through mobile banking and USSD. More so with the advent of the pandemic. People are more […]

A satellite at the expense of terrestrial problems, only in Zimbabwe…

Yesterday the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency’s (ZINGSA) Science Park 1 was unvieled at the University of Zimbabwe. If you remember back in 2018, the government announced the launch of Zimbabwe’s space authority as it sought to “foster research in geospatial science and earth observation, space science, space engineering, communications, navigation and space physics” […]

Govt says NetOne will soon deploy 5G base stations, here’s why I am not excited

Our beloved government has a sort of undeclared tradition: they save their most outrageous bald-faced promises which they have no intention of keeping for Sunday publications. On these days they make grand claims and promise us the world. Most of these promises are simply forgotten by the following week. Usually, these promises are rooted in […]

Noted and good day, here is why we use them

Zimbabwean Twitter or Zwitter as it’s sometimes known is an interesting place to be. Unlike the “real world” where people are sometimes afraid to express themselves or engage in certain subjects on Zwitter people are more liberal with their opinion, more fearless and candid. All sorts of topics including politics, health, personal finance, business ideas […]

New NetOne data bundle prices – September 2021

The country’s second-largest mobile network operator (MNO) NetOne has today (6 September 2021) increase the prices of data bundles. This shift follows up the data price increase NetOne announced in March this year and comes after Econet and Telecel’s increases a couple of months back. Here are the NetOne data bundle prices as of 6 […]

Former NetOne boss, Reward Kangai loses $2 million defamation lawsuit

These days things are relatively quiet at NetOne. There was a time when there were so many boardroom squabbles over there that hardly a week would go by without news of the scandal. At the centre of most of these issues and fights was the company’s former CEO Reward Kangai who was eventually let go. […]

Econet is calling for a tariff increase

The country’s biggest mobile network operator (MNO) Econet Wireless has called for a tariff increase. The company cited that this will be the only way to keep the telecoms industry viable as the sector is very resource-intensive and relies heavily on foreign currency which is in short supply. “Our headline tariffs were last reviewed in […]

ICT Minister says NetOne should clear all outstanding debt in 3 months

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Jenfan Muswere said that state-owned Telecommunications company NetOne should take a commercial approach to doing business and clear its debt in 3 months. “Full commercialisation should be implemented, and we need to adopt the ‘no pay, no service’ modus operandi. All the outstanding debt should be cleared in three […]

NetOne misused COVID-19 relief funds – Auditor General

In April last year, the government announced that it would be distributing COVID-19 funds exclusively through NetOne’s mobile money service OneMoney. At the time we speculated that this was meant to boost OneMoney’s position in the mobile money space. As I am sure you are all aware EcoCash has an insurmountable lead over the rest […]

POTRAZ updates Zimbabwe National Frequency Allocation Plan

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) announced in a statement on Twitter that it has published the updated Zimbabwe National Frequency Allocation Plan. REGULATORY NOTICE PUBLISHING AND RELEASE OF THE UPDATED ZIMBABWE NATIONAL FREQUENCY ALLOCATION PLAN. POTRAZ is pleased to advise the Radiocommunications fraternity and Zimbabweans at large, of the publishing and […]

South Africa’s Post Office wants to block other couriers from delivering packages under 1kg

In a shocking move, the South African Post Office said it was the only entity allowed to handle packages between 0 and 1 kg by law. The organization recently reiterated a ruling made by the country’s Complaints and Compliance Commission (CCC) against a private courier known as Postnet in 2019. The ruling confirmed that in […]

Telecel will be increasing bundles prices tomorrow

Telecel has followed in the footsteps of Econet by announcing that it will be increasing bundle prices tomorrow (30th of July 2021). To our valued customers, please note we will be reviewing our SMS and data packages, effective on the 30th of July 2021. Remember to stay safe. T&C's apply.#staysafe #tellsomeone — Telecel Zimbabwe […]

Full Text: TelOne makes unvaccinated workers stay at home and withdraws their COVID-19 allowances

On Wednesday (21 July 2021) TelOne issued a notice informing its workers that those among them who had not been vaccinated would now be required to stay home. In addition to this, TelOne said it would no longer be paying COVID-19 allowances to the same group. The message was among a series of COVID-19 counter-measures […]

The price difference between in and out of bundle browsing

So, if you weren’t already aware mobile data is priced differently depending on whether you are browsing in or out of a bundle. These prices are set by the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and the authority today put out a statement on the matter. In-Bundle and Out-of-bundle browsing. The mechanics of […]

Cassava’s Maisha Health launches USSD medical aid registration

Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe’s medical or health insurance division Maisha Health Fund has announced a new service that will allow anyone to register for medical aid via USSD. Anyone who needs medical cover can now find options through Maisha Health’s *147# USSD. The main motivation behind this is to increase the digital channels to those that […]

