Nominations Underway For Zimbabwe ICT Achievers Awards

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Zimbabwe ICT Achievers Awards

Zimbabwe ICT Achievers AwardsBack in February this year, when the Zim Minister of ICT launched the country’s ICT strategic plan, he promised Zimbabwe would have an annual ICT Achievers Award program to honor Zim’s ICT achievers.

Part of the objective of the program is to promote innovative locally developed applications and technology solutions through supporting the establishment of ICT SMEs and instituting an ICT achievers award program starting January 2010.

Well, this promise is being delivered right now. If you have visited the ICT Ministry’s website in the past couple of days you would know that nominations for the awards are underway. There are 7 award categories listed on the site, namely;

– ICT Company of the year

– ICT Businessman of the year

– ICT Businesswoman of the year

– ICT Journalist of the year

– Young ICT Innovator of the year

– Top ICT project of the year (public sector)

– Top ICT Civil Society/ NGO

You can participate in the nomination process by filling out a nomination form on the website. If you fancy yourself an achiever, you can self promote by applying to be awarded in the category you qualify on this page.

The website doesn’t say (or at least we couldn’t anywhere it does) but we hear the awards ceremony will be held Saturday, 4 December 2010, about 3 weeks from now. More when we get the details.


  1. gb

    so which category should we nominate you

  2. Jaybee

    ministry website could be down, have tried from chrome many times and its not working.

  3. Kabweza

    don’t really fancy ourselves achievers yet… watch this space though for some interesting stuff coming next week!

  4. Kabweza

    Noticed we couldn’t access it from our Africom connection but are able to from an Econet one. One sure way to tell if it’s really down is:

    says it’s up right now.

  5. Jaybee

    nice tool to check availability of a site. thanks

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