The Telecel Website Construction Job That’s Taken 10 Months

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Telecel Under Construction

Telecel Under ConstructionIt’s been 10 months since this website went down for reconstruction. When we asked Telecel about it then, we were told:

We are redoing our website in line with a change in our communication and because of these changes to the design it has become necessary to temporarily put the site on hold. Our site will be up as soon as we complete our work.

Well, I guess they’re not done yet. Or they’re busy with some other more important stuff.

We’re inviting any reader who’s into web design, web development, web marketing, social media etc… to explain to Telecel (and other readers) in a short article why it’s important to give their website some priority? One condition is that you should have a website yourself so we can place a link to it along with your article.


  1. Jaybee

    The story about broadband coming to telecel could be another big hoax. These guys must show some passion for what they do, I am disappointed they cannot even put up a website in 10 months. Broadband in 2011 could be 5 years away.

  2. GG

    Its absolutely shameful that one of Zimbabwe’s largest mobile companies does not have a website. Such an act would be unnaceptable in any other developed country. It disgusts me how some of these companies do not have websites. I believe the ZSE should put in measures for all listed companies to have websites to allow for effective investor communication such as on the AIM in London. It shows that Telecel management is clearly not serious. The IT, marketing or communication head should be brought to light and disciplined for his clear neglect of duty!

  3. JamesM

    Thanks techzim for sporting that. I can’t believe a Telco like Telecel with an international footprint cannot have a local web site in this day and age. No wonder Econet is so dominant, and makes those huge profits! Maybe Telecel has been put-off by this indigenousation drive to focus on its core business. Mind you Telecel had a CEO booted out of the country for immigration/work permit reasons not too long ago, so this could have unnerved the Egyptian parent company into putting more resources and effort into the local subsidiary.
    We need to have someone who can bring real competition to Econet, don’t count on NetOne doing that though, they have been dead for quite some time now.

  4. Tendai Mare

    It is very disturbing that in this current technological era most companies regardless of the sector they are in dont treat IT with the respect that it deserves.
    Most business have the traditional view of Information tech, where it is just a department that helps them type things faster and print on a remote printer.

    I think there should a shift in the train of thought with regards to IT. There is a need to organize workshops, conferences and expos to educate business on the importance of Web 2.0 in the prevailing business environment.

    As for Telecel broadband, believe me it is a reality and it is on the way. I have come across a few people with the service on their cellphones. you can even use the Econet 3g card as a modem, all you need to do is edit the config file.

  5. MacdChip

    Putting a website together from scratch can be done in less than 20mins using wordpress

  6. Nerudo

    Typical Zim developer making the webspace look horible. There is a difrent from a business site and a themed site from WordPress.

    Its better they dont have a site at all than have a WordPress site.

  7. MacdChip

    WordPress can be adapted to any business model, better have something where people can voice there concern than nothing at all!

  8. yaya

    using wordpress from scratch

    the moment you say less than 20mins, you have entirely lost the plot and have become one of those that rely on templates and quick fixes.

    no serious company would leave their brand to the mercy of a common template

    let them take their time, they know what they’re up to

  9. Kurai

    They aren’t worse off, the bulk of Zim corporates have a dysfunctional websites. So to me, it doesn’t make any difference. A corporate should have a web-master who update the site daily, but alas, its Zim guys,. You might not even be surprised to know that some of the CEOs do not have an email address (technophobic), so do you think they will care about the website????? I bet not. Business should be encouraged to hire young blood that is techno savvy, me included.

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