Zimbabwe versus South African WhatsApp data bundles

WhatsApp data bundles are a practice I don’t agree with, however, no matter what I think they are a part of our lives. One thing I have noticed though is that whenever I am in a group with ordinary non-tech Zimbabweans in South Africa, the South African based people there seem to always whine about […]

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe calls for early redemption of debentures

A few days ago Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (Econet) issued a notice to its debenture holders offering to redeem debentures it issued on 17 January 2017 early. This means instead of waiting for them to mature about three years from now, the holders of the debentures can have them redeemed now. The debentures have a market […]

Econet is having issues with calls and USSD

It looks like all is not well at Econet. Over the course of the day making calls and accessing the USSD have gotten progressively harder to do. When I tried to make a call just now there was no connection, even though my network reception was good. Anyone else struggling with making calls or accessing […]

Econet says 20% bundle price increase was prompted by soaring operating costs

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new data bundle prices take effect today (8 July 2021). And as you would have seen from the new tariff sheet there is a 20% increase in the prices across the board save for the Sasai Bundles which remained unchanged. The bundle price increase isn’t something that Econet did capriciously. The mobile […]

TelOne’s revenue grew by 147% in 2020 backed by increased demand for broadband services

State-owned telecommunications firm TelOne today held its Annual General Meeting where the company presented some impressive figures for 2020. The highlight of the report was the revenue generated increasing by 147% in 2020 to record (inflation-adjusted) ZWL$4.7 billion from the ZWL$1.9 billion that was registered in 2019. TelOne also saw a 14% growth in subscribers […]

Econet has finally zero-rated its create your own bundle app YoMix

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has zero-rated one of its more interesting products YoMix. I am sure that you have at some point heard of YoMix or you might be one of those who use it regularly. If you haven’t come across the service before, it allows you to create your own bundles across voice, SMS and […]

Elon Musk’s Starlink could attain global coverage soon

Looking over the comments on our previous articles on Starlink (and on social media), I can safely say that Elon Musk’s Starlink has a strong community in Zimbabwe. And Starlink fanboys and girls will be happy to know that the service will soon have internation coverage according to SpaceX executive Gwynne Shotwel “We’ve successfully deployed […]

Frustrated SABC turns to debt collectors to force people to pay licence fees

Last month we talked about how SABC, just like our own doomed ZBC TV, is finding it hard to convince people to pay their licence fees. It seems this has not changed and now SABC seems to be trying a new strategy to induce people to pay. They are sending out SMS to all those […]

Dandemutande wins Sophos Synchronized Security Partner of the Year 2021

Local ISP and ICT technology company Dandemutande has been awarded the Synchronized Security Partner of the Year 2021 Award by Sophos (a British security software company). Dandemutande was able to beat out all of Sophos’ partners in Zimbabwe and was recognised for outstanding performance and commitment to securing its customers. Sophos is one of the […]

NetOne calls, *171# USSD, data and SMS are all down

NetOne’s USSD, Data, Calls and SMS are all down. It’s unclear as to when the issue began but we started noticing at around 14:00hrs. If you try to place a call on the response is either the call drops or you’ll get a message saying “No Network Registered”. Some people have even said that they […]

Telecel lost 20% of its subscribers between December 2020 & March 2021

The country’s smallest mobile network operator (MNO) Telecel’s spiral continued into Q1 2021 according to the latest POTRAZ sector performance report. Telecel lost a staggering 20% of its subscribers in just 3 months! Q4 2020 Q1 2021 Variance Econet 8,773,300 8,668,095 -1.2% NetOne 3,691,341 3,721,416 +0.8% Telecel 727,094 584,104 -20.4% Total 13,191,708 12,970,615 -1.7% POTRAZ […]

Women only make up 41.3% of mobile phone subscriptions in Zimbabwe?!

Yesterday, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe released a state of the sector statement. That document was pretty brief and we were waiting for the more detailed report and well… it is finally out. The figures for the performance of the sector are similar to ones we reported yesterday however in the full […]

Internet usage keeps breaking records according to POTRAZ’s Q1 2021 report

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has released the sector performance statement for Q1 2021. Now, this isn’t the full report, but more a highlight of what will come from the more granular document that will be released soon. Here are the numbers from Q1 2021 Mobile internet and data subscriptions As […]

Mozambique’s Vodacom cuts of TMcel in a fight that’s eerily familiar

Starting tomorrow, Thursday 17 June, Mozambicans with TMcel lines will no longer be able to call their counterparts who are on the Vodacom network. This is because Vodacom has decided that it will cut off TMcel over an unpaid debt of about US$9.6 million dollars. That bill represents unpaid interconnection fees that TMcel has not […]

Vandals cause TelOne internet outage in Harare’s CBD

State-owned telecommunications company TelOne announced in an SMS to clients that vandals have caused an outage of telephone/voice communications and internet services in Harare’s CBD: TelOne apologises for the disruption of our voice and internet service in Harare CBD due to network vandalism. We are working to restore service. TelOne Vandalism has been a perennial […]