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Apple LogoWhen we posted an article about Econet’s Experience Expo last week, we mentioned the following about the event:

The information we received also says that Econet partners, Apple (now I’ve grabbed your attention) and Sony Ericsson will be exhibiting their greatest and latest products at the Expo. I imagine some of you readers will probably just to there to have a feel of the iPad.

A few hours after posting this, a reader identifying himself only as “geek” commented:

Point of correction, Econet does not have any partnership with Apple, speaking as an outsider (not an Econet or Solution Centre or iclik - nor Apple employee)I assume your source wanted to say they have partnered with Apple Approved Solutions provider (which can either be Solution Centre or iclik)

Frankly, we also didn’t think this was partnership in the Apple Authorised Reseller sense. We thought it was in the, ‘we sell genuine Apple products procured through official Apple channels’ sense.

We know there are many Apple fans in Zimbabwe who need to know the official position so we went searching for the information. When we visited the Apple stand at the Econet Experience Expo we met a guy from Core Group, an official Apple Authorised Distributor.

Apple Stand At Econet Experience Expo

According to the Core Group rep, Core Group distributes to 4 Apple resellers in Zimbabwe; iClik, Solution Centre, Tech Tools, and Econet (since 2 months ago). So, yes, all these companies are Apple resellers. They sell genuine products and it’s done via the official Apple distribution channels.

What we cannot confirm is if they are Apple-authorised. But hey, there’s nothing unusual about this. Being Apple-authorised just means the reseller gets to enjoy benefits like marketing resources, business development funding, certification and other extras. Apple-authorised or not, the products are the same and they come through the same official distribution channels.

We also contacted Econet to get their input and we were pointed to this statement in Econet’s latest financial results:

The business intends to be a more significant player in the accessories market. This will give our customers access to world class products. In view of this strategic thrust, the business signed a reseller agreement with Apple and will start stocking Apple products in the near future. The business is also negotiating with various suppliers to stock other exciting product ranges.

A side note: if you’re in the gadget business, there’s new competition in town.


  1. Joe Black

    Cheaper iPhones / iPads? Or at least closer to the actual retail value?

    Being Econet, I kinda doubt it.

  2. Blessing Dube

    Guaranteed high prices and bad service

  3. Radical

    Prepare to be gouged.

  4. JamesM

    My foot! Don’t even bother! Apple is a good brand but why would they risk their reputation by partnering with Econet which has the crummiest network of the face of the planet. Not to mention extortionate prices! Combine that with Apple prices which are generally at the top-end and you have a marriage made in hell!
    For those considering buying a tablet or a smartphone, stick to one with an Android OS on a (Samsung, Viewsonic, Acer, Motorola, a couple of other manufacturers as well) hardware.

  5. Kabweza

    “Econet which has the crummiest network of the face of the planet.”
    that, my friend is not factual. if you want to complain about crummy networks you should base it on facts. it’s the crummiest in comparison to which other networks on this planet?

  6. itai

    tok abt Apple Prices, they can never be close to States prices but u better compare prices in Zim with SA’s prices.. iPhone R10000..

  7. w3ll$

    Apple?? No thanks.

  8. munhu

    Econet are minding their own business, and growing while u watch ! i have said this b4 and will say it again, You complain yet you yourself do nothing, You have seen where they go wrong why cant you use that as an opportunity, other than just complain. you need to be mature ! There are a lot of people out there who have been waiting for some of the products they have brought, just because you are not consuming any of them doesnt mean noone is.

  9. magneto

    The article above is not saying anything! Econet is either an Apple agent or not. The agency may have a two, three or four tiered structure depending on say sales volumes and may be handled from regional HQ say based in SA but it’s still a bloody agency!

  10. tinm@n

    its a good move. I dont think they are tied down to Econet in the same way the conventional agreement is elsewhere. should that have been done, we would’ve had a right to demand the Apple market place available for us. That would be interesting.

    I wouldnt be surprised if the phones are exhorbitantly expensive. Econet is to telecoms what M$oft is to the software world.

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