Our Quiet Week


Over the months since we started this blog, it has grown from a small blog followed by a few people that know us personally, to one followed by thousands of Zimbabweans worldwide and viewed thousands of times each day. Resultantly, when we don’t post anything for several days, people notice and send us emails.


I guess we owe it to you dear readers to explain when we go quiet for an unusually long period. Especially a period when the national budget is announced and so much is going on in the ICT sector of our economy.

The main writers, myself included, ran into some unexpected personal issues that had to be attended to for a couple of days.


We sincerely apologise for the silence.

We’re all back now and we’re getting the wheel spinning again. We’l try to catch on what’s been happening this past week. Definitely a couple of posts on the just proposed national budget announced last week. We’re also trying to look for more writer so the blog doesn’t go silent because some guy is not around.

Thank you for the patience.

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6 thoughts on “Our Quiet Week

  1. Just seeing the Iforex advert on your site. Are these guys genuine. I deposited US$400 and did one transaction and all my money was gone!

  2. Hi Francis,

    The iForex adverts showing on this blog are generated by the Google AdWords system. We have forwarded your comment to Google and if we get a response we will let you know. We would also urge you to take the issue up with the iForex through their site

  3. if you see a new site type the name of the site with the words ‘fraud’ or ‘scam’ next to it. Guys musatambe nemari.

  4. Hi Francis

    Forex trading is one of the most risky financial instruments. The fact that you were wiped out (forex term) may not necessarily imply fraud, but market movements. When trading a small amount, its easy to get wiped. this is because when the rates change not in your favour, your amount is easily chewed and the account is closed. its better when you are trading a huge amount of money, it takes longer to see am account get wiped, in which case you can make effective use of loss limit (where your platform closes a position if it reaches certain levels). You can experiment using free accounts online………..playing it on Etoro and learn the skills before you put real money.

    Gud luck

  5. There is a new social networking site called yookos. This can be found on, check it out. It was launched on New year’s day 2011. Yookos is an acronym for YOu, Own the KOSmos (YOOKOS). You own the world. There is a Zimbabwean who was on the team that developed this application.

    There is an interesting story behind the development of this application. Check it out and lets hear your comments.

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