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Digital Lab Africa Opens Applications For Its Accelerator For Content Creators

4th edition of Digital Lab Africa: DLA is calling all African creatives to submit their projects in animation, video game, digital art, immersive realities and music. On January 13th, 2020, Digital Lab Africa (DLA) – the reference platform for next-gen content in Africa – launched its call for applications #4. Any creatives and cultural entrepreneurs from […]

Russian Farmers Using VR To Make Their Cows Relax

[Image Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region ] When geeking out over Virtual Reality, agriculture is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. One Russian farmer is not as narrow-sighted as I am and has found an innovative way to use VR to enhance their craft. RusLoko Dairy Farm in […]

HTC Taking Virtual Reality’s Next Big Steps With Their Two New VR Headsets?

So HTC used to be a big deal in the mobile phone space and now they are not. Instead, they are a big deal in the VR space. Or as big a deal as you can be when dealing with the niche market that is VR. HTC has been looking to VR to save the […]

5 Solid and Affordable Gadgets You Can Buy In Zimbabwe This Festive Season

A few weeks ago, we partnered with some international brands to bring our Techzim community smartphones, tablets, VR headsets and other gadgets at reasonable prices in Zimbabwe. Through our Techzim Marketplace, readers can now access gadgets supplied through official reseller channels and that come backed with full warranty and after sales support. Here are some picks by our […]

Take A Virtual Tour Of Zimbabwe’s Two Biggest Power Stations At The Agric Show ZPC Booth

As many of you know, the Harare Agriculture Show has since kicked off and its quite a tech spectacle (for those with the time and patience). Right at the main entrance we managed to bump into the ZPC stand. Yes we had the usual models of the Kariba Dam Wall but what caught out attention […]

[Video] Oculus Go The Most Affordable Standalone VR Headset Right Now

A couple of years ago Facebook announced and released the Oculus Rift which was their own solution to a standalone Virtual Reality headset. However at an asking price of $400 it made a lot of sense for someone to buy a VR headset shell and slide their smartphone inside it instead. Well Oculus went back […]

You can now use virtual reality (VR) to check out a house to buy or rent in Zimbabwe

I know the hustle of tryna find a place to rent, let alone to buy, can be terrible. Even worse if you don’t have the time to be moving around and checking all prospective places. Of course there are ways such as making use of property agents  which can help you get around this hassle. Problem with […]

Will VR-tourism really replace the traditional physical tourism???

In as much as Virtual Reality will disrupt the tourism industry, I don’t believe it will do so as much as exclaim it will. I think we are still clouded by the ‘excitement’ of VR so much that we can’t help but think it’s better than anything we’ve experienced. Besides, humans have always been fascinated […]

A new kind of smartphone: the holographic media machine from RED

Yesterday, RED announced their new device which is a smartphone that promises to be a holographic media machine. The camera manufacturing company which is well known among cinematographers has decided to take a try at providing a device which allows people to view 3D images in addition to the usual 2D graphics that many devices show.  […]

A new way to learn through exploration in Virtual Reality

The experience that I had with getting started viewing virtual reality was really good. And if you read that article, you know that it left me wondering whether there were use cases for Virtual Reality in other areas of our lives, especially education. So I went on the hunt for some VR experiences that I’d […]

My experience getting started with viewing Virtual Reality content

Last time we talked about virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality and it got me really excited to experience some of the technology. Fortunately, that wish came true sooner than I thought, well for experiencing a virtual reality that is. To consume VR content, you need to have a VR headset and Techzim just happened to […]

What is virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality? – Let’s take a look

Just like artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning; the terms virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality have been used a lot in the tech space. Whenever you see something being mentioned a lot or being done by a lot of the major tech companies, it must mean something more than just playing around. […]

3D failed to take off but here is why it is a good thing

A couple of decades back, the television was invented. It was designed to provide audible entertainment with an added visual dimension to it and up to now engineers have been battling it out to improve the technology even further. Since the dawn of televisions the main focus has been producing the best visual experience using […]

The $9 Google Cardboard is an affordable way to get into Virtual Reality (VR)

Which is where the Google Cardboard comes in. The low-cost headset was launched in 2014 and more than 5 million units later it has emerged as one of the cheap ways to experience VR content.

Twitter introduces 360 degree video live streaming.

Twitter just added 360 degree live video streaming through Periscope in a bid to enhance their live streaming segment. For those who are not sure what 360 degree video is it is basically a video which gives you a 360 degree field of view. This means instead of just viewing an event from the broadcaster’s […]

Virtual Reality on the road to replacing your television.

Virtual reality is fast becoming ever so popular maturing from what was just a few startups developing it to some mainstream companies joining in. Yesterday Acer Starbreeze, Google, HTC VIVE, Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment announced creation of a non-profit organization of international headset manufacturers under the name Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA). This […]

Samsung Gear VR review. Get ready to be immersed.

Okay so i’m in a commuter omnibus after a long day at work and i’m waiting for people to fill it up. I get my Virtual Reality headset out and put on a rollercoaster video and immerse myself in my own world for about 2 minutes. Taking them off saw me being asked by my […]