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ZOL Launches ZOLife Magazine

Zimbabwe Leading Internet Service Provider ZOL launched a new magazine yesterday on the sidelines of the ICT Africa 2010. The magazine is run online as a blog at and also has a free offline paper magazine to be issued six times a year.

The blog contains interesting (and much useful) articles on the state of Internet in Zimbabwe from a ZOL perspective.  While promoting ZOL services, the posts answer most of the pertinent questions that Internet users in Zimbabwe have.

Take the article “Why is Internet Expensive and Slow?” where ZOL explains the issues behind the ridiculously high cost and snail slow connectivity we’re experiencing. Another article “Bits, Bytes and Speed” explains the internet download jargon in simple terms.

An introductory article posted by ZOL David Behr on ZOLife explains the website:

ZOLife magazine is about how you can use the Internet to improve your life.  It will be an invaluable source of tips and information to this new digital lifestyle.  Every issue will have practical advice on things you can do to improve your Internet life – whether you are a ZOL customer, or soon to become one!

This is a great initiative from an ISP. A first too. An initiative guaranteed to portray ZOL as a transparent ISP willing to talk to engage Zimbabweans directly on the critical issues of connectivity. ISPs are not known for such openness. In fact, a lot of Zimbabweans distrust ISPs, accusing them of profiteering through charging ridiculous prices.

Zimbabwe’s business and consumers are yearning for the kind of information ZOLife has. People would like to know the choices they have when looking for internet connectivity. We know because we get such questions from readers all the time.

